The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Episode Three

In Episode Three of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast from, Phil defends Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin and even says it could be the next alcohol-free diet drink.

Or should he be saying alcohol-free spirit?

What is alcohol-free gin anyway?

Meanwhile, Ian is determined to talk about alcohol-free beer and has some news about Bavaria 0.0 after becoming its biggest fan.

There are alcohol-free drink headlines from around the world.

Ian and Phil also ask, are alcohol-free drinks just not butch enough? But they soon put that myth to bed!

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The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Transcript Episode Three

The alcohol-free drinks podcast from Ian James and Phil Roberts, the alcohol-free drinks podcast.


So welcome to the alcohol-free drinks podcast, where we talk about alcohol-free drinks. 

It’s Episode Three. We’ve made it, and we’re in Episode Three. 

How exciting, and we’re still sober. We’re still sober. 

Well, I’m not sure, Ian. I  think you’ve got a pint of Stella under that desk

So coming up this week, we’re going to talk about Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin.

We’re having a bit of a week about gin because we love alcohol-free gin. We’re a big fan of zero gin in cans, in bottles. 

We just can’t get it in pubs right now. It’s a bit hit and miss. 


I’ve got to say I’m slightly at odds with Seedlip Alcohol-Free; I love it. Don’t get me wrong, 

I’m just like many of the reviewers out there at the moment, who are sort of comparing this seedlip with a bottle of total alcohol strength gym. 

And maybe that is an unfair comparison because people say, you know, why would I pay so much more for a non-alcoholic gin in inverted commas? 

Compared to the real full-fat stuff? I think it’s an unfair comparison, but because it’s a very different proposition. I think. Yeah. 

Seedlip Alcohol-Free, of course, comes in three different varieties. You’ve got the citrus grove, the spice 94 and the garden 108, which is my least favourite, I have to say.


Yeah, that’s a real problem that comes up all the time. People say it’s not alcohol. 

Well, no, it’s not alcohol, is it? It’s alcohol-free. That’s the whole point


Yeah. So it’s not a gin. However, it is a non-alcoholic spirit. Yeah. 

And so number one, you get all the benefits of what a spirit is. So it’s, it’s not water. It’s got a texture. 

It’s undoubtedly got a thicker consistency than, say, water or cordial or anything like that. 

But the other key thing is to serve it with one of those things called silver things. That’s a measure, isn’t it? 

So, get yourself a measure and a giant globe glass.


Yeah. And lots of ice. Lots of sliced either lemon or grapefruit is even better. 

I had one with grapefruit last week. And it was absolutely amazing. 

Fresh grapefruit chopped in was just like the best thing ever. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Absolutely. But then there is one final part of the recipe if you like, which is tonic water. Make sure you use your favourite tonic water with an alcoholic free gin.


Fever-Tree is my favourite. Okay,


I get that. And I prefer Schweppes. Because it’s a bit sharper,

Or whatever tonic water you like. 

But it’s essential. 

Once you put your tonic water in, give it a stir, you need to start stirring that stuff around to sort of make it all melt together. 

And then you get the proper taste of that Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin. It’s brilliant. I love it.

Phil :

You see, I’m going to defend Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin on their price because I’ve read quite a lot about them. 

And the process that they go through to make this is pretty extensive and quite complicated as well. 

So it goes through almost exactly the same process as a gin would. 

But actually, it’s harder to make because obviously, it’s without alcohol, but all the botanicals and all the essences and all the flavours in it. 

And I think it’s worth the price. I have to say I know what you mean about being a little bit more costly than some of the others. 

But I think it tastes better. But that’s just my view.

Ian :

I think what’s interesting is that we touched on this last week, didn’t we like Gordon’s 0.0 Alcohol-Free Gin, and I think there’s Tanqueray. So what they’ve done, they brought out these almost carbon copies. 

They look the same as the regular bottles.

Phil : 

The dilemma they’ve got do we make it the same but without the alcohol, if we can, andleave people going yes like the alcohol version.  

Or do you make it a completely different thing? Appearance, and that’s going to be the issue for them, isn’t it?

Ian : 

I think so; Gordon’s Alcohol-Free Gin and Tanqueray Alcohol-Free Gin are very much in that Gin Zero category, aren’t they? 

Yeah, so you’re going to compare them to the original, whereas Seedlip, I think you just have to have a different mindset.

Phil :

Do you know I think I would sum it up as I’m going to sound a bit common here? 

Gordons is the one you slip in your trolley, whereas we’re Seedlip is the one you get for a special occasion or the weekend.

So Gordon 0.0 is like a Monday night fancy your alcohol-free gin? 

And Seedlip is about having an alcohol free gin or spirit on a lovely Saturday night in and making the most of it quite right.  So would I be defending Seedlip’s pricing strategy?

Ian and Phil talk more stuff about alcohol-free drinks.

Phil :  

I would like to point out to people the thing I get asked on the blog all the time

And that is an alcohol-free free drinks diet drink?

