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Welcome to Episode Two of the, the alcohol-free drinks podcast. I’m Phil Roberts and


I’m Ian James.


Now, last week, we had our first one, and we had some good reactions; we actually got some downloads as well; people are actually tuning in, which I was quite shocked by ( laughs)

And we’re actually on a lot of the playlists on podcasts, which is great, so amazing.

So we’re going full strength; we are talking about alcohol-free drinks.

We are engaging with you if you want to talk to us. It’s

And I must say hello to John, who tuned in who said I’d never heard of alcohol-free drinks before.

And you forget you think everyone knows about alcohol-free drinks, but they don’t.

You know, you see these kinds of online stores.  But that’s it.

We forget that a lot of people find no options when you walk into a pub!

How many alcohol-free drinks are in a pub apart from the colas and lemonade?

Not very many.


Now, seemingly every week, new products are coming out there as well.

So it’s a fascinating time, actually.


So what have you been drinking this week, Ian?

What’s been on your mind? I’ve seen you posting pictures of alcohol-free drinks.

And I’m thinking I bet he’s posting them because you’re now doing a podcast?

Because to be clear, if this is the first time you’re tuning in, I’m the non-drinker. And Ian is trying alcohol-free out, but really he loves his alcohol. Including Stella Ian!


Well, I don’t any more.


No, that’s a sore point. Stella isn’t?


It is. Yeah, we can come on to that if you want later on.

I really feel that I need to sort of cut down generally.

So I think the alcohol-free route is a good option to be fair because you’ve still got the social aspect of going out for a drink or having a drink with your friends.

But it’s not a bottle of coke or anything like that; it is a proper adult drink.


Now there’s nothing wrong with Coke. We should point out ( laughs)

Ian :

That’s wrong. You know, I prefer beer. ( Laughs)


Well, last week you were talking about alcohol Stella. You were complaining that stellar is not strong enough. No, it’s


No, it’s not strong enough. ( Laughs)


So this week, I saw you with a can of alcohol-free Bavaria in your hand on social media.  What was that about?


Well, you know, I was really interested in this beer. Because to be honest with you, when you see the word Bavaria, what do you think of?


German beers, so I think of German bars in Spain that have, you know, the little signs outside all the bars and restaurants. Bavarian beer. Yeah. They serve the alcohol. But they are not what I think of Germany.


Yeah, of course, you do. You think of southern Germany. The Bavarian region, which is very well known for its beer. Well, Bavaria maybe is not beer land.

The 00 abv Bavaria beer is from Holland. It’s nothing to do with Germany at all.

What’s that about?


Why is that, but I thought he used all the purity of the water in Germany?


Well, no, nothing to do with it at all.

So the ironic thing is okay, let me say something.

I’ve been to Holland many times. My heart sinks all the time when I go to Holland because it’s either Heineken or Amstell.

And to be fair, I’d rather drink the river. It’s named after.

And then you’ve got other beer choices, which is just equally as horrid.

It’s 4.2%, which isn’t strong enough for me.


No, no, we’re back to heavy-duty alcohol drinks again. See, I am always looking for various zero alcohol beer options.

Because I can’t really drink any alcohol at all, but I love the fact the makers of Bavaria Alcohol-Free Beer don’t put any alcohol in it from the beginning.

Yeah. And I’ve been reading up on that and spoke about it on the alcohol-free drinks blog

But you’re a fan?


Yeah. But it’s the brewing process.

So there’s no alcohol involved at any level of the brewing process of Bavaria.

And so it is a genuine 0.0 abv so alcohol-free beer.

Now, to be fair, it’s a very mixed camp in terms of people who like it and people who don’t.

I would say you get the hoppy scent when you smell the beer, and it has got a slightly bitter taste. It’s a slightly sweet taste, but it’s got a bitter aftertaste here.

So I think it’s actually quite refreshing. And it’s very, very quaffable.

So I’ve been enjoying Bavaria

Blog Note:

What do you think about Bavaria Zero Alcohol Beer? Why not post your comment below


And you know what, with Bavaria alcohol-free beer, it’s nicer in the bottles and the cans, but you can’t get away with the cans.


Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s the case with any beer. The taste is always better out of the bottle.


