Why I struggle with the best alcohol free wines

Why I struggle with the best alcohol free wines

I don’t know about you but I struggle with the 0.0 abv the best alcohol wine solution. To be fair they are around but they never really make the mark despite a sense of us all “waiting” for them to work. The feeling of sitting at dinner and instead of ordering a non-alcoholic beer, having a nice glass of alcohol free wine just to be sociable. If you can’t don’t or choose not to drink alcohol, it can help with the celebration. I am sure it’s doable if there are profits and markets to be won. More importantly if we want people to drink less alcohol we have to provide those choices. Research is showing people are more likely to take that option. So how come we are not there yet?

What is it with the best alcohol free wines?

This is a quote from the Guardian Newspaper (UK) and Victoria Moore. I have tried this test and I have to say I agree with her,

“Here is a party trick you might like to try at home. Take a glass of reduced alcohol wine, give it blind to a friend and ask them what they think they are drinking. I have never yet seen anyone identify the liquid in the glass as wine.”.

I think it paints a damming picture and although this was written in 2009 and I can’t really say much has changed. The 0.0 branding is really lacking and it’s hard to see what is alcohol free particularly if you consider how beers have had no trouble in branding their wares 0.0 in big bold letters. I recently as preparation to write this article walked down a supermarket aisle in the UK. I was more confused as I wondered what each label means. As the guy in the railway station bar said to me when I ordered an alcohol free beer “what’s the point?” It’s probably not true for anyone to be fair. Research particularly amongst younger people show a trend of choosing not to drink alcohol driven by a mix of money and image on social media. Young people care how they look and come across contrary to perceptions from the older generation of “it was never like that in my day”. So for a larger number of drinkers, in the UK at least, the non-alcoholic version would be preferred ( at least as an option ) and in Spain it’s part of the cultural way of life.

Why they lag behind beers

Well there is a will there’s a way and if you look at the profit potential why would you not be up there making it happen now! Well according to my brewer contact ( yes I have one, how showbiz) the production of wine with zero alcohol is not very simple. The fermentation gives it those flavors that you see at wine tastings where they spit it out afterwards.If you have never seen Sideways the film I highly recommend it. So maybe art is getting in the way. So according to my contact just not doing the fermentation does not get a result in other words it is not a solution. You would end up with grape juice at this point. I’d probably take it to be fair. ! So forget the taste you can create with beers you just would not get it with even the best alcohol free wines.

Have you also heard of why only champagne can be called champagne. Yep it’s down to where it was made. Think prosecco, cava, English sparkling wine and the list goes on. In the summer sun I would be rich if I got paid when someone said I’ll have a glass of Spanish champagne. ( No you won’t you will have cava!) Well it’s similar to wine and this was news to me that it must contain at least 9% alcohol with lenience for some options and its alcoholic volume can’t be reduced by more than two percentage points. Talk about red tape! ( Or red grape, no bad joke ) So it sounds expensive and complicated. So is there will? I think so but maybe we are way behind the alcoholic beer transformations which we have seen in recent years.

My top alternatives

So in the end are you better off at the moment going for another alternative like presse or the alternative gin membership club. If someone can really sell me an alternative please contact phil@00abv.com. I would promote the hell of it! It seems like a soft drink alternative may be the best option right now. Or you could discover a whole range of mocktails so that it passes both the taste and 0.0 abv criteria.

Would you rather go for these?

These are a couple of options I have tried or people near to me have on a 0.0 % lifestyle have said OK “try this”. Be careful though because again we are looking at some options with not more than 0.05% abv which given the natural process may be acceptable for you. Go on try them and send me a review of what you think! Ideal if you fancy a bit of fizz on a Friday night. Again the reds fair well. As for total white wine I will leave it for now.


The Time has come well no its not come yet

So just maybe the time has not come yet and we are in an in between moment with the best alcohol free wines. Yes of course there are big steps around 0.5 and “around that” in terms of abv but never the 0.0 goals that we 00abv.com would love to see. So as usual always ask ahead if you are eating out, make your thoughts known and together I am sure we will crack it. Please comment below and leave your responses especially if you really want to shout about one of your choices and I will make sure I buy a bottle and review!



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