Why Drink Alcohol-Free Wine ( 11 real-life reasons )

OK, I will admit alcohol-free wine gets a bad rap, and it deserves it. Sorry, but it does.

So why drink alcohol-free wine? Well, wineries worldwide are getting their act together and now “take out” the alcohol rather than pump out just fizzy grape juice.

I mean, people quite rightly would take a sip and say no thank you. Now, this is a shame for one big reason and one big reason only.

People have successfully used alcohol-free drinks to cut back on alcohol. And no, it is not for everyone.

  • Even as a social drinker. I talk about it in my book called Stop Drinking Alcohol Now.
  • But there is profit in them wine vats, and the big producers have waded in like Torres and McGuigan.
  • These are brilliant brands, and to be fair, they are chasing the sparkling alcohol-free wine brigade.

Why drink alcohol-free wine?

Here are some reasons you might like to shout about.

It is 3 to 6 times less calorie-dense than regular wine.

Beer belly, well, how about wine or even alcohol belly. It’s calories in and calories used, right?

Now is alcohol-free wine the best answer to diets everywhere? 

And the big answer is no. 

Some wines have added sugar.

But if they have been through the winemaking process with the alcohol removed, some good news is this.

Remember, alcohol contains 7 calories per gram of alcohol.

Now that stacks up clearly.

Are There Fewer Calories In Alcohol-Free Wine?


  • Plus, if you don’t get drunk, you will eat less as your body chemistry, and sugar levels will be more regular.
  • Plus, you won’t be tempted by the big fry up the following day.
  • No more late-night kebabs. What?

Well, the evidence says that when we are drunk, we mistake thirst pangs for hunger pangs.

And alcohol dehydrates us, right?

So it might seem alcohol-free wine can help us with calories well past what is in the bottle. In other words, alcohol creates behaviour change and our body chemistry to go haywire.

Get me another kebab, please!

Here’s a festive drink for the office

I am serious, and I know bosses who now have alcohol-free drinks as a team-building exercise in the office.

I kid you not.

Gone are the days when staying in the office late raiding the leftover booze has become acceptable.

I mean, do you want to wake up with your face in the bucket with the cleaner looking at you the following day?

No way.

And there is health and safety.

Are Office Parties A Thing Of The Past?


But if you are a boss or the workplace party organiser, how about getting in some great bottles of alcohol-free wine and getting the team to try them out.

Plus, if you are a boss that does allow alcohol at work, brave move, but it means a glass of wine is now possible.

That has to be good news.

And guess what the added benefit is?

Social pressure disappears as it seems once you have a glass of wine, alcohol, or not in your hand, the social pressure disappears.

Strange but true.

There is more prejudice against not drinking than drinking.

I was hoping you could discover how I discovered the most considerable prejudice against me would be not drinking alcohol in Stop Drinking Alcohol Now.

If you hold a wine glass, you are young.

Read many newspaper headlines, and you would think alcohol and wine are good for you.

And you would be right up to a point.

The problem is that it is just never one glass.

Go on, admit it!

So yes, we do have all those antioxidants from the grapes. But then that advantage is wiped out by the amount of alcohol that can poison us, according to the experts.

In reality, you have to be a social drinker, and I tell my story of being aware that just a few glasses of wine can lead to serious illness in stop drinking alcohol now.

But many older people love a glass of wine with all those antioxidants, and alcohol-free wine fits the bill.

So if you are retired, then this is a great option.

Or you are working but fancy a long alcohol-free wine lunch, and why not!

Wedding reception anyone

Have you been to a wedding and offered a glass of champagne to start the proceedings.

Your heart sinks, and you feel the odd one out.

Roll up brands like Noughty have just created the delight of bubbles and a great taste to go with it.

Even some of the cheaper brands like Nonsecco will serve you well.

Otherwise, it is orange juice for you.

I hope award ceremonies, birthdays and baby showers all take the same approach.


A Wedding with alcohol free options

If you are an alcohol-free sparkling maker, I bet it t is an excellent place to put your money right now.

As yes, you will, of course, get Grandad trying it and spitting out, but who cares.

They are more likely to drink it and get drunk, not realising it is alcohol-free and how powerful the placebo effect is.

I bet you will see more and more weddings adopting this approach as alcohol-free become more popular.

And as an alcohol-free drinker, it is nice to be looked after, right?

To preserve aromas, alcohol has to be de-alcoholised

Thanks to the so-called de-alcoholised processes like spinning techniques and cones. Yep, it’s complicated, and it is one reason why alcohol-free wine isn’t cheap.

The wine does taste like wine at last. I mean, no, not alcohol wine, but it is very drinkable.

If I am honest, it might be why you ask the question of why drink alcohol-free wine. I mean, the reputation was terrible, like really bad.

