What to drink when your on a diet

What to drink when your on a diet and you can’t drink alcohol

It’s a big bad world if you can’t drink alcohol and you still have to weigh yourself hoping the pounds drop off.

Normally it’s an easy option as you can just give up alcohol. Well actually its not that easy, social pressure, habits and the fact your brain shouts give me one option please !

What to drink when you are on a diet and yet you can’t give up alcohol because you can’t drink anyway !

Fear Not!

It takes some of the options away. Although fear not. I agree it’s not always that easy as many so-called “tea total” drinks have lots of calories like full fat soda drinks or to be fair even in the alcohol free range mocktails are not a good idea.

The calories can pile on in alcohol free drinks like alcohol free spirits if you add lots of high sugar mixers so you might even be better off having a glass of wine.

Just kidding!

But here’s the thing, even some of the biggest diet programs forget you also to have to be social and the golden rule is this :

What you resist persists, so in any diet program there has to be some give and take!

So what are the options. Here are my 5 top personal alternatives and at the top of the chart is my favorite alcohol free option for socializing!

Tip : If you are time limited visit my review of alcohol free gins right now

How about calories friendly beers

If I did drink alcohol then maybe beer would be out completely but with the new regime of rather good alcohol free beers available they are in the best place for “calorie watch” as they have ever been.

Here is why:

  • Generally well branded so you know what you are getting in zero alcohol form and that includes the carbs. Watch out for the 0.0 branding on the front of the bottle and then you know its alcohol free.
  • Once the alcohol is taken out you’re looking at least 50-70 calories per serving which is less than a normal alcohol beer.
  • The taste has radically improved
  • Its comes in bottle even more than draught so it’s easier to measure
  • It takes the pressure off to drink and socialize.
  • It’s brewed more or less the same but the alcohol is either taken out or not part of the process.

Alcohol Free Beer

There is slight warning however with alcohol free beer as it really does contain carbs and therefore sugar. Sorry.

This does not mean they are alcohol free diet drinks and in most cases quite the opposite. Many people think they are diet drinks but they are not!

My suggestion for helping with calories on a diet is Budweiser Zero which comes with a reasonable calorie count per can and it is a great tasting beer.

You can read my view here.

In my experience the pressure to drink is really up there which why we often eat and drink more than we should.

There is now a great passion certainly across the states and Europe for craft beers, These are generally the smaller breweries but have some great tasting options and again the calories are much lover.

Read my review of the some of the best craft beers that could help you on a diet here.

Ginger Beer Lite

I so love ginger beer but we are not talking about the alcoholic options here!

Think low cost with a fiery kick. I actually can’t believe how good some of these brands are. It’s on my must buy list with a lime each night of the week tucked away in the fridge for good measure.

There are several brands out there I can personally recommend including Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer which sometimes seems to have a bit of a price tag attached to it but it’s great quality.

Diet Ginger Beer

For everyday drinking that is not going to break the bank I really recommend Old Jamaica Diet Ginger Beer. Don’t call me sad but it just looks like it should not really be any good but everyone I know who tries it and of course likes Ginger Beer likes this.

I actually know some people from Jamaica who rave about it so that is good enough for me!

It comes in cans and bottles but I tend to buy in bulk as it seems to go out of supply quite often.

Its come with that extra ginger kick and as we know ginger is rumored to be one of those natural remedies that can have a good reputation for our stomach

So it is a win win right?

There is an amazon affiliate link below which is where I normally buy them from as it’s quick and easy and you can search around for stock. The price you pay is the same but your support the blog, so thanks!

Wine is now an option

Over the last 12-month wine has jumped up in my expectation as you can get a nice alcohol free wine that aims to provide between 30 and 40 calories per serving saving you nearly a hundred calories with some brands of wine.

The thing is that alcohol is empty calories and packs a big punch on your waistline. However, it goes further than that with alcohol based wine as the more we drink the more we eat.

Alcohol Free Wine

Its a fact that as our blood sugar level crashes we end up eating more and not only that, it also makes us thirsty.

The thing is alcohol dehydrates us so we end up drinking more alcohol, to quench our thirst so we end up even more dehydrated and yes more hungry!

It’s like a maze we just can’t get out of!

Alcohol free wine although not calorie free can give us the taste of wine and a decent selection of calories.

I tend to go for the more established wineries but also ones that have a good track record on the alcohol front as well.

After all, we want a good wine whether it is alcohol free or not! Ideally you will also want a brand that has brands for all three types of wine so red, rose and white.

If you are drinking it with a nice dinner you will want to mix and match maybe?

You can read my review of Torres wine here.

This for me is the best alcohol free wine I have tasted and punches above its weight on the calories front. Of course at the end of the day the rules of moderation still apply.