I think that’s true, even of alcoholic beers.

I’m a fan of Bavaria. And if you do buy online, it’s not that expensive. It comes really cost-effective if you buy the big packs, and it comes in quite reasonable, to be honest.

It’s one of my alcohol-free drinks of choice when it comes to zero alcohol beer.

I love it. But I’m a bit disappointed. I thought I was drinking German water now. What am I going to do now? I’ve been telling everyone.

I think I’ve even written on my blog about German water. Oh, well. There you go.

Alcohol-Free Gin

Now, in this episode, we are talking about alcohol-free gin.

And I’ve been experimenting with my Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin, which is 0.0.

And we’re going to be comparing that in this episode and the next episode to seedlip because Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin has really priced it quite low.

And the thing I find interesting is all these new sorts of gym brands have come on, which I think are brilliant.

By the way, I’m a big fan of alcohol-free gin even though I’m not allowed to call it Gin because technically, they’ve got to have a high percentage ABV.

So it’s technically an alcohol-free spirit.

But the thing is, all of the new ones taste completely fresh and different.

Whereas Gordon’s Alcohol-Free, well, they’ve sort of made it like the Alcohol Gordon’s

I have a bottle at home, and I keep having to check the bottle to make sure that I’m not drinking alcohol because it’s sort of, you know, it’s the green bottle.

Same branding.

So I’ve been to the fridge a couple of times.

I know I shouldn’t really probably keep it in the fridge, but I do. But I look closely and say,

Is it alcohol or not?

So I double-check the 0.0 on the front.

I mean, great branding, but you could get confused because it looks like an ordinary gin bottle.

Yeah. So that’s what I’ve been drinking alcohol-free this week.


And it’s reassuring as well, as you say to check the bottle, but you did really well with that price.


Yeah, it’s a really good price compared to some of the other alcohol-free gins.

And actually is one of those things that you could pop in with your shopping, which I did. So my online shop.

I just went. You know what, you know when you haven’t got enough in your basket, and it says you are short on free delivery by say 12 or 13 pounds?

And I just clicked on that Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin, and it kind of came and then I got free delivery. So you make money back, really.

Please note: Drink prices vary from shop to shop and country to country.

What Alcohol Gin did you use for drinking before you went alcohol-free?


The interesting thing is right. Do you remember back to the day when you did drink real gin?

Gordon’s maybe a long time ago? Was Gordon’s gin your gin of choice back then?

Phil :

That is a good question probably up there, but I don’t think it was my favourite.

So I’m trying to remember what my favourite would have been?

You see, I say I originally loved the Beefeater Gin. Yeah, that’s what we grew up with as a kid. So in my memory, it was in the drinks cabinet.

I think I would have some when my Mum was asleep ( Laughs)

Ian: Yes, I remember your Mum’s famous Sherry trifle. Yeah, that was strong!


Wow, yes, I remember.

Oh, Sherry trifle. She tripped one day and put too much sherry in!

And I seriously, I can’t remember if I drove afterwards, but it was not a good move either way.

Sherry travels through the bloodstream really quickly as Sherry is very high alcohol by volume.

We must talk about that in one episode because people have legally challenged how much alcohol is in the desert?

Yeah, we must talk about that. That’s another podcast for another day.

But in terms of alcohol Gin, the Beefeater was in the cabinet in the corner with the label of, you know, the Tower of London on it. So yes, that is the gin I grew up with.


Yeah, I guess so. It’s more of you sort of what they call cooking gin! ( Laughs)


What would you cook gin with?

Ian :

I don’t know. ( Laughs)

But I’d love to know if you’ve tried the 0.0 Alcohol’s Gordon’s gin; let us know at

We’d love to know what you think about it. And we will be talking about Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin in the next podcast.

I’ve been trying a few different alcohol-free gins as well. So I would love to talk about those!

Phil: Can I give a little shout out though, to Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Gin?

Because they’ve produced 0.0% abv gin as well, which is pretty good.

But interestingly, like Gordon’s, they’ve made it so if you like tastes like the alcohol version, well as much as they can get that without the alcohol.

That’s very different to the alcohol-free Seedlip option, which we’ll talk about next time on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast.

It’s kind of a completely different ballgame. Really. It’s very, very good in view.

