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In Episode Four of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast, Ian gives Phil a blind taste test of an 0.0% ABV non-alcoholic beer, and it comes with mixed reactions.


Meanwhile, Ian has spotted a Gin online branding itself as low alcohol but dig deeper, and all is not what it seems.

There are your comments and feedback, plus what are alcohol-free and low alcohol definitions. We seem to have the answer. Plus, what is ABV?

Phil runs through some of the big stories making the news in the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Headlines worldwide from the newsroom.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast is Presented by a drinker Ian James and the Non-Drinker Phil Roberts. Find out more about the presenters here.

The latest podcast is out, and you hear it below.

Episode 4

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So welcome to this edition of the alcohol-free drinks podcast. I’m Phil Roberts; I’m a non-drinker.


And I’m Ian James. I do drink; I’m trying to cut down.


Ian will drink alcohol until it’s coming out of his ears.

He has no qualms about that whatsoever.

This week, we’re going to be talking about John, who emailed in a,

He is confused, and I understand why. Here the question is this:

What is alcohol-free?

So we’re going to give you a little bit of a summary as it is in the UK.

And then we’re interested in the world and your view.

What do you consider to be alcohol-free? And what is one unit of alcohol?

Ian :

You know I’ve no idea; I guess it’s one drink. Is it one glass of alcohol?


Well, it depends. It all depends. We’ll tell you more in a minute.


I’m going to be asking when is a zero alcohol gin a low alcohol gin? So not a soft alcohol gin?

Well, I’ve seen some very clever marketing this week, which puts that into doubt.


We’re also going to be talking about the headlines from around the world this week.


I need to ask you a question first. There’s a saying, isn’t there?

It’s five o’clock in the world somewhere. So with zero alcohol, can it be five o’clock anytime without an excuse?


What have you been drinking that is alcohol-free this week, Ian?


I’ve got to be honest. Right. Okay. I’ve had some dry nights this week. But I’ve fallen off the wagon.

Otherwise, it’s been full-on Stella Artois because I’ve discovered a new 5% that I quite enjoy.

But I’ve had a couple of dry nights as well. So that’s good.


Let me rename this podcast the sometimes alcohol-free podcast. There we go. That’s a new name for it. Well, we’ll put it in the mix. Oh, well, well, I’ve been drinking a combination this week in Bavaria Alcohol-Free Beer, partly because, if I’m honest, it’s cheap.

And I can get it online, and the cans are great.

I’ve been having some of those in my fridge, but also I rediscovered Bud zero.

It must be the only kind of beer that I think is an alcohol-free beer that has got the calories on the front, and it’s under 50 calories. It’s a small can, but it’s under 50 calories.

So I’ve been drinking that this week. And I have to say if you don’t like Budweiser, you probably won’t like them. The good news is I’m sort of okay with Budweiser. But I know a lot of people aren’t.

Ian :

No, I’m not a fan of the American beers. Full stop. Really? I

I think they’re a bit light. I mean, some of them are pretty alcoholic. Yeah, but they’re very light on taste. It’s a bit like Peroni.

Which is Italian, Of course, and it’s pretty light in taste.

But you know, it’s a pretty strong beer.


Yeah, I’ve just replied to somebody on Instagram about knocking Peroni and their alcohol-free version called Libera.

Everyone was saying it’s horrible. I like it. So I’ve just responded on Instagram now.

So we had a question from John at, which is this :

“If I see a label and it says low alcohol or alcohol-free, I go OK, but I am not sure.

What does alcohol-free on the label mean?

So Ian, as far as alcohol-free goes, what’s your best bet? If you said in terms of ABV? So alcohol by volume.


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

How much alcohol is in it?


Yeah, well, you see, on the basis that an average lager is about between say four and 5% thereabouts. I would say anything low alcohol would be less than 4%. Anything non-alcoholic would have no alcohol in it whatsoever.

Let me give you a rundown because I use a stat on my blog that comes from the drinkaware website, which, if you check out in the UK or anywhere in the world, it’s a great website.

