What are alcohol-free spirits?

Alcohol-free spirits are designed to mimic their alcoholic cousins and generally of good quality.

They are certainly not cheap, and that is illustrated in the taste and quality.


Does that item classification even exist? What are alcohol-free spirits anyway?

It can get confusing if you go online and order, so imagine how it would feel ordering in a bar or restaurant.

And how is non-alcoholic gin produced in any way?

In a society obsessed with alcohol consumption, nowadays, it is good we see the alcohol-free options increase.

The exciting thing is that it is not cheap because it is of good quality.

I mean, if it’s cheap, people won’t like it, and they certainly won’t buy in.

Does Seedlip lead the way?

Does that brand mean anything? Of course, it does be as it changes the way I think about alcohol-free drinks and alcohol-free spirits.

If you’re in any way connected with the alcohol company, you probably discover the motto “What to drink when you’re not drinking.” It’s the slogan of the British brand Seedlip.

I met the makers of it once by chance in New York, and let’s say they were very proud of the brand.

And so they should be, it’s of the highest quality, and for some, the only thing that is missing is the alcohol.

Although many people wonder why alcohol-free gin doesn’t taste like alcoholic gin, that’s another story.

Alcohol-free drinks are not alcoholic drinks. Instead, they are meant to mimic them.


Does Alcohol-Free Gin Taste Like Gin

A bit unfair to criticize them, don’t you think?

Whatever you consider “the drink”– whether excellent or poor– no one will say with the reality that they have practically single-handedly produced a brand-new product classification.

“Alcohol-free spirits” have taken off onto the marketplace, garnering a lot of attention as well as buzz with their health-conscious, booze-free wings.

Because of this, more and more brands are launching items on the marketplace that copy the preference of gin, rum, or whiskey, just without the active ingredient that makes spirits, indeed spirits– alcohol.

“Some producers are attempting to change the astringent effect of alcohol with bitter notes or seasoning.”.

What are Brands challenging Seedlip?

A lot of them, and you only have to look through my blog to see many of the reviews of them.

  • Duchess
  • Tanqueray
  • Gordons 0.0
  • Mark and Spencer on the go

Plus, alcohol-free brands are now everywhere in cans. Not quite the same, but you get my point.

For me, an alcohol-free drink is a massive untapped market, as one customer said to me in Manchester, UK.

“It’s another choice so that I can pace myself!”

And I suppose that is my point; it’s not always about going alcohol-free thoroughly; people are just looking for more alternatives.

This is especially true of the 15-35-year-old as they become more health-conscious and not looking bad on social media. It’s fascinating.

Plus, you have other spirits that don’t say they are gin but just great alcohol-free spirits like Caleno.


caleno alcohol-free spirit



We recently reviewed this on the alcohol-free drinks podcast.

However, the brand reports I get sent still put Seedlip at the top.

So alcohol-free spirits are in the report and prominent as well. So it’s not just beer anymore.

The surge in non-alcoholic options has led to the field’s inaugural list in the Brands Report 2021, with Diageo’s Seedlip sitting pretty in the rankings.

The spirits giant acquired a bulk share in the English brand in August 2019, and well Seedlip is without a doubt the dominant name in the bestselling section, making up a massive 77% of our bars’ first choices.

That’s a crazy figure!

Overall, the brand was a top-three gathering with an excessive 96%, making it among one of the most dominant performances in the background of the “Brands Record of Sales.”

However, Lyre’s, Everleaf and Seedlip’s sister Aecorn are all brands in the bestselling listing.

Expect to see more of these brands and new ones as well as the appetite for them grows. It’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

Just make sure you check the label on how much alcohol is actually in them.

You can check your alcohol intake via the drinkaware website.

What should we call ourselves us non-drinkers?

I have had more judgment since giving up my social wine drinking than if I grab 20 bottles of chardonnay and shoved them down my throat in one go.

I am not joking either.

I know for many people, it can be a trigger to gain some more alcohol, and if that is you, please get some help; it’s out there.

For me, it is just some choice I am after.

Alcohol-Free Spirits play a crucial role.

After all, what if you don’t like beer or wine?

Are you destined to sit in the corner with sparkling water? I hope not!

And that is where alcohol-free spirits come in. It’s all about choice, and some people are unhappy they are in the market and replicating the booze spirit brand out there.

Gordon's Alcohol Free Gin


But, of course, some brands like Gordon’s recognize the dilemma we non-drinkers face.

It’s a situation we have actually all been in as some people reduce alcohol intake or even go alcohol-free.

. You’re resting at the bar looking apprehensive for asking what you would like, and your open your mouth and say

“Excuse me, do you have any alcohol-free spirits?”

You wait for a stare or a laugh or even a look of horror.

A blank face is one I am used to.

But before you get your explanation ready, it’s blurted out.

  • Maybe it’s because you get on medicine.
  • Or you have to drive home.
  • There are also alcohol-free spirit enthusiasts who merely do not like the taste of alcohol.
  • Maybe we can’t drink for health reasons
  • Bored with a hangover
  • Pregnant
  • Certain religious beliefs

Or maybe just maybe you were addicted. Rather than all of these factors being celebrated, it’s the opposite!

Yes, you’re frequently made to feel like the weird one out.


Bored of Soda?

Maybe your board of cola or don’t want one of the pre-prepared mocktails to mix behind the bar with more sugar syrups you could fit in a sweet cup of tea.

This is where the new group of drinks comes into play, providing a choice of beverages with the plausible defence that your desire weirdly well gets something that resembles the complexity of spirits.

However, none of the alcohol aspects, of course; otherwise, it misses the point.

I am afraid small measures being branded as reduced alcohol does not cut it slightly one bit!

Will Seedlip be taken over as market leader? Again, 2022 will bring us a lot of responses.

We can not wait to see what happens following the upsurge in demand.

What is Your favourite alcohol-free spirit?

Have you ventured into this area yet? If so, what are your favourites?

If I am honest, I find the drink range exciting, and yes, I am a bit of a Seedlip convert!

But I am being tested.

As new brands come out, the range will get even better. Although I am not sure, we will be able to answer the question.

What are alcohol-free spirits?

What is your favourite alcohol-free spirit? Leave your message below. I always get back to you.

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