Three Spirits Non-Alcoholic – My Honest Review 2021

Three Spirits Non-Alcoholic intriguing brand name and packaging suggest that it’s something different to other alcohol-free spirits– and it certainly is!

Developed to be consumed like a spirit, either on the rocks or mixed in a mixed drink, it’s made from natural plant-based ingredients, which are stated to have favourable results on mood and energy.

Some of the remarkable active ingredients discovered in this drink are lion’s hair mushrooms, yerba mate, holy basil and coconut vinegar.

Its uniqueness divided my mates.

It’s a love-it-or-hate-it drink.

However, in the UK, Marmite is enormous, so it cannot be called boring I would give it that!

It’s rather unlike any of the other teetotal spirits on the market with a much more savoury taste.

Some of my friends believed some of the brand names had a taste of liquorice, ginger, yeast and figs.

I kind of know what they mean.

3 Spirit Love It Or Hate It


And if you like the earthy taste of kombucha, then great.

Bring it on!

3 Spirits Non-Alcoholic Spirit is an option.

And in an alcohol dominated world, we like alcohol-free spirits that offer us options.

Three Spirit adds an intricacy of flavours that balance out the over-sweetness of a standard mixer.

This is why I suggest using a calorie-light one, or otherwise, it could pile on the calories.

Now it’s a big selling point in that it’s a mood lifter, and I am not sure we need one of those if we are trying not to drink or take you to know what of any kind.

Of course, I am not saying they are, but it does play heavily on creating a feel-good factor as a brand.

A natural high?

I don’t think they are suggesting that, but they do play heavily on natural ingredients.

We did feel good after making the drink as a mix of non-alcohol spirit and tonics as our mocktail making capabilities were tested.

But was this just for the fun of making alcohol-free drinks?

I was not sure, to be fair!

We tried to follow how to make the drinks, but that is not real life at the end of the day, plus we like to be creative, don’t we?

It has big wins for an alcohol-free drinker.

Now you need to remember that there are many claims about this beverage, and I won’t criticise the hype, but checking out the literature, I sometimes question if it goes a little step too far.

Always check your limits with drinkaware

It’s fantastic that alternative treatments get the best old slamming of public relations, and here we have an alcohol-free spirit making all sorts of claims.

Naturally, it’s all legal, passes food and drinks requirements and the health food market is massive!

Here are some facts we cannot dispute

  • They were founded in London.
  • The drinks are handcrafted in the UK.
  • Made with functional plants with active compounds Vegan, gluten-free & sustainably-packaged
  • Non-alcoholic
  • It’s diet-friendly but keep a check on your mixer of choice
  • ABV: 0%.
  • It’s got three distinct brand names, so let’s check them out, and to be fair, it looks like a fantastic brand.
  • It’s undoubtedly not Seedip, and you can read my full review here

So overall excellent news!

3 Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit – The Social Elixir

Now, where is Merlin when you need him?

Big claims for this drink as an intense non-alcoholic spirit with dry spices with abundant, intricate dark apple and cacao notes.

It is probably not a flavour I have ever had to be fair.

The title suggests I will lose all my inhibitions, but of course, I did not.

So I think that is a good thing.

3 Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit - The Social Elixir

It highlights some unique ingredients, two of which I have never heard of before damiana, tulsi, and cacao.

With alcohol-free, I will give anything a try.

Make sure you use it as a spirit, not as a soft drink.

Although it was very fresh with ginger ale light and some lime, it was not designed to be that.

We also tried it with some Fever-Tree Tonic Water, and it worked.

Maybe it was the marketing, but we found it to be a relaxing drink overall.

But the caveat is it is meant to make you the soul of the party.


It’s alcohol-free, gluten-free, vegan and the one trend with some of these drinks is that it has no artificial flavours.

And the so-called “active” ingredients do something I was just not sure what!

They say it sends you high; however, if you are quitting alcohol, that is the last thing you need.

