Thomson Scott Noughty

Thomson Scott Noughty

This brand of Thomson Scott Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine has been under the radar for a bit now.

But it’s coming through despite it being at the upper end of the price range.

But as you read on you will find there is a reason for that.

I actually don’t think it’s supply and demand either.

It’s about genuine quality grapes, good branding, a fantastic ethos and of course it tastes pretty amazing in my book.

  • There are some good deals around but its a bit like alcohol free gin, how much you are prepared to pay can influence the quality that you will get.
  • And I think that is coming to pass.
  • If we want good quality alcohol free then we may have to pay for it.

The good news is because we don’t get drunk we don’t keep drinking and spend money we have not got or order things online when we get home!

Alcohol Free is turning into a quality tasting product and that is also true of this alcohol free sparkling wine from Thomson Scott Noughty.

That can only be a good thing.

Why would you choose it

Well should we be deprived of a glass of fizz just because we are trying to cut down our alcohol or even giving up completely?

Always know your alcohol limits through the drink aware website

Research from the University of Bristol has shown us that the more alcohol free options that are available the more likely we are to try them out over an alcoholic drink.

It is why many bars and restaurants are missing out on driving up profits by not having many or any alcohol free options including beer, wine and fizz!

From wedding parties to just a night in because the days are long gone when sparkling wine or even champagne was only drunk on very special occasions and you can see why.

Champagne was very expensive.

However over time people have realized that is it quality but also it is really only down to the geographic area that it produces it in France.

People started to experience the wonderful taste that is Cava in Spain and Prosecco from Italy.

Thomson Scott Noughty

Even England started to produce its own sparkling wine although I do worry that is to do with global warming, that’s another blog and another time!

The fact is sparkling wine or fizz is part of our social and celebratory world from hen parties to birthday treats.

Even the bad boys about town are happy to drink it!

So it’s great that key brands are coming into the market that can give us the alcohol free fizz option.

And as my Christmas Day will confess to you this option was a big part of it.

What is this alcohol free sparkling wine?

Now of course many people come to alcohol free drinks with the idea that it is a diet drink .

Apart from an alcohol free gin and tonic which I review here I am afraid it is not.

However, given that alcohol contains a lot of calories and the gold rule of dieting is calories in and calories out.

Then the good news is that alcohol free options can provide us with some help in this diet area.

I do say to people on the blog though do watch the sugar as you can’t just drink lots of alcohol free fizz or wine and hope it’s completely sugar free.

The good news is with this brand you can be rest assured that it goes some way to address this issue.

Low Sugar Alcohol Free

This alcohol free sparkling wine has only 2.9g of sugar per 100ml so really you are cutting your sugar in half to many other drinks of this kind.

Now it gets a little complicated but science is helping us here.

The very process that discovered alcohol in the first place is now taking the alcohol out of our alcohol drink to make them alcohol free.

So we get to “get the taste and aromas” associated with alcohol sparkling wine.

Here the producers are using the dealcoholization process which will take the alcohol out so you have an alcohol free experience.

However, because of the quality of the grapes used and the process you are still left with a great tasting drink.


Thomson Scott Noughty Grapes

Now I have been a critic of alcohol free wine in the past but not anymore!

In fact the industry is moving fast because it has to, like now!

Otherwise, its reputation will be tarred forever

Now I have not been a massive fan of the grapes that make Chardonnay but I have to say the grapes used here are as pure as they come.

And they only use one type of grape in the process from Spain in an environmentally friendly way which is good news.

Thomas Scott Noughty is also classified as Halal certified which is now becoming a question often asked by people here on the blog.

The good news is there seem to be some great byproducts for any alcohol drinks consumer wanting to go alcohol free.

Where Can I Buy It

It’s a bit of an odd one as it comes and goes from stock.

Sometimes Amazon has it sometimes they don’t.

You will hardly ever find it in pubs and bars but you will find it online from special alcohol free providers and online shops for alcohol free.

I have partnered with one of those who I respect for their simple and clear range. Bear in mind it isn’t cheap but neither is the quality!

I have provided an affiliate link below.

Just click the picture below. And yes I get a small commission but you pay the same.

I would love to know what you think! Click below


When can you drink this alcohol free sparkling wine?

When can’t you?

