What to drink instead of alcohol ?

Now what to drink instead of alcohol?

The good news if you are at home you have probably more access than to alcohol free choice than ever before. The bad news is that if you are out and about in restaurants and bars it’s still a challenge.

I live with it! And actually the same can be said of supermarkets to be honest.

However, the good news is that the industry is pumping in more money than over before with even the once poor tasting wine getting good reviews and that’s just from me!

Well actually the whole industry is taking stock and hoping its investment will pay off and the good news is that growth is happening at around 23 per cent every year.

That means great investment from the big brands and the smaller brewers as well. Even the big wineries from around the world are getting involved.

Are diet drinks always an option?

Of course there is still the option of so-called soda but when we are out and about or celebrating it is always nice to have a few alternatives up our sleeve!

And one that maybe has fewer calories as well!

I talk about alcohol free wines and fewer calories here

Alcohol free wine, beer, fizz and so called alcohol free gin are well and truly in a good place and if you are looking for alcohol free choice and drinks then finally we are getting somewhere even if sometimes its hard work.

I began discovering alcohol free alternatives because of my health but many of you are just choosing that journey just because you want to and not have to !

That can only be a good thing for our health and in some cases our back pocket.

Pop out the Alcohol Free Fizz

Alcohol Free Fizz or as I like to call it alcohol free sparkling wine has come into its own in this market.

I think to be honest it came to the fore in an alcohol world where the taste of champagne was not negotiable and then came the millennium and everyone was sick of it so people started trying out cava and prosecco at a fraction of the price.

Makes sense right?

Alcohol Free Fizz

There was a time when people would never drink anything other than champagne it was like the big deal and not negotiable.

In fact, it was just not cool to drink anything else then people realized champagne is really just about a region, yes good grapes but then many other places have them as well!

However, since people actually realized that it really just referred to an area of production rather than a quality per se people will give almost anything a go. In fact, you can even get English Sparkling Wine now and it is rather good.

You can read my review of this here

The one thing that you will notice about most of these brands bar none is that:

  • It is a great alcohol free alternative especially at events such as birthdays and celebrations
  • Looks a great in a champagne glass
  • Dryer in taste than some of the alcohol free wines
  • Great choice of brands all with a purpose and quality
  • The price is actually really affordable and there is a real cost reduction to it being alcohol free
  • The production process is the same as alcohol before its removed so you can enjoy the same taste and aroma with the alcohol. Not all production is the same though.

There was a time when effectively you were still getting sparkling grape juice but the good news is that the same production is now in place that you would get with the alcohol based fizz.

The way they make this stuff is really evolving.

Alcohol Free Taste and Production is improving

To be honest with many of them you really can’t tell the difference. The biggest advantage as much as I actually love the taste is that it gives you something else to drink as a weekend treat!

It can also take the social pressure off which is often intense if you don’t drink alcohol more than if you do bizarrely.

I have teamed up with Good Stuff Drinks to bring you the best deal on alcohol free drinks and you can check out their special deal by clicking the picture link below.

It’s an affiliate link but you pay the same so just click the pic for more now :

Alcohol Free Fizz

You can also read a review of one of my favorite sparkling wine brands here.

No more snobbishness about it, no its not champagne, and it’s not alcohol either. Get me the rebel that I am !

Alcohol Free Beer has come into its own

When I discovered I could not drink alcohol anymore beer seemed like the natural place to go so naturally I then decided to try out alcohol free beer and the various choices out there.

Yet wherever went to get an alcohol free beer and there was one and it was Heienken Zero. Now there is nothing wrong with this brand although I do find it a bit gassy and it does not sit well on my stomach.

However, I drank it as I thought that was all that there was and that was it. That was my choice ! I either had to lump it, loathe it or live with it.

Heineken Alcohol Free

I just went with it as you do.

Now when I talk to people who were at the forefront of alcohol free beer probably long before my illness ( it was a no choice that I got me into them!)

The alcohol-free lagers that were thrust into your hands where just the replicates of the big brand alcohol beers.

Now I am not very knowledgeable at this at all. In fact quite the opposite but I have really championed all the work that has gone into them, the research and of course the marketing.

I drink alcohol free beer as a consumer not really as a critic!

But is has been the big brands who set out to make it work at the beginning. Even Heineken made their own robot alcohol free bar in Australia.

But this is good news if you are wanting to cut back on your alcohol and go more alcohol free or be healthier!

There are now brewers off the regular track that have really made it their passion to drive the alcohol free market.

alcohol free beers

Now I am not talking low alcohol here but 0.0 so no alcohol beer or alcohol free as that is the only thing I can drink. Anything else could kill me.

These breweries are really making zero beer and professional credible options with both non-drinkers and also people who just want to make some kind of change to their alcohol intake.

Now as I have said on this my blog before I am not your typical beer or in fact wine connoisseur unlike some bloggers, I just like what I like so I tell you about them as part of my passion for more choice in the alcohol free drinks market!

Criticism for alcohol free drinks

I do sometimes get criticism for it but I really don’t care after all is my life that matters here!

Sometimes it’s hard to cut through the choice so here are a few choices on the beer front that I really love.

The first brand is Drynks Unlimited Smashed Lager 0.0%.

Drinks Unlimited are now becoming real experts in a range of both beers and ciders that come with the zero alcohol label.