You might also want to dry alcohol free sparkling wine that also serves its dieting purpose and tastes great. I have plenty in and you might want to have one in for when you celebrate your weight loss!

You can read my review of one of my favorite alcohol free fizz options here!

For some reason they seem to have got the fizz right in the taste before the wine!

Alcohol Free Gin stays at the top of my list

Now since I have gone alcohol free because drinking alcohol could kill me. Alcohol free gin really does it for me. (I am nothing if upfront and honest).

Now before I get into trouble for saying alcohol free gin, I should say alcohol free spirit really. A gin is gin and it’s a bit like champagne it is a very sensitive issue.

However, flavor wise you get a real taste of many of the brands from expensive and great quality to what I call “slosh” gin. Think all-inclusive but doable. 🙂


Alcohol Free Gin

Yes, if you drink it expecting it to taste just like gin you will be very disappointed. However, it has some fantastic attributes that are perfect if you are wondering what to drink when you are on a diet.

  • Its smells great
  • Almost zero calories
  • Lots of different brand with varying cost entry points
  • Great with high quality low calories mixers ( a must if you are dieting)
  • Great use of natural products and botanical additions
  • Great branding so even the bottles are smart
  • Feels like an event to drink it
  • Takes the pressure off both in terms of dieting and the social pressure to drink

You can look at a review of my favorite top 5 gin suggestion here.

I would also recommend a diet version of my favorite mixer Fever Tree and you won’t regret paying just a little bit more for your low calorie tonic water. Don’t go cheap on me now!

Important to remember that even alcohol gin has a lot fewer calories than some other drinks. The mistake people make is not is to use a low calorie mixer.

So if you are going down the alcohol free gin route for your dieting this is a must.

Other Benefits of going alcohol free for a weight loss plan

Apart from the same amount of calories of course! That goes without saying

A solution for a hangover

  • You will avoid hunger and eating more food
  • Avoid the hangover from hell
  • It will keep you within your drinking limit and contribute to your overall health
  • Be kinder to your liver
  • Take the social pressure off to drink
  • Develop a habit.

Just a quick mention for habits, snacking and eating when you think about it they all come down to habit and very often snacking is at its core as is binge drinking.

That large glass of wine becomes two or three and the piece of chocolate becomes a bar.

Using alcohol free drinks especially if you are doing this over a period of time retrains your brain into a new habit of drinking less alcohol and eating less as a result of your drinking habits.

The good news is that when you have developed a habit the hundreds, thousands and a million of neurons in the brain begin to take short cuts that help you maintain your weight loss.

Its just how our brain works!

And please remember water. I know it sounds dull but we are made mostly from it. Drinking plenty of water can really help and no I have not added it to my list because yes it can be a bit dull.

Drinming water can be good on a diet

Flavored water without the calories is out there now and becoming a great option so I would certainly give it a go and if you are in the school that thinks water is boring yes I totally get it!

It goes with saying that full fat sugary drinks are out and this pains me to say but so are mocktails, cocktails (without the alcohol) as yes no alcohol but generally it ain’t going to help you on the weight loss front. They have lots of sugar!

I would love to know what you think?

What are your suggestions on what to drink when your on a diet. Please let me know your suggestion. You have my top 5 with a few cautions shoved in there for good measure but I am always open to suggestions. Leave a comment below and I always respond!
What to drink when your on a diet your suggestions please!


4 thoughts on “What to drink when your on a diet”

  1. Hi Phil, Loved your post on what to drink when you’re on a diet and you can’t drink alcohol. Until I read your article, I had no idea that there were so many options in regard to alcohol free drinks. I especially liked the section about ginger beer and even though I am not on a diet, I will be checking these out because I love ginger beer and would like something lower in calories. As a matter of interest, my Mum used to make ginger beer when we were kids and we often had exploding bottles in the cupboard!!

    Your article gives excellent advice to those among us who are needing to know the answer to “what can I drink”? Sometimes diet programs are not too specific about this topic. So thanks very much for a great post.

    • Hi Jenni, I am so pleased you liked it. I remember ginger beer as a kid and your are right it has many fond memories. It is now one of my go to drinks for being alcohol free and the diet option is a great addition. I love your comment about the exploding bottles, that really did make me laugh out loud. How funny! Thanks so much for your lovely and entertaining comment. It made my night reading that. All the very best, Phil

  2. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know I had so many options. I stopped drinking alcohol when I started learning capoeira. I didn’t know I had this many options other than ginger beer. I can start carrying non-alcoholic beer to social stuff even if I am the only one that will drink it.

    • Hi there, thanks so much for your comment, it is really appreciated. Yes it is great to know all the options out there and I am pleased you found it useful. I am sure others might try the alcohol free options when given the once over but of course it is not for everyone. I really value your comments. All the best, Phil


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