Gone are the days when you had to have a social occasion to get out “the fizz”. Of course hopefully the same is going to be the same regarding alcohol free.

Having said that!

Parties, weddings, hens do, leaving do, Friday night drinks after work, religious events.

Thomson Scott Noughty for parties

In fact anything or anywhere where a glass of wine has bubbles is expected then this brand would work 100 per cent!

If I can for a moment fly a flag for alcohol free people or people trying to cut down.

Very often we go to events and weddings and feel a bit left out.

So even to get a few options is always a good thing.

Alcohol Free Drinks Wedding Reception

You can read about alcohol free drinks at wedding reception here

If you are the party organizer and you get this option on the table they will love you forever.

Any personal insight about Thomas Scott Noughty

So I often review products and yes I have drunk them!

But what do you really think is often the one question that comes up?

So here are a few headlines from me and trust me if I thought it was not very good I would say so. Otherwise, what is the point of a review.

Thomson Scott Noughty


If I was handed this my accident and I was an alcohol drinker I would struggle to tell the difference as the bubbles can go to your head but you soon realize it is alcohol free.

In reality though the taste is pretty much spot on and yes you can tell it’s a dry option.

Its also sporting the chardonnay grape which is an excellent match for an alcohol free fizz drink.

It has bubbles and it tastes good.

It’s an excellent choice for me personally.

Yes it is not the cheapest on the market but you can really tell its quality as you drink it.

Is it too sweet? Actually no and I hate sweet wine, I just would not drink it!

Yes it comes with the organic profile but in reality for me it was the fact that the sparkling wine had no extra sugar added.

The amount of sugar is an important thing if you are cutting back on alcohol as it’s no good just swapping it for sugar.


Thomson Scott Noughty

So yes I would recommend it and to be honest the people who have tried it has agreed with my take on it.

I have to say that it does not have a chemical enhanced feel that some alcohol free alternative can create in the mouth and senses but I think the industry is learning that is not a good route to go.

Alcohol free has to mean quality!

It won’t be for everyone and if you are expecting champagne or of something that is alcohol then of course you will be disappointed.

Managing expectations with alcohol free is always a good thing and I say that with respect for the brand which I would rate 10/10!

What do you think of Thomson Scott Noughty ?

I would love to know if you have tried alcohol free sparkling wine or would you not go there?

What is the attraction of fizz do you think and would you love an actual alcohol free champagne brand to come to market?

Do you think fizz is for special occasions only or has it crossed over now?

I would love to know your thoughts are on Thomson Scott Noughty, so leave your message below and I always respond to every message.

4 thoughts on “Thomson Scott Noughty”

  1. Although I get the diet values to go for an alcohol free sparkling wine where is the fun in that?!! Personally If I would go for sparkling wine I would like it to have some alcohol for creating the right mood otherwise there is not much point to it. There are many other non alcohol drinks out there that one can try. But this is just me and obviously not everyone would agree! Thanks for the article!

    • Hey Stratos, I can tell you not a fan, no worries we love all views here. 

      I guess if you can’t drink alcohol like me or just decide not to indulge in alcohol it can be a nice treat if you like to have some bubbles in hand. 

      I know from people who feedback on the blog, from driving to pregnacy that are plenty of reasons to indulge. 

      However I am not going to convince you!

      Many thanks for stopping by and commenting on alcohol free sparkling wine and Thomson Scott Noughty.  I really appreciate it. All the best, Phil

  2. Hi Phil, great article! I have to say I have never thought about the vast range of people who may be interested in alcohol free drinks – pregnant women for instance or those who cannot drink for medical reasons – I was recently on a course of antibiotics and so could not drink any alcohol for that time!! If only I had known about the market in non-alcoholic drinks!

    Whilst I’m not looking to go completely alcohol free I am currently cutting down my intake especially during the week where I am finding that as I get on in age the hangovers are just not worth it! I will certainly be looking into Thomson & Scott Noughty.

    Thank you for such an informative, review!

    • Hey what a great comment and thanks so much.

      Yes there are so many reasons why people want to cut down on alcohol and sometimes it is for good every day reasons so you are spot on with that.

      I think as the alcohol free market increases it will become more wide spread and more and more people will become aware of the choice.

      Lovely to hear from you and thanks for your great addition to the blog. All the very best, Phil


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