Why Does Alcohol Make Me Put On Weight ? ( kebab anyone)

Why Does Alcohol Make Me put on weight? (or is it the kebab)?

As an advocate of alcohol-free, you might be expecting me to say why alcohol puts on weight, and it is simple. Well, you drink it stupid! But “why does alcohol make me put on weight” is a good question.

But I won’t say it is just alcohol because it is not altogether true.


Not really. I mean, you were expecting me to say to you that alcohol-free drinks like beer and wine are calorie-free as well.

Nope sorry, I’m not going to chuck that one at you either.

But you live in a world where alcohol drinking is encouraged, and even a particular headline portrays it as the healthy option.

It’s great for the heart and lowers your blood health, or so the quoted experts would have you believe.

But, of course, when they said that, they did not realise that one bottle would be treated as one glass of wine.

Alcohol has calories, and that is where the buck stops.

Read what one unit of alcohol is?

Alcohol Puts on Weight Yes Or No?

It is just the alcohol that makes you put on weight!

But hang on, no, it’s not.

As when you are drunk or have a few, your whole body chemistry changes as well.

Like, I mean, when would you order a kebab in real life at 1 am?

Some research studies recommend that alcohol can have health and wellness benefits. For example, red a glass of wine may decrease your threat to a heart condition.

Nevertheless, alcohol additionally plays a significant role in your weight monitoring.

So any person looking to drop those last stubborn pounds may intend to think about avoiding their nightly glass of wine. But, you see, one nightly glass is never just that, is it?

There are 7 ways alcohol can hamper your weight management and are worth bearing in mind.

Here are 7 reasons that make it take some getting your head around.

1. Alcohol is just calories, and that is it, so forget the taste.

Alcohol is typically described as “vacant” calories.

This suggests that they offer your body calories yet have minimal nutrients.

I mean, it is a waste of energy drinking it.

There are nearly 155 calories in one 12-ounce can of beer and 125 calories in a 5-ounce glass of shiraz.
By comparison, an advised afternoon cake could have between 150 or even up to 200 calories. 

So a night out with several alcohol-based drinks means a couple of hundred extra calories and a few inches on the hips over time.

Drinks that have mixers, such as fruit juice or soft drink, include much more calories.

Although a quick tip, something like seedlip ( alcohol-free gin) with low-calorie tonic water is almost zero calories.

It is one of the few total zero options on an alcohol-free diet.

2. Alcohol is in front of the queue when it comes to the body.

It is polite like that.

Various other aspects can trigger weight gain beyond calorie content.

When alcohol is consumed, it’s burned initially as a fuel resource before your body makes use of anything else.

This includes sugar from carbs or lipids from fats.

When your body uses alcohol as a primary resource of power, the excess sugar and lipids wind up, sadly for us, like adipose tissue or fat.

Alcohol is first in the queue as the body rushes to get rid of the poison. Well, that’s how it seems it, I’m afraid.

3. Alcohol hold our internal organs to ransom.

That may be extreme, and it’s pretty natural.

As I said, alcohol is a position, so you would expect our lovely body to get rid of that first, right?

So our liver is like a water “filter” for the body, such as over the counter tablets and alcohol.

But it also has to deal with all the proteins, carbs, and fats that come from our lunch as well.

So the liver, as I found out, even as a social drinker in the book Stop Drinking Alcohol now, do everything in its power to get rid of the alcohol first.


Stop Drinking Alcohol Now Philip Roberts

Because of all this pressure on your liver, alcohol can seriously damage it, and as I found out, we only have one liver.

My mate thinks we have two, but he is wrong.

So while the liver is focused on whiskey and cola, it is not dealing with any of the nutrients from our food.

It just takes second or third place in the hierarchy. And at the end of the day, who can blame it.

It is protecting us from ourselves.

4. Forget the beer belly; think pizza and kebabs.

Beer can give you a beer belly.

Well, kind of, but it is not as simple as that.

I mean, you could call it sugar or a fat belly.

Most of it depends on the calories in beer, just as the sugar in soft drinks.

Calories in and calories out.

Simple right!

Beer Kebabs and Pizza

And, of course, you have those so-called empty calories with alcohol.

So if you put the beer belly to one side as just a distraction.

Consuming foods and drinks high in sugar can promptly cause weight gain.

And where does it go?

Yep, our belly!

5. Alcohol makes us eat the “all you can eat breakfast”.

That big diet plan will go out the window even if the calories from alcohol-based drinks are watched.

The thing is, when we have been drinking, our blood sugar is all over the place.

Plus, alcohol dehydrates us, so we think we are after that supersized breakfast with fried hash browns when we are just exceptionally thirsty.

Plus, once we have had a few, our judgment goes on the window, so we find ourselves in that kebab shop that knows we will only go in when our judgment is impaired.

I mean, it’s 1 am right?

Beer and Breakfast

And who can blame them? They know their audience.

It is a scientific fact that the more we drink in terms of alcohol, the more food we will want to consume.

And I don’t mean salads either.

6. Alcohol both increases and shuts down our sex drive.

In reality, we will probably get more failed sex and, therefore, less exercise.

We might even fall asleep before it starts.

Yes, the inhibition goes but what next?


Do sex and alcohol really go together?

How many times have you fancied sex only to find yourself conked out a few hours later?

Science knows that alcohol plays havoc with the hormones in the body, particularly testosterone.

Testosterone is not just a sex hormone, but it deals with all our natural processes, from cholesterol to blood pressure.

No sex and higher blood pressure. I mean, that’s a lose-lose, right?

Find out what is alcohol-free from the drinkaware website

7. We get the worst sleep with that nightcap

Alcohol does not get sleep. You might think it does, but it doesn’t at all.

A presentation from the University of Northumbria in the UK showed me that alcohol hinders our sleep patterns and increases weight gain.

The only time our immune system is at total capacity is when we are in a deep sleep. Alcohol makes us drop off, but the quality of sleep is inferior.

So we wake up feeling like we have not slept at all.

And we know that poor sleep can lead to hunger as we substitute our tiredness for sugar.

That will, of course, be straight on our hips.

A nightcap before bed may seem irrelevant when it comes to weight, but it is probably the last thing we should be doing.

When are we tired, the food cravings kick in, simple, right?

Why does alcohol make me put on weight?

Well, it is not as easy as it seems.

But once you acknowledge it’s not just about the alcohol putting on the weight, it makes sense.

Yes, alcohol has calories, but the reactions and the circumstances surrounding it might make us think just a bit more.

Maybe try out some alcohol-free drinks. Not all of them are calorie-free, far from it, but as we know, it is not just about the calories.

Philip Roberts is the author of Stop Drinking Alcohol Now out on Amazon.

So why does alcohol make me put on weight? Leave your comments below.

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