Why is it important to drink enough water

This was inspired by a question this week on the blog both about drinking enough water and getting a water filter. Let’s be honest if you are thinking about your liver or health in general water is a key component.

So why is it important to drink enough water?

If you are reducing your alcohol intake water is key.

Drinking water is not just for our liver though its for our body generally as we are made up mostly of water. Can you believe that as a fact?

Many people mistake thirst for hunger and it can cause all sorts of symptoms from tiredness to your system not operating properly.

If you are looking to reduce or give up alcohol it can even be more pronounced as people think alcohol does not dehydrate us but it certainly does.

Banging headache anyone?

I also know people on this blog who have contacted me about water filters and they have paid a fortune, I will tell you what I use and why you don’t need an expensive one if at all.

how best to cure a hangover

What shocked me even more was that in a recent survey I read that as much as 7 percent of people drank no water whatsoever.

Is that you?

How much water should we drink?

Despite lots of confusing headlines in the UK and around the world there is a lot of nonsense regarding how much water we should drink.

I always refer to the NHS in the UK who still advocate 6-8 glasses of water per day and that works out at around 1.2 liters per day which actually is not that much when you think about it.

Of course, we also get water from some of the other drinks we have across the day although I know when I was in hospital nearly dying from liver disease they literally measured every fluid that went inside of me.

Not wine though clearly as I had given up drink by that point you will be pleased to know!

We also get water from things like vegetables and fruit.

When I was growing up we had tap water and that was it. Different areas had either better or worse drinking water depending on the taste and people would take pride in which reservoir served their area.

Every area was known for either bad drinking water or relatively good, it was like the war of the tap water. It not changed much to be fair.

Is your tap water good enough?

Of course now with the advent of bottled water with its refined process we are swamped by drinking water campaigns aimed at us drinking more water. Well their product really!

As result there is now more claims about drinking water than ever before.

They are really the best promotional campaigns involving more beautiful springs and volcanoes than you can shake a stick at.

Pure spring water is good for you or certainly better than sugary drinks or alcohol.

Now the interesting thing that has happened of course is plastic bottles and how many we use each year damaging the very water sources that we depend on.

Spring Water

If you think about it, it’s killing of the very thing that we need to keep alive. Yes we can go without food for a few days but less so water as it is the thing that flushes out our system and keeps our organs moving.

And no I know we need oxygen!

What are the benefits of drinking water?

So you have cut back on your drinking and you don’t want to be drinking sugary drinks all the time so what are the options? Alcohol free is a good one but sugar is in many of those options.

Water is as pure as it gets and crucial if you are giving up alcohol or cutting back.

Here are just some of the benefits I have experienced, a diet combined with giving up alcohol, so it does probably need to be looked at in that context.

Although I was mainly a social wine drinker like so many other people you see down the pub after work or at home watching a bit of a late night film.

It keeps us moving

I once had an issue with cartilage in my knee and was questioned about how much water I drank. I did not realize that up to 80% of it is water. Fancy that. So if you are in pain with your joints which can be cushioned with fluid, drinking more of the stuff could help.

Ever had a dry mouth or eyes?

Well if you think about it both saliva and our wet nose fluid keeps it operating.

You know that feeling when you have been on the beach and you have sand running against your eyelids, it’s not a great feeling. The same goes for how we digest our food, just imagine how constipated we would become. Second thoughts don’t think about that.

dry mouth

My dentist is also supportive of mouthwash as part of our oral hygiene however many mouthwashes contain alcohol so if you are avoiding it always check.

She is adamant that drinking water with a meal is a key part of our oral health and I can see her point, it makes total sense.

Drinking sugar can seriously damage your tooth decay whereas water is one of those problems we don’t want to worry about.

I have seriously known people give up alcohol only to switch to total high sugary drinks to see their teeth rot away and be mortified.

It appears blood is not thicker than water!

It’s that phrase that has become folklore but in reality there is more water in your blood than blood. Make sense?

Apart from water what is the other life saving thing that we have to have and that is of course oxygen.

This goes right around our body and of course no water, no blood, so you get the idea.

blood is thicker than water actually no

If your blood does get too thick it can exert extra pressure on your arteries and heart so its what we know as high blood pressure.

Now that’s a silent killer as we know.

My recommended water filter jug is below so please don’t over pay for one. My affiliate link below supports the blog but you pay the same. More on this later. I was sold on this brand after using their cleaner. I know weird but it does a great job!



There is a reason why people ask me about alcohol free skin care.

When I started this blog I never dreamed I would be writing about alcohol free moisturizer soap or face wash for that matter.

However, there is a good reason which I discovered as I stay away from alcohol full stop. My life depends on it!

Alcohol Free Skin Care

Basically alcohol dehydrates our skins to the point that I am never sure why it is in so many products from soap to bath foams. If you have a skin condition ( as my partner has it can testify) alcohol really makes the difference in how it reacts with our bodies.

So if we take that a stage further one of the benefits of drinking more water and less alcohol is we start to look younger and less fatigued. I can certainly voice for this from personal experience.

Water is good for our skin in terms of keeping it healthy. It can also take years off us.

I’ll have some of that, I don’t know about you?


What do you drink when you have a high temperature?

Yes plenty of fluid and hopefully water. Not alcohol.

OK I was given a glass of port and whiskey once to sort out my stomach and yes it did work or was it the heavy sleep I had after drinking it!

When we have a temperature the body is fighting the infection and of course, we sweat so our bedding is soaked from head to foot.