Ian :

I guess that is the challenge, isn’t it for the companies like Gordon’s and Tanqueray? Yeah, they are absolutely definitely going to get people comparing like for like, aren’t they?

Yeah, so whatever they bring out, they’ve got to make it fairly close to the full alcohol version,


I’ve seen with alcohol-free gins in bars that finding one that stock in it is quite rare.

And some bars pour it like a soft drink, and of course, at that price, it’s not meant to be poured like that. It has to be measured out like an alcohol-free gin.

So a lot of bars are a bit confused about alcohol-free spirits.

Please tell me you understand how to serve alcohol-free gin if you work in a bar because I get some funny stares.

It’s a sign of the social pressure when you don’t drink!

How do you know what you are getting in a bar?


How do we keep a check on bars because these alcohol-free versions are getting so good now? Yeah, it’s hard to tell the difference.

And you know, how can you be sure that you are getting the non-alcoholic version? I mean, I know I’ve been out with you at times.

And you’ve asked for the Peroni Libra, which is an alcohol-free bottle bear.

And they brought you a pint of alcohol Peroni?

Phil :

Absolutely. Yeah, it happens loads of times.

And you may remember last week when we went for a meal, the guy serving us was lovely, but he looked at me twice when I asked for alcohol-free in the bottle.

And I said, No, I’ll just have the bottle. And he went, yeah, but I’ll bring you a glass.

I don’t want the glass. I want the bottle because I want to know what I’m drinking.

And it is one of those moments where they think you were a bit mad.

And it was just because I want to know what I’m drinking.

And that’s what’s interesting about alcohol-free gin.

So if you take Seedlip, it’s a very different brand to say Gordons or Tanqueray Gin, which look the same.

You just have to check!


No, no, but it is something just to keep an eye on it. And you’re

And I think that is some really good advice you said, ask for the bottle.

Yeah, you know, it’s different with a non-alcoholic spirit. But certainly, if it’s a beer asked for the beer or the can.

Phil :

If I said, I’ve got an allergy to nuts; they would go out of their way to make sure it was okay.

Because it’s alcohol, it’s like, well, it’s just alcohol in it. And of course, people don’t realise there are health benefits, you know, and then issues around alcohol as well.

But it’s another for another podcast.

The alcohol-free drinks Podcast Headlines

Phil :

So it’s time for the 00 ABV alcohol-free drinks podcast headlines from around the world.

And this week, I’ve tried to find stories from all over.

And there’s a really interesting trend in America right now. The drinks are growing massively because alcohol-free drinks are growing. According to the no and low alcohol strategic study, they reckon they’re going to grow by 31% by 2024.

It says that the no-low segment is expected in the US to grow more than 30% in 2020.

And a lot of it is down to the quality getting better. This is the interesting thing, they mark it down, which is what you said before: the quality’s got better.

So that is now being reflected in the figures, which I think it’s really interesting. The fact that was a bit strange to me is that only 14% of people drink no alcohol at all.

But the rest of the people would switch and match. They would have an alcohol free beer.

And then they would have an alcohol one, which I will not get because I don’t drink.

How about you, Ian would do that? Can you do that?

Ian :

Well, not exactly with a 00 Alcohol-Free Drinks like beer, but  I think it’s great the option is there.

Now think back in the day. If you were on a bit of a session, as you know, I would have a couple of pints and then and then I’d probably have a pint of soda water or something.

Yeah. But if there is an option now to get a large glass of zero beer in between, just pace it out a bit. I think that’s great.


Hello, Denver, Denver.  And it’s a completely sober bar as opposed to being a drunk bar.

Ian :

Right. Okay ( Laughs)

Phil :

And it gives you experience for the sober and sober curiosity, which sounds very sexual. “My name is Nigel, and I am 100% sober curious.”

That’s amazing. So there we go. So those are the headlines this week. If you’ve got anything, you think we should know about? Send us your headlines to

Next Time on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast


So join us next time on the Alcohol-Free Drinks podcast, where we’ll be talking more about Seedlip.

Is it too expensive or not?

Or do we love it?

More podcast headlines. So whatever you’re doing, let us know and whatever you’re drinking, let us know too. And see you soon.

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