Virgin bloody Mary recipe

A Virgin Bloody Mary Recipe is a mocktails of sorts I guess but to be clear it’s not some kind of weird activity but a way of enjoying life’s pleasures without the alcohol.

At least I think so!

It might be that you can’t drink, don’t want to drink or just fancy a change. There are many people who don’t drink and you don’t have to be a raging alcoholic like many people think I am. The truth could not be further from the truth.

It’s OK if you were as well by the way. I am fed up with people judging this and that!

To be honest since giving up drinking, mocktails are a great choice. Bloody Mary is right up there near the top of my favorite cocktail list even though on reflection I am not that keen!

It has a love hate thing going on with me.

Remember mocktails can be full of sugar so its always worth cross-checking how much.

There is something about having a hangover that makes people think having a bloody Mary is going to sort it out. Of course, it doesn’t as alcohol on top of alcohol is never a good idea.

Does a virgin mary help a hangover?

Of course the reality is alcohol and I was not a big spirit drinker contributed to liver disease.

Ironically I was just a social wine drinker, it has been a bizarre set of circumstances to stay the least. However now I only drink totally alcohol free as my body does not like alcohol at all!

So what makes a Bloody Mary such a good option if no one really likes it ! Who knows maybe its just me.

What do you do though if you can’t drink alcohol anymore an alcohol based Bloody Mary is out the question!

The answer is of course a Virgin Bloody Mary. At the end of the day if you get the taste and the spices right you can be forgiven for not having vodka in it but you can’t ever get away from having no spice.

That just won’t do !

Before midday

Now even people who drink alcohol can sometimes let you off it you serve it before midday with no alcohol. It’s almost awkward to say anything about it. It’s like that 11 o’clock is cut off extended to 12 midday if you are lucky.

And then there is airport time but the less said about that the better!

Can you drink alcohol before midday


The worst case scenario is just make a jug of it and people will soon have a bit of it regardless if it has alcohol or not!

People are funny like that!

It’s a bit like champagne or fizz in that it’s OK before midday. Having said that I have now discovered my favorite alcohol free sparkling wine which I review here and to be honest it’s one of those that you can hardly tell the difference.

It seems there are some alcoholic drinks that you can have in the morning where no-one bats an eyelid!

Check out my favorite alcohol free gin here

It has to have spice

With or without alcohol a Bloody Mary even a virgin one has to have spice.

It seriously does !

The key is the tomato mix and the spices you use but the good news is you can actually be creative with the spices part.

In fact, you can throw pretty much anything at it and you will be OK. As one of the lead bartenders said to me in Spanish once, “just chuck it all in!”

I think he may have been right!

Virgin Bloody Mary

The trick with the Virgin Bloody Mary is to keep it as simple as you can and not spend a fortune making it. At the end of the day we are mainly talking about fresh ingredients here although I will offer some short cuts.

I like shortcuts!

Many of our cupboards have those things in jars that we never quite know why they were there in the first place. Now I am not really a champion of TV chefs who say we have everything in the food cupboard, I know I certainly don’t.

It is worth a check though for these items both in your cupboard or even your fridge.

  • canine pepper
  • mustard powder
  • a jar of horseradish ( often bought for a sunday roast then never used)

The trick is to improvise but always checks the sell buy date. It does matter!

Like don’t use something that has been in their since the eighties! I only say that I as know some people who don’t even check.

I mean its not fresh eggs but we all have standards.

spices for a virgin bloody mary

I am not going to suggest you rush out and get fresh ingredients as I know I just would not do it. But the spices are key and a jar of horseradish, tomatoes, black pepper and even chilies can always be around if like me you make food but its in a basic way.

I’m actually hopeless in the kitchen!

One item you might want to have in just in case is a pre-made tomato mix which can really help if you know you are going to make a few Virgin Bloody Mary’s whatever the recipe you are following.

Premix could be an option

The Longbottom & Co. Virgin Mary Vegan Gluten Free Tomato Juice comes in a volume of 150ml and 12 packs which can help you plan ahead especially if you know it might be your alcohol free weekend treat on a Sunday morning.