Now this is natural but of course what we know from a hot holiday destination to ill health is that we need to replace the water that comes out of our body because of the heat. Its simple chemistry really.

Water is literally evaporating out of our body! I could be in Ibiza in the summer and walk with a t-shirt in one hand to replace the t-shirt I was wearing when I got to my destination.

And we are talking a maximum of 5 minutes.

It’s one of the reasons we wipe the gym equipment down after working out and head to the water machine, it’s kind of common sense really.

Heartburn and Acid, and Excretion

I only really began to understand the power of our digestive system when I was in hospital; with liver disease. I had to take a medicine on a regular basis to keep my bowl operating, which I didn’t realize was a side effect of liver disease.

Basically you can become a poisoned by waste going into your system through the release of ammonia.

I know I never knew that either! You can become really ill with it and lose your mind literally.

If we don’t drink water it can lead to serious digestive problems and add to acid issues in the stomach.

If you have ever looked at the pharmacy section on the local chemist and seen how big the range of antacid tablets has become I am sure there is a link.

There has to be!

It helps you go to the loo, toilet or bathroom or whatever you want to call it!

If you are obsessed with vitamins and minerals, water gets them around the body, so yes it is part of the nutrition and waste system. As a nutritionist once told me that a vitamin is not a tablet as it gets dissolved otherwise how would it travel around our body.

People mistake hunger for hydration

As a coach when people often get coached on weight loss it’s not my expertise but it’s the first thing I ask them. How much water do you drink?

They always end of act sheepish as a rule most people who battle with weight don’t drink enough water so they mistake the signals.

The thing is the brain confusing thirst with hunger so when we are thirsty we head for the fridge and eat some more food and then some more. Its often how snacking occurs.

If you drink a big glass of water and wait 30 minutes you will generally see the hunger pans subside. The brain gets mixed messages when we are dehydrated.

One way to find out of your hydrated is believe it or not is the color of your pee

The best hangover cures ever

Shortly I will show you how I can get rid of a hangover in 5 minutes with my special cure. I will sell it you.

Actually I won’t do that because it just does not exist.

You can do a few things to help but there is no instant cure and please don’t spend hard earned cash buying the latest guru method.

Hangover Cures do not exist

Water and food are key both before and after an alcoholic session. And in reality as alcohol is a poison so if you drink too much you will feel like your head is being banged against the wall.

Alcohol dehydrates the system, so eat before you drink to minimize how quickly the alcohol is hitting your bloodstream. Drink plenty of water and consider mixing it up with some alcohol free products which can help with the amount of alcohol in the system.

My review of my top 5 alcohol free beers

Water with food the next day is the only way to get through a hangover and if you have the shakes your body is in shock.

Can drinking water help my kidneys?

It certainly can and before I got liver disease I thought it might be my kidneys making me turn yellow. But the fact is our kidneys are just as important and they need water especially when as they balance fluid levels within our bodies.

Lack of fluid is also the cause of kidney stones which I have never had but I am told they are not good news and painful.

Like the liver in many ways, if your kidneys are not working properly, waste products and fluid we don’t need can build up causing infection so drinking water sounds like a brilliant idea. Right?

What is the relationship between water and alcohol?

The evidence is very clear that alcohol dehydrates our bodies so again like food we confuse the two and so drink more alcohol to quench thirst. Now adding water to wine or low calorie mixers drinks can help but at the end of the day you just can’t beat water.

alcohol and water

Now I am a big advocate of alcohol free beers, wines and gins. They have changed my life but remember many of these still have calories and in some cases sugar, so are they a substitute for water?

Absolutely not.

Alcohol free options are in my view great (and of course there are certain people that are not advised to use them where it can trigger going back to high levels of alcohol consumption).

They are however a great one to put into the mix.

Check out my review of alcohol free wines

Should I get a water filter?

Yes and no but do please read plenty of reviews about them and in countries where water supply is well regulated you should not need them. Having said that if your local water taste is not great or you think it could better, a water filter can be a good option.

However, you don’t have to pay a fortune. I use one from time to time especially at work where the water supply is not the best and given I have liver disease I want that extra protection although I am sure in essence the water is fine.

I am a personal fan of amazon basics, even my cleaner is that brand. ( Seriously good for the money) It’s generally excellent quality at minimal price and that would be my recommendation but do please shop around.

If you would like to support the blog and purchase the make I use there is a banner affiliate link below and you pay the same price.


So why is it important to drink enough water? Well if you don’t know now you never will. It’s vital to our well-being and mental health and the best alternative to alcohol but it does not have to be boring! Mix it up, but get that quota in.

I would love to know your views on why is it important to drink enough water? Leave your comments below and I always respond. Now where’s my filter?

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  1. Water is really very important in our body for a healthy living, you almost can take too much of it unless you are drowning. Some time in the past, I didn’t really understand the importance of  drinking enough water I handled it anyhow and nearly got myself in the hospital for it. Thank you for this article, the importance of water can not be excused for any body that wants to stay healthy.

    • Hi there, Peter, thanks so much for reading why is it important to drink enough water and it sounds like you are really on top of your water intake which is great news. Certainly water and health go together. I really appreciate you stopping by. All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil! Nice article! This is a very informative piece! Now I know the benefits of drinking water regularly. Water is really needed by our body for proper functioning and healthy living. Thank you for sharing this, I enjoyed reading it. I will share with my friends for more awareness. 

    • Hey thanks so much, it might sound obvious but its overlooked by so many people. You are so right, our body really does depend on this. Thanks for sharing and leaving your thoughts. It is really appreciated, Phil


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