The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test

This week on the alcohol-free podcast, we run The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test.

After all, I need to convince my co-presenter, Ian, about alcohol-free wine, so it’s a chance to see if he can be confident.

There is also a conversation about alcohol-free drinks in general, including non-alcoholic beer. Plus, do all alcohol-free wines use the chardonnay grapes?

Plus, there are the alcohol-free drinks headlines.

The alcohol-free drinks podcast is from 00abv and is presented and produced by Phil Roberts and Ian James.

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The Alcohol-Free Podcast Summary

This week

Ian has been looking for alcohol-free options, and he found one that sparked his interest, but I made the point that I only drink 0.0 per cent abv.

What did Ian find?

A Czech Pilsner lager from Marks and Spencer in the UK 0.5 ABV. It’s brewed by staropramen. It’s an excellent brewery, vibrant in the hops.


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

So it has a reasonably sharp, bitter taste. And Ian thinks that’s encouraging.

Both and Ian and Phil agree that the choice is not suitable for alcohol-free drinks when you’re talking completely alcohol-free.

Yes, online, maybe, but when you are out in restaurants and bars, it’s still inferior and often non-existent.

They also wonder how long it would be before alcohol-free was on draft in every bar or pub. Maybe they need to get the choices in a bottle right first. Plus, would you know what you were drinking?

More choice in bars and restaurants is a good thing, but it still falls massively below the demand right now.

What about me?

This week at home, I have been drinking Bud Zero. It is one of the first cans to push the total amount of calories on the front of the branding.

It is excellent. I can order it online. However, not all is great outside the online world.

Since the lockdown has been lifted, I have been to a few restaurants, and the alcohol-free choice is still minimal, if available.

And I went for a lovely Chinese meal.

And I had my diet cola.

But they had no alcohol free drinks whatsoever.

But you know what was lovely? I said to the owner, “I need some alcohol free beers”.

And she made me write down some choices, and she’s going to get them in for me, which is excellent.


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

But on the other hand, I also went for Sunday lunch, and I said, Oh, you don’t have any alcohol free. And that was it. It was just like, No, your right. We don’t have any!

So I looked down the menu and saw some presse, and of course, I ordered that, but they had not got any of that in stock either. It was crazy!

Now they might have no choice, but I think all of us alcohol-free drinkers or anyone who wants an option needs to ask a question of the owner.

I have previously done it with other restaurants and bars, and they did follow through, and some of the choices I asked for proved to be some of their best-sellers, and their faces were a picture.

We should not have to educate, but we are in the place right now.

It’s also a great profit opportunity for them. As many of the big brewers know, there is profit in alcohol-free.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Taste

In this episode, we were doing The Le Petit Chavin Taste Test.

Overall the results were good, and it was a great chardonnay and Ian ( my co-presenter) was amazed.

Some of the team at the podcast studio said if they were given this alcohol-free sparkling fizz at a wedding, they would not know the difference.

I was like, really, and even one of my colleagues said he felt drunk a bit.

Nice to see the placebo effect is alive and well.

I am never quite sure if that is a good thing or not. Probably not as someone who avoids alcohol.

So what did Le Petit Chavin taste like?

For use in the podcast studio is tasted of lychees, peaches, and flowers. There was also a robust and balanced aroma of the chardonnay grapes which worked well.

It certainly oozed freshness.

However, for me is excellent. I am finding alcohol-free white wine that convinces Ian, my co-presenter, that there are some excellent options out there.

It is made by Domaines Pierre Chavin in France using the de-alcoholization method, so you get to keep the flavour but do away with the alcohol.

The one thing we did not mention on the podcast and we should of is that it’s Halal Certified, which is an excellent addition to the confidence of buying alcohol-free.


  • It looks and feels a bit more like champagne than many of the alcohol-free white wines.
  • Great for wedding and celebratory events like birthdays or baby showers.
  • Excellent fresh flavour that comes through on the drink.
  • Great alternative for a wedding on a budget to satisfy alcohol-free guests.
  • Nice amber look to the drink.
  • Strong taste and aromas of pears which worked.
  • Nice and dry
  • A great looking brand with alcohol-free clearly stated
  • It looks like a bottle of champagne and a quality product


  • The usual caveats apply. It is not alcohol, so many people get disappointed, although the podcast team found it to be an excellent comparison.
  • It could have more fizz in it, and that was our biggest downside.
  • It is not champagne or prosecco.
  • A bottle of the Nosecco gives it a good run for its money, mainly on the fizz aspect.
  • It could be considered a little bit more bitter compared to other alcohol-free sparkling wines.
  • The label could be a bit confusing.

Where Can I purchase it?

We have not seen this in bars or restaurants, and I purchased directly from amazon, and I have added an affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Headlines from

Stratford or Warwick? It’s in the UK in the heart of England.

There’s a guy called Steve Buzzell, a local business owner, and he’s opened a gin and cocktail bar in Warwick on Swan Street.

Alcohol-Free Options are available, which is brilliant news.

So he is committed to serving alcohol-free gins as well. And if you drink and like them, you can take them away, which I think is an excellent idea.


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

Asian Trends

The new trend in Japan is alcohol-free sangria. How has it progressed from some of the more traditional Asian drinks? And we discuss that more in the podcast.

There is more sales growth in the alcohol-free market in the UK. Its seen an increase in non-alcoholic beer sales by 58%.

Some big alcohol brands have seen significant decreases, and we ask why.

Are habits changing in the drink at the home market?

Australia and Alcohol-Free

Perth in Australia announced more cocktails, zero cocktails and zero drinks delivered to your door. Sara, who runs it, has a fantastic idea.

If you order an alcohol free drink, she will provide it to your door in 20 to 48 hours. Wow.

It seems alcohol-free, and Australia is making their mark right now.

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Plus, on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

Why do you have to show your age identification for alcohol-free?

Why we think Bavaria is a good idea and worth the money despite the negativity.

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