The ingredients are simple but it takes a lot of the hassle out.

Tomato Juice, water, tomato paste green olives, horseradish, chopped Tomatoes Vegan Worcester sauce, Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Molasses, Onion Puree, Salt, Tamarind, ginger, garlic puree, clove powder, cayenne pepper, citric acid, cider vinegar, capers, lemon juice concentrate, onion, red pepper, celery salt, sugar, Scotch Bonnet Chilli, Sunflower Oil, Salt. Vegan & Gluten Free.

You might notice the vegan and gluten free credentials which ironically many people who read this blog opt for an alcohol free lifestyle just for that reason.

The general feedback is its not the cheapest but it’s a great taste.

  • Benefits include clear natural ingredients
  • Quality product
  • You can make two drinks with it, one with alcohol and one without.
  • Done for you mix
  • Great branding
  • Good packaging
  • Vegan credentials
  • Saves time
  • Low fat
  • Low calorie especially without any alcohol

The only downside really is if you are prepared to pay the price! At the end of the day if you cannot be bothered making a Virgin Bloody Mary recipe from scratch and not everyone can this is probably one of the best options on the market.

You can purchase below via my affiliate link and I would love to get your feedback.

Of course don’t don’t worry if you don’t have this as you can always improvise and in fact it could be much more fun if you are not lazy like me.

You can make your own tomato juice by seaming tomatoes in boiling water steam but please be careful. Once steamed the skins of the tomatoes will come off without too much trouble .

I have done it loads of time ( I cough a lot saying this)

If you have a blender great but no worries. A fork can slowly grind the tomato down and then press hard with a spoon. I told you I was a bit makeshift!

The most important is the thing that comes next. You will need to add plenty of ice cubes and you can spice it up with some black pepper, a bit of lemon juice and that brilliant thing called Worcestershire sauce.

You can even chuck into a few drops of Tabasco sauce if you have it.

Tabasco and a Virgin Bloody Mary

A pinch of salt and a stick of celery and you are nearly there with your Virgin Bloody Mary.

Of course a blender always helps but don’t let that stop you. As you can see there is plenty of ways to make this and at the end of the day what the eye does not see is the golden rule here.

Now I do not eat celery as I can’t stand the taste but interestingly there are two things that the former goes with and that is blue cheese sauce and a Bloody Mary cocktail.

Weird I know!

It’s funny how certain things go well with each other and yet out of context they do taste horrible. Well to me anyway.

Celery Virgin Bloody Mary

Would you try it?

I would love to know what you think about the Virgin Bloody Mary recipe or even how you would feel about having one without the alcohol. How does this fit in your kitchen supplies and would you buy a ready-made mix?

For more on alcohol and to know your limit check out drink aware

I would also love to hear your different versions of a Virgin Bloody Mary recipe. Just leave a message below and I always respond and hopefully I will get to try some out. That’s the exciting bit!



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  1. Hello. Good day. Thanks for this wonderful article. Thanks for showing us ways to enjoy life without having to add alcohol to it. Most people think that taking of alcohol is so much fun and that some natural and home made drinks are not good enough for them. But with this recipe, I think we should all try and it see how it works in our system and also we should mind the sugar level as stated above. Thanks.

    • Hi there and thanks so much for commenting on Virgin Bloody Mary Recipe. I always love reading what people have to say and you are so right that natural is key here and of course we can have fun with alcohol. I really appreciate your comments. Good call on the sugar reference! All the very best, Phil

  2. Wow! First off I have never really heard of the virgin blood mary. Sure, I’ve heard of bloody mary in numerous forms, but never quite like this. I love how your content is helping me tread new territory and expand my horizons.

    Your description of the virgin bloody mary recipe is quite age-friendly and health-conscious.

    The ingredients you mention are very tangible and helpful.

    I love how you call this recipe mocktails — it reminds me of mock tryouts versus regular exam tryouts.

    Very fine article!

    • Ha ha love your comment and thanks so much for sharing on the blog , it is really appreciated. It is a great way of making it and looks great I well. I am really pleased you enjoyed reading the article. All the very very best, Phil


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