  • Low alcohol -Alcohol by volume (abv) above 0.5% but not more than 1.2%.
  • De-alcoholised -A drink with alcohol extracted and has an abv of not more than 0.5%
  • Alcohol-free – Not more than 0.05% abv

Phil Roberts and Ian James talk most stuff alcohol-free on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast from

Ian :

So listen, it’s five o’clock in the morning in Singapore at the moment. It’s three o’clock in the afternoon here.

I’m not sure what time it is!


You haven’t got a clue what time it is. I

Ian :

I know I need an excuse to open this bottle.

Go on there. Is that all right? Yeah,

We’ve talked about gin. We’ve spoken of lagers.

I’m not a person who drinks typically what they call real ale.

But I’ve started to notice that there are many of these new real ales coming on. Yeah, there are some good ones. And so we’ve got something here called Doom.

Doom with alcohol-free amber ale brewed in Cornwall.

In terms of Doom, Alcohol-Free AleI’ve checked it is available worldwide. It produced by Sharps brewery has bought out this zero version as genuinely zero.

It sounds very promising, but if I just read it, it says Doom bars hero is a perfectly balanced beer combining subtle yet complex flavours Doom bar zero.

Should we give it a go?

A full Review of Doom Alcohol-Free

The alcohol-free headlines from


So here are some of the headlines that are alcohol-free from the alcohol-free drinks podcast of this week. Mint Ian?

Have you ever thought of having more mint drinks as part of your alcohol-free drink choices? I bet you haven’t.


No, not really.

But you know what? I’m not one of these people who likes all that. That’s garnished or anything, you know, I want a slice of lemon, some grapefruit maybe, but I’ve never been one to like all the rosemary and things coming out.

And the same would be true of alcohol-free drinks, including mocktails or alcohol-free gin!


Boring Ian!

So this week, we have got lots of bars, particularly in Florida, using mint as an alternative because apparently, it gives you a bit of a kick similar to alcohol which I don’t quite think is true.

But anyway, there’s a bar called Cheetah lodge or Chica lodge. Maybe I should say in the Florida Keys there is now serving Nohito, which is a great name, and they say the sweetness of it sort of masks the fact he’s got no alcohol in it.

Okay, so probably kill you full of sugar, but anyway, but it’s the big thing.

So we might see a big trend in mint, non-alcoholic drinks, which is a mocktail, and we’re going to talk about mocktails in one of our alcohol free-drinks podcasts.

The Mirror newspaper here in the UK is talking about Tyson Fury, the boxer.

He’s Been seen in Miami. He was drinking alcohol-free beer. In the last podcast, we talked about the Aussies feeling that alcohol-free uptake was affecting their image.

The Tyson Fury has been saying alcohol has been affecting his health, so he is going alcohol-free.

More on the story here:

Those are the alcohol-free headlines from the alcohol-free drinks podcast from

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Joseph got in touch from South Bend, Indiana. He was listening to our podcast last week and said hello. He doesn’t like American beers.

So he very often goes to an online supermarket and gets the delivery of European lager. He loves the stellar Yeah, in America. The standard is 5%. It’s imported, but it’s all 5%.

He said in America, they also have something called star midnight. No, I never heard of that. And midnight. Well, I just had a quick look before we came into the studio.

It’s a bit like Guinness. Oh, wow.

So you wouldn’t associate that with Stella.

Read of Review of Stella Zero Here

Anyway, I finish by saying I love the podcast, and I love Bavaria Alcohol-Free, period. If you would like to comment further on that or any

So hopefully, you can email us because we would love to get your comments on the alcohol-free drinks podcast,

Low and No Alcohol Spirit of is that Alcohol-Free Gin

Phil and Ian discuss a gin brand that says it’s low alcohol and its 43% and is right or setting a bad example.

They discuss the importance of really reading the label, and the alcohol by volume is critical.

Ian James and Phil Roberts, the alcohol-free podcast from

So that’s almost it for this week’s episode of the alcohol-free podcast. We would love to know what you think, so get in touch if you’d like to be on the podcast; email

We’ll always respond, or we’ll get you on the alcohol-free drinks podcast.

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