What Non-Alcoholic Beer Goes with Pizza?(And can you get it)

What Non-Alcoholic Beer Goes with Pizza?

From the so-called Hawaiian to the Spicy Tandori Pizza, there are more choices than ever. But what about if you are driving or just cutting back on the alcohol. What non-alcoholic beer goes with Pizza?

Luckily from Heineken Zero to Peroni’s Alcohol’s Free Beer, there are more choices than ever.

But there is a big but coming up.

It is a more straightforward task if you are at home and ordering takeaway than eating out at your local pizza restaurant.

So the debate started at my local pizza place called Croma Chorlton, Manchester, UK.


Croma Chorlton Manchester Alcohol-Free

It is a great place to see and watch the world go by in the lovely conservatory.

They have Pizza in a weird and in a good way. I mean, you don’t go there for just a plain cheese pizza.

But after a year of going there, hurrah. They had finally caught up with the times and put Heineken 0.0 on the menu.

But this is how sad it is. Heineken Zero is not my favourite alcohol-free beer, but even I did a song and dance about it.

Why? Well, it could be very different.

You might be the same scouring the menu looking for alcohol-free options only to find you are stuck with a cola.

Or, at best, a glass of Elderflower fizz. ( Which, to be fair, is lovely, especially if it’s Fentimans.

Coca-Cola and Beer on Pizza?

Now that would be going too far.

I blame all the advertising and all the big Hollywood movies over the years for cola and Pizza. 

Also, those American diners, which I love, by the way, just had cola written all over them.

Yes, it is where the refill started, where you would get a student-priced slice of Pizza only to be given a refill cup for your cola and hey, you were sorted for the night!


Pizza And Cola - Is That The Only Option?

But over time, more beer like the ones seen Romantic comedies brought in Beer and Pizza.

So it seems natural to get a bottle of beer and a pizza even though our Italian friends would say it isn’t great for our digestion.

That said, what about alcoholic free beer? Well, ordering some in for your Friday Netflix session is going to be much easier now, certainly in the UK.

But going out, why not order ahead or ask them to buy them in. Seriously it is the only way the non-alcohol-free places will evolve.

Be alcohol-free beer cheeky!

The Alcohol-Free Beer and Pizza Guide

But it is all about the taste, right?

There is nothing more simple than a slice of Pizza and a bottle of beer. Well, perhaps a lot more Pizza than a slice.

You don’t have to go at it alone when it comes to alcohol-free beer and Pizza.

So below are a couple of recommendations when it comes to matching Pizza with Beer.

The best Pizza is one with meat on it.

I am not sure about that!

And if you are veggie, I bet you disagree.

Pepperoni is all the rage when it comes to Pizza.

I don’t get Pepperoni Pizza, but yes, you like it, and it is a pizza favourite.

To begin, let’s consider the faithfulness of pepperoni. It is Salami. And that means it can only be accompanied by liquid amber in colour but a light alcohol-free beer. 

And to be honest, you need a good balance in the pizza taste.

So what would be my option?

Show me a pizza place that serves this, and I will kiss you.

The best-selling Swedish beer is available as a dry drinking product. Sorry, no Italians here, but take my word for it.

Due to the brilliant folks at Brutal Brewing, you’ll get the same great taste without the alcohol.

This alcohol-free IPA maintains a full flavour with apricot jam, apricot syrup, orange peel, and honey.

The colour of amber is warm.

It has just got the balance you need for a pizza with meat.

This beer is from Pistonhead Flat Tire Brewery.

A Ship Full Of IPA and Pizza

A dry-hopped beer from Brutal Brewery is also part of the Ship Full of IPA family.

A Ship Full of IPA and Alcohol-Free is a great choice to go with a meat pizza.

You may want to visit the Swedish Alcohol-Free options more carefully as they completely surprised me.

The best Sausage Pizza in Belgium

Now I am not a fan of the whole English Pizza with bacon, sausage and egg. I mean, it would make me want to vomit.

But a sausage on Pizza is acceptable, and it is all the range.

The best one I had was off the Grand Place in Brussels, which by the way, is excellent for Italian food and then cheat and get a waffle afterwards.

The thing is, I was inspired recently to have a slice of Pizza with sausage toppings and Leffe 0.0.

Now, if you are familiar with the beer brand from Brussels, you will know that it is one of the strongest beers going.

You would be lucky to get home.

So there was nobody more surprised than me to realize that you might like Leffe 0.0. Yes, Leffe Alcohol-Free has hit the streets of the UK, and it is going down a storm.

And that is with the most cynical alcohol-free drinkers.

It is another recent addition to AB-Inbev’s non-alcoholic portfolio Leffe “Blond 0.0”, an alcohol-free version of its well-regarded beer of the same name.

Bottle of Leffe Blond 0.0

Is Leffe 0.0 the perfect choice for Pizza?

Again this one is using history to sell, and the same goes for the alcohol-free version.

But for Pizza and a more miniature drink, it works wonders.

As an abbey brewery founded in 1240, Leffe’s brand image shares many similarities with its history as a beer brand.

As a result of the French Revolution in the late 18th century, the abbey and brewery closed.

Unlike many other beers, Leffe beer disappeared until the 1950s, when it was marketed as a commercial product based on the abbey recipe.

The brewery was eventually purchased by Interbrew (now AB-Inbev). It is now brewed along with Stella Artois.

Don’t you hate when the big breweries but them out?

There is a 250ml serving size for Leffe Blond 0.0, which is a bit smaller than most alcohol-free beers, but for a heavy pizza, it is perfect.