This one option has a sense of caramel about it, which, to be fair, goes well.

I am not sure it is the best alternative to gin and tonic, but you can make something that would resemble an Espresso Martini.

It isn’t cheap either.

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The product does have many excellent reviews, but it makes no mistake it won’t be to everyone’s expectations.

This Three Spirits Alcohol-Free is going to be down to personal taste.

With an extensive wine glass and good tonic water, though, it would make an excellent alternative to that wine in the fridge.

If they sold a gift set, it would be nice to have it in there.

Three Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit – The Livener

This option is meant to wake you up, and to be fair; I think anything with ginger does a good job regardless.

When you taste this, you cannot help notice the mix of watermelon, guava and ginger.

It may be slightly bitter for some, with the ginseng and green flower herbs lingering in the taste.


3 Spirit Non- Alcoholic Spirits the Livener

You can feel your tongue tingling!

It also contains Schisandra berries which I had never heard of and apple cider vinegar.

I would skip the ginger beer and head just for some tonic water, but it goes great with grapefruit slices.

Now I am a big supporter of anything that gives us alcohol-free drinkers an option, and this certainly does.

It means to be lighter in terms of energy, and to be fair; I did see myself feeling more energy.

I think the ingredients work well here, and it does have a good kick!


Plus, it’s alcohol and gluten-free, vegan, plus none of those nasty artificial flavours.

It is an excellent beverage after Christmas or a thanksgiving meal.

Again it isn’t cheap, but neither are these cheap products to produce—quite the opposite.

They have quality ingredients, and I have to say I was rather fond of this one!

Three Spirit Non-Alcoholic Spirit – The Nightcap

Now, if you were used to having an alcoholic nightcap, then this one could be for you.

A sharp whiskey before you go to bed is hardly going to help your weekly alcohol point allowance.

There is an alcohol-free whiskey, but I have never been sure about it.

This is why I am excited about this.

3 Spirit Nightcap Non-Alcoholic Spirit


If you have been to one of those expensive health food shops, you will have heard about valerian.

There is a small amount in this drink, and I know these alternative remedies are not for everyone.

I don’t go near them!

But if they add to an excellent nightcap, then it may be an option.

The Nightcap from Three Spirt has valerian root and lemon balm, which is aimed delightfully to relax your mind and body.

So in effect, complex as it is, this is aimed at the Nightcap bedtime ritual market.

Now I should not have done this taste test at 3 pm!

But in the alcohol-free spirits market, I cannot think of anything like this.

Flavours of wood, brilliant spices and citrus herbs pave the way to give some mellow aromatics and a hint of black pepper.

The drink then moves on to the smoothness of maple vanilla and hazelnut.

Of course, if you look at it from a holistic standpoint, the lemon balm, valerian, and hops aim to distress the mind, whilst the other ingredient goes after your taste buds.

Out of the three spirits brands, this is one I would just have with ice.

So the ice goes in the glass first, putting the Three Spirit nightcap over the ice.

And I will admit I did have an afternoon snooze.

Would you please not judge me? I think it was a warm kick, and this one is my favourite of all three, which I was not expecting.

Would I get it again?

Yes, I would, and I would love it if they had a gift set.

But I love the fact it’s a bit out of the normal, and I don’t think there are any others like this.

I love the alcohol free credentials, and of course, the branding is rather clever.


Alcohol-Free Tipples

They seem to have gone down a similar route as seedlip, which I review here,

They have given three distinct choices to choose from, and it seems that it is working for Thee Spirt Alcohol-Free Spirit brand.

As we live in an alcohol dominated world, it’s great to support these brands, and they are designed to mimic, not be alcohol.

So, of course, there needs to be some acknowledgement of that.

I will undoubtedly have an alcohol-free nightcap with this brand. And the added ingredients. Did they make me feel better?

Not sure, but it’s great to have a choice.

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Have you tried Three Spirits Non-Alcoholic Spirit? Leave your thoughts below.




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