Puke bad!

To preserve aromas, alcohol has to be de-alcoholised


But the good news is that with this process, you still get to keep the flavours and aromas of the wine.

The thing to check, though, is the alcohol content, as many alcohol-free wines maybe low alcohol.

The UK has some of the best labellings for alcohol-free in the world. However, I always cross-check the details with the drink aware website.

They state the following.

  • Alcohol-free wine has a maximum alcohol content of 0.05%
  • De-alcoholised wine has an ABV no greater than 0.5%
  • There is no more than 1.2% ABV in low-alcohol wines
  • Alcoholic wines have a minimum alcohol content of 1.2%

It is a helpful website, and of course, if you can’t drink any alcohol but want an option, it is a practical guide.

But the good news is that technology means no more grape juice fizzy or otherwise.

Unless, of course, that is your thing.

A HALAL certified range of non-alcoholic wines

Now I am not going to get into any religion here, but alcohol-free drinks have opened up a whole new world for people who don’t drink for religious reasons or personal choice.

The byproducts of alcohol-free wine appeal to people who care about so much more than the alcohol content.

Look at Nonsecco, the cheapest but “veggie” friendly version of Prosecco, which has the term alcohol-free emblazed all over the front bottle, plus also suitable for vegetarians.

It seems to be more prominent than the selling point that it is alcohol-free.

So from Halal to Vegan, alcohol-free wine is leading the way. But do check out the bottle carefully.

If it does not say it explicitly, then it probably isn’t. But you will know what is acceptable or not in your own choice,

But it is nice to have a choice, right?

I am driving, so get over it.

You might be amazed that when people are drunk or even have a few glasses of wine high in alcohol content, they still encourage you to drive.

It will be acceptable to drive if you start with a 0.0 alcohol wine like the ones supplied by Guiltless Wines in Manchester, UK.

Just make sure they are alcohol-free.

There are alcohol-free beers that have already added a safe drive logo to some of their beers, like Bitburger Drive.

Expect the same from wines as time moves on.

Alcohol-Free Wine and Driving

Plus, if you are drinking non-alcoholic wine, you can save a massive amount on taxis and late-night burgers you don’t need.

And I have not even mentioned the lack of alcohol-induced hangover.

Sparkling Alcohol-Free get the thumbs up.

Try a glass of alcohol-free sparkling wine, either cheap or at the top end, and you will wonder why you have not tried it before.

The is something about going alcohol-free where you fancy some bubbles. 

But the excellent news is that it is ahead of non-alcohol wine in many ways, especially with the taste.

My top recommendation is Noughty, but there are some great easy wins at any price.

And just because you are alcohol-free, you should not miss out on bubbles, right?

The branding of the wine with abv

Luckily if you check the bottle of non-alcoholic wine, you will get the best info on most of the drinks.

It is a bit confusing, but luckily the UK has some of the best alcohol-free information globally but unfortunately not the best attitudes to alcohol-free drinking.

People think you are just weird.

Some alcohol-free wines are branded in the same way as the alcohol product to add to the confusion.

But on the upside, the brand like Torres Alcohol-Free wine is pretty fantastic, so no one will blink if you do go zero alcohol.

It also means you are not being penalised with a substandard product.

Netflix chill and the evil wine fridge.

Are you a wine fridge hugger?

I mean, it is where you go to it for de-stressing and not just Netflix chill out on a Friday either?

Monday driving can turn into weekday drinking.

No Wine No Netflix

The thing is, wine has gone from a treat with a meal to the main session on a Wednesday night.

There was an article saying you can’t put alcohol-free wine in a wine fridge.

Wine snob, where was that rule written?

If you want a wine free fridge, you have my permission to go and get one.

An actually, a glass of wine after work maybe not be such a bad idea afterwards.

Imagine taking a nice chilled bottle of non-alcoholic wine out of your wine fridge and just putting your feet up. Perfect.

The wine thing was your habit.

Let cut to the chase with a glass of wine.

It is part of the cultural fabric, which means rightly or wrongly, you might feel left out in many circumstances.

And these are not exceptional events either, from a glass of vino at mealtimes to a drink after work. So, pubs and bars, take note you are missing a trick.

Luckily alcohol-free wine is getting better. Brands like Torres from Spain are now serious players.

And it comes in red, white and even rose.

Maybe sparkling alcohol-free wine has stolen a march but do you care.

I mean, all you want is non-alcoholic options, so a bit of variety, right?

It is not in bars and restaurants that yet bu the online world bringing alcohol-free wine into consciousness.

The answer to why alcohol-free drink wine is this. It gives you a choice.

And that is part of being alive, right.

What are your thoughts on why drink alcohol-free wine? Let me know below.

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