And bizarrely, this works for most pizza tables which are always so small. Why is that?

Remember, if you are concerned about your alcohol limits, check out the drinkaware website.

Ham and Pineapple Pizza is evil.

If that is the case, why do you eat so many of them?

It is more polarizing that people’s view alcohol-free beer.

Is Pineapple On Your Pizza Evil?


You might want to think twice before ordering pineapple on your Pizza if you are already puking. Stay away. Life is too short.

Or maybe get some perspective.

Why not try a lovely citrus alcohol-free beer? 

And it is one of my favourites.

Let me know if you try it and what you think.

Drinks Unlimited “Smashed Citrus”  and is a classic alcohol-free (0%) pale ale.

I have interacted with one of the bosses on Linkedin, and they seem like a friendly bunch.

But why does it work for Pizza?

If you are going zero in terms of alcohol, this is a 0.0 abv beer—so good news.

It has citrus fruit, which complements the Ham and Pineapple ( yes, sorry, I repeated it) on the Pizza.

Now before you moan about citrus and beer, hold your horses.

Beer has been associated with citrus fruit for centuries, especially its flavour and aroma.

Beer brewers have been adding orange, lemon, and lime peel into their brews for years to incorporate the fruity flavour into the many yeasts produced during fermentation.

Now, if you want to know why it goes so well with Pizza? For me, it reminds me of drinking shandy as a kid with Pizza at home.

That is not to discredit the beer at all. On the contrary, it is a great brand, and lots of investment has gone into this brewery.

The only downside is there is quite a bit of sugar. But hay, you are eating Pizza with no alcohol so give yourself a break, right?

On the plus side, it has 30 calories per 100ml. Hurrah, more Pizza!

Catch that Chicken Pizza

With chicken, which is equally weird for me, you need a lighter beer that complements the peppers and the onions.

The chicken pizza option seems to be getting even spicier in the UK, so a Tandori Chicken Pizza and a Hot Mexcian Pizza are not out of the question.

So you have a few options.

If you get served a Tandori Chicken Pizza, one of my favourites is Cobra Zero.

I just wished they sold it in more places.

Cobra Zero and Pizza

This is a beer that can be drunk before and after Pizza, and it is so light.

The aroma of Cobra 0% is malty, delicate, fruity, and pale gold.

This beer’s malty and fruity flavours, combined with a balanced fullness and bitterness, make for a highly drinkable beer. With its clean, short finish, Cobra 0% is slightly sweet, which compliments the spicy of the tandoori Chicken Pizza.

Please don’t mistake that this alcohol-free beer can only be drunk with a Friday Night Curry, as that certainly is not the case.

If it is a Mexican Chicken Pizza, more common than ever, I suggest alcohol-free Free Star Beer.

Free Star Beer and Tex Mex Pizza

This alcohol-free beer has a citrus flavour and is the first fully alcohol-free beer. Beer-like but not actually beer.

The ingredients are malted barley, Perle hops, water and other natural substances without any alcohol.

And to be fair to them, they have won awards for it, too.

If you are into the environment you should be in, their production method uses 70% less water and produces 70% less waste.

But that aside, it is a stonking curious taste perfect for the Mexican style pizza.

Go veggie with an alcohol-free beer.

Now the best pizzas in the world can be simple. But, I mean, they have got far too complicated, right.

Fresh vegetables and cheese make for a perfect evening out.

Margherita Pizza is nostalgic. After all, it is probably one of the first Pizza’s ever made. Keep to the Mediterranean way of doing things.

A pleasant base of basil and tomato flavour informs the flavours of the alcohol-free beer.

And to be fair, the same goes for just a plain veggie pizza or, dare I say it, just ordinary cheese.

Do you remember them as a kid?

Here I will opt for Peroni’s Alcohol-Free Beer which is so underrated and brand confused. Why because no one knows what to call it.

Peroni Alcohol Free and Veggie Pizza

One of the few beer brands that opted for an alcohol-free beer instead of a different name unline say San Miguel 0.0.

The delicious flavour of Peroni Libera 0.0% is accompanied by a delicate fruity aroma and a crisp, refreshing taste.

A dedicated yeast strain is added after the maize is first brewed using whole Nostrano dell Isola corn.

In some ways, this gives Peroni Libera 0.0%  its hoppy characteristics and smooth finish.

Pure Italian Style, no alcohol.

Peroni Libera 0.0% allows you to have an Italian Beer with an Italian Pizza without compromising quality.

This 0.0% Peroni Libera offers an excellent aroma that does not overshadow the Pizza.

Plus, it has a refreshing taste. You could drink before and after the Pizza.

And it is Italian honest, so you get brownie points there.

330ml bottle contains 73 calories, which will not save your pizza calories, but every bit helps, correct?

Let’s say goodbye to cola and hello to alcohol-free beer with your Pizza

Now, do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news is we can find out what non-alcoholic beer goes with Pizza?

And you will be trying some next time to eat Pizza, and I have no doubt.

Alcohol-Free Beer and Pizza make great bedfellows.

The bad news is that you won’t get them in a Pizza restaurant as a rule.

I mean, at Croma Chorlton Manchester, I was pretty shocked that they suddenly started serving Heineken Zero.

Good for them.

But with online delivery on your Friday night, Netflix alcohol-free beer and pizza night will be a no brainer.

But keep fighting the alcohol-free fight.

So the answer to What Non-Alcoholic Beer Goes with Pizza might be whatever you can get. Well, for now anyway.

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