Are You A Weirdo if you go alcohol-free ?

Alcohol-free drinks lifestyle – weirdo

To have an alcohol-free lifestyle, you need to be bold, brassy, public, and passionate about your new vocation and purpose.

Otherwise, you’re seen as a bit of a weirdo.

It’s like a bad game show alcoholic or weirdo. The choice is yours!

Doing an alcohol-free drinks lifestyle should not be an issue.

However, I would go as far as to say it is more complicated than staying a social drinker.

Oh, and it’s got nothing to do with the alcohol, by the way, far from it.

After All, this is wine alcohol-free. I probably get judged more now than ever.

Read about alcohol-free wine online.

Having an alcohol-free mindset around drinking takes a particular approach.

And I am not talking about addiction either.

I am talking about being confident in your choice without alcohol and standing up for it.

Be a bold non-drinker.

I mean, no apologies for it, right.

But, get in the whole alcohol-free drinks market and be an expert.


Not a drinks expert but a passionate consumer.

For example, many beer-conscious people on the internet will give you a complete analysis of alcohol-free beer and wine.

I just come at how it tastes and would I repurchase it. 

After all, I am just an average guy who cannot drink anymore.

I mean an expert as in:

Are the labels clear as it is what I am drinking alcohol-free?

Be a bold non-drinker

Is the abv visible so alcohol by volume which tells you how much alcohol is in your drinks.

If you are choosing an alcohol-free drinks lifestyle, these things matter.

Not only that, I will ask restaurants and bars to get some alcohol-free options for consumers.

Never apologise for it, and avoid giving yourself a label.

It is an opportunity to grow and try new things.

Be a champion of alcohol-free drinks, and no, it does not mean to have to like all of them.

After all, I don’t!

Why you need support, but you don’t need a programme ( always)

Sure there are some tremendous alcohol-free programmes out there, but the truth is unless it’s desperate most people won’t go near them because of the stigma.

If the doctor says you are over the 14 units per week recommended in the UK, you are hardly likely to sign up with Alcoholic Anonymous.

Read what one unit of alcohol is

I mean, there would be queues out the door!

Is the a queues for help for alcohol ?

My colleague summed it up, and she realised that by having a few glasses of wine every night, you could be classed as someone with a drinking problem.

That wine fridge has a lot to ask for.

Sure we could tax the hell out of it. But I still can’t help but think if drinking alcohol-free were more accessible, then more people would go for that option given a choice.

Look at an online blog like this, and you would think the choice of alcohol-free drinks was everywhere.

The reality is that if you go into a bar, you would be lucky to get one choice of beer, let alone an alcohol-free wine.

I now ask for it to see the reaction.

Notice the benefits for your body and your mind

And I’m not talking about going through every health site online to look at the symptoms and read about the benefits of going alcohol-free or cutting back.

Sure this info is brilliant, but it comes down to two things.

The Health benefits of alcohol are overrated like antioxidants, nothing that many grapes or some alcohol-free wine won’t sort.

Plus, alcohol is officially a poison and could cause you significant problems if you overindulge.

And yes, you will need to know this stuff for medical emergencies, but for the most part, that is what you need to know.

If you are cutting back or going for a lifestyle change, check it after 28 days?

How do you feel about it?

We know habits can take at least 28 days to bed in.

But if you are struggling, check your limit via drinkaware


What about Dry January, then?

If you think about it, most dry January drinkers have a goal to see how hard it is to go without a drink in January before getting a skinful in February.

That’s the goal.

It is different from the whole lifestyle overhaul. You are not doing 28 days changing to develop a long-term habit, and the brain knows it!

Write down the benefits of cutting back on alcohol in the real everyday sense.

Write a diary of what you see, hear and feel? What is the difference?

Be public about it

Have you noticed when you give up alcohol, you are still bombed by dry January?

social media and dry january

People are going crazy on social media about how hard it is to give up alcohol from the 1st of January to the end of the month.

Of course, you then have to read about their next blowout to get over Dry January in February.

Why do people do it to themselves? I have an idea.

Let’s pick the darkest, most miserable month and do something we don’t want to do anyway.

Now, of course, some dry January programmes get results. I do not doubt that, but it’s a bit like a gym membership.

You talk about it more than following through.

What I have noticed is that people who post this response get traffic feedback.

Go on, and you can do it! They shout from the sidelines. 

Then when February comes, there is a queue of people wanting to join the bar and commiserate.

Boo hiss dry January!

Yet post about cutting back or even giving up at other times of the year, and you are seen as a park bench alcoholic with a bottle of vodka stuck up in his raincoat.

Yes, of course, people have a drinking problem, but I have learned that people who push the boundaries of the alcohol-free limit are not far off it either.

I was hoping you could read my review of the best sparkling wine here

There is a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to drinking.

I was a social wine drinker and next to people who certainly drank more than me.

Even one of the Doctors said  – don’t take hypocrisy from these guys at the hospital.

They are out drinking every night.

So yes, be public about it but make about the choice in alcohol-free drinks.

Would you please write a blog like this, a podcast but make it about the lifestyle?

You might not get as many supporters as you think you might think.

But that is fine; you’re leading the field.

Alcohol-free drinkers are both niche and ahead of the game.

I mean, even my alcohol drinking friend gets a funny look just asking for a San Miquel Zero because he is going for a run the next day and does not want a hangover.

Refuse to become a social recluse

You don’t have to hide away if you are an alcohol-free drinker, quite the opposite.

Your social life can take on new and exciting avenues.

Happy To Be Social WIthout Alcohol

While others around you are falling into a gutter, you can be thinking about the following day’s activities or the amount of money you are saving.

Now going alcohol-free is not any cheaper in many cases.

On the contrary, it’s more expensive as the drink makers have to take alcohol out.

And as I have learned, it is not a cheap process!

I mean, making alcohol-free gin and wine is more complicated than I ever first imagined it would be.

The bit you save money-wise is on the food travelling home to soak up the alcohol, staying out till all hours and of course the online shopping.

You know the score you go online and order stuff you don’t need, then wonder what the parcel is that arrives the next day.

I used to work with someone who used to call this the secret Santa drinking game.

I have learned that if you have an alcohol free drink in your hand and that maybe beer, fizz or wine, then the social pressure goes away.

Once people get the hang of your alcohol-free lifestyle, they might even go to the bar for you and treat you to another non-alcoholic beer.

Just know what you are drinking. The more drunk people get, the more they are likely to give you alcohol.

In fact, there are 10 more strategies?

Maybe more!

I hope you will share them. What worked for you, even if you have cut back just a little bit in the week?

What is your relationship with alcohol-free drinks? Do you like them?

The reality is people talk about how hard it is to give up alcohol, and of course, that is true.

But no one talks about how society makes it impossible to have an alcohol-free lifestyle when you desire it.

In Fact, for many people, the answer lies in choice.

Even University research from the UK says that if you give people better options when it comes to alcohol, they are more likely to take it.

And that is why an alcohol-free drinks lifestyle needs brass and lots of it! So leave your comment below on an alcohol-free lifestyle, and I always respond.



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