Now flavor in this market is everything and to keep that they do make their product as you would an alcohol beer before creating what they call the “vacuum distillation process“.

This carefully removes the alcohol.

But here is the key point to making this brand successful as you get to keep the flavors that you would expect in any beer not just an alcohol free one.

It’s where some of the early alcohol free beer went completely left field and got it wrong.

You can read my thoughts on how alcohol free beer is made here

The Smashed Lager looks the part with its pale gold color and strong smell that is in my way very distinctive.

Craft Alcohol Free Lager

There is a sweetness here but it does not mask the overall beer and it combines with a hoppy, floral bitterness aroma and flavor.

It really does taste good!

There is a soft honey flavor to this beer which then of course is overtaken as it probably should be with beer into the floral bitterness that you get with these kinds of brands.

Both the brand, the bottle and their other options including cider are a great buy and you can get them from my partner through my affiliate link here and you pay the same

The other beer which will give a shout out to Freestar. I stumbled upon my accident more out of curiosity for its citrus flavors.

This addition probably does not officially make it a lager but I don’t really care, It has zero alcohol and I guess those that know would call it a craft beer.

Even freestar don’t really market it as lager but it’s cool, refreshing and hits the taste buds so I don’t really care.

It’s now turned into one of my favorite things to drink instead of other alcohol choices and the brand is very cool.

You can read my full review of Free-star Alcohol Free Beer here.

But you can also purchase through the same affiliate link for the smashed beer above

If you are drinking alcohol and want to know your limit, the best recommended site is drink aware. They have a great range of tools to help you.

There is more than alcohol free beer and fizz ?

Yes there is 100 per cent.

But they were my first thoughts in my early day of going totally alcohol free however I should not go without mentioning alcohol free gin.

It ain’t cheap but with a quality production process that packs some punch it really is a good option for a diet.

However, there is one caveat and that is you have to you choose a calorie free mixer to make this work for you if that is your reason for going with it.

Alcohol Free Gin

I still maintain that Seedlip is the best choice out there but there are competitors chomping to get a share of this market so expect to see the price come down in my view.

You can read my view on Is Seedlip worth the price here

The other thing to say is that alcohol free wine has made it through the quality threshold now although to be honest if you were in my local supermarket yesterday you would not think it was easy to find!

I asked if they sold alcohol free wine as I could not find it. To be fair the floor assistant was lovely but it was one a bottle shelf, really hard to find and to be honest was mostly low alcohol wine as opposed to alcohol free.

Not a good advert for alcohol free choice.

So not much choice however alcohol free wine has come into its own from a taste perspective.

They have kept the brewing process as close to the alcohol one as much as possible but then they remove the alcohol keeping the taste and aroma.

Spanish Alcohol Free Wine

I am a big fan of Spain so I thought I would do shout about the Torres range as I like it a lot!

You can read my view of Torres Alcohol Free Wine here.

It’s a great winery with excellent credentials and Spain really knows how to make both alcohol free beer and wine. Just don’t go looking for it in your local supermarket in the UK as you might struggle.

I least when I asked this time in my local supermarket for alcohol free I did not get “that look”. I will take any green shoot nowadays!

So alcohol free beer, gin and wine have come into their own!

So if you want to make a change in your drinking habits I can tell you that you could do a lot worse than these options. They are clearly labeled alcohol free, very often low calories, and taste good.

If this alcohol market is to survive that choice needs to taste great and these certainly are.

They can really help you socially to stop the pressure from others which is very often why people feel the need to drink and in very large qualities.

We also know from the latest university research that if people are given good alcohol free choices they are more likely to take them in a bar or social event.

Unfortunately these choices remain poorly promoted at many levels right now.

What to drink instead of alcohol? Well you could try these first and let me know what you think or give me some tips on your choices. It’s always good to hear from you and I always get back to you.

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  1. I like the theme you chose, especially the girl with the cans on her head. She made me smile 🙂

    The first time I hear about alcohol-free wine! I am familiar with children’s champagne without alcohol but I have now found out about Feez and thank you for that! I am one of those who thinks that life is healthier without him and the mind clearer! It is good to have a choice, it makes life easier in many aspects.

    • Hey Jas thanks so much for a lovely comment and I am so pleased it made you smile. That’s really good to know. I think keeping it lighthearded is always a good approach. I am not aware of childrens champagne so I will look that up. It sounds really interesting! 

      Wow, its good when I learn something new. 

      I really appreciate you leaving your thoughts and adding great value. It is much appreciated that you enjoyed what to drink instead of alcohol. I wish you all the very best, Phil

  2. This is a very well-written and informative article. I was not only able to learn a bit about the evolution of drinks but able to relate as I do my best to reduce my intake of alcohol for health purposes. I also found it very comforting that I was not the only person who is trying to reduce my alcohol intake and there are indeed alternatives to drinking. I love how everything was broken down and completely relatable. Great article overall! 

    • Hi Sutherland, thanks so much for commenting on what to drink instead of alcohol. I agree being able to reduce your alcohol content is always a good idea. 

      I can tell you from the many comments I get here on the blog that there are plenty of people trying to that so you are certainly not alone!  It also varies from person to person. 

      I am really pleased you found the article useful. All the very best, Phil


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