 And, of course, they are not.

Most alcohol-free drinks have some kind of sugar and carbohydrate. 

The exception, of course, is gin because even in the alcohol world, gin is one of the best drinks to have in terms of a diet

The problem people have is they add high sugary, tonic water and ginger beer and all the rest of it. 

But if you mix any of those alcohol-free gin brands, particularly seedlip in the pure form, you are looking at almost zero calories for the most part.

That is probably the only one I can say is a diet drink. So yes, go for it. 

Well, what about mocktails?

Well, no, it’s not because it’s full of sugar. 

Ian, have you ever had a “gin no and low”?

Ian :

No, I don’t think I have!

No, it’s effectively a gin and tonic, but they call it a gin and low because it’s alcohol-free gin. So it’s no and low. 

So it’s got no calories.

And it’s no and low alcohol as in no alcohol whatsoever. 

So it’s a slightly confusing name, but it’s a gin mocktail that they’re now serving at some of the bars here in the UK. 

And so I think if you’re going on a diet, it’s well worth it. 

People still say you can have a glass of wine on their diet. But imagine that you haven’t eaten and all that alcohol going into your system. 

That is not great at all. I found out to my peril. 

So it’s not, it’s not good, not great at all. 

So you need food before you drink alcohol. 

You know, even the NHS in the UK says if you’re drinking alcohol, you need food regardless of what diet you are on.

You know, alcohol is not great on a diet.

 But with alcohol-free gin, there’s no alcohol.

Yes, well, technically, you’re not going to shove a pizza in your mouth, but alcohol-free gin could play a role.

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So in the last alcohol-free drinks podcast, we talked about Bavaria 0.0 alcohol-free beer and the fact it was really made in Amsterdam. 

We’ve been doing a bit more research, and apparently, it’s different in all sorts of other countries. I suppose it’s a production issue as in where they make Bavaria Alcohol-Free Beer?


Well possibly. It’s pretty strange because I noticed that the 00 version of Bavaria and, in fact, the full version, so the full-strength version is available in Canada and America. 

Yeah, but they also have a stablemate there as well. It’s called Bavaria Apple Malt now. I’ve never heard of that. 

Now. I’ve never, and they don’t have this in Holland, never mind by England or anywhere else like that. 

So it’s unique to you guys out there. 

So I’d be interested to know if anybody’s tried this Bavaria, Apple Malt, and to see how you find it.

Email us at

Phil : 

I think the states are entirely different when it comes to alcohol-free beer

 I spoke to someone this week who said the term non-alcoholic is used a lot.

But people think it’s alcohol-free, but it can be 0.5 per cent alcohol by volume. 

So it’s an entirely different ballgame, and the rules and regulations in Europe are very different from the UK. 

So I would love people from the states to get in contact if you want to come and join us at

Being alcohol-free in the States is very different. 

And the choices we have here like, for example, Cobra zero, which you can’t get in the states.

Some people from the states went on holiday to Mexico, and Heineken zero was the only option, right so? It’s a very different world. It feels pretty restrictive here compared to the states.

Get in touch and let us know.

The alcohol-free drinks podcast headlines from

The top headline in this podcast is “shot of alcohol and go” you know what that is, Ian?


If you get your vaccine, you get a shot of alcohol, and, some states in the USA we’ve been experimenting which have gone down quite well apparently,

Ian :

this isn’t this is a thing that I thought you were joking Oh, no,


No, it’s a big thing. 

But a lot of people saying you know the people in charge of the vaccinations are saying we will give you a shot of alcohol.

And it’s all ironically all down to social pressure because they were going up to tables in restaurants and saying if you get your vaccination, we’ll give you a shot which is a bit worrying.


It’s a bit like the reverse to giving blood in the UK biscuit. You get a biscuit and a cup of tea. Well, in the states, you get a drink!


So but it’s also been used in Israel, I found out, so it’s not necessarily all confined to the United States. 

And also, politicians are kicking off in Australia this week. 

Because the sales of alcohol-free wine and spirits have almost doubled, Alcohol-Free Beer is on the rise as well. 

And some of the politicians are saying.

“This is not what Australia is about.” 

But they’ve kicked off because it’s not the image that people want to see about Australia. They think they’re, you know, we’re all in Australia, and we’re big drinkers.


Well, it’s interesting as you remember Castlemaine XXXX it was pretty dire. I think it is 3.5% ABV. 

So that’s hardly strong. In fact, in Australia, they do a 2.5 per cent alcohol by volume of Castlemaine.


So, in reality, they’re not drinking heavily. Alcohol. In any case, really? No.


Although the other exciting thing is Foster’s in Australia, and they do like this jumbo-sized in America; they call it an oil can fosters. 

And it’s, I don’t know, it’s probably like two pints here in this can. 

And that’s the regular can that you buy there. 

So I don’t know what the ABV of the real fosters is? But it must be pretty low. 

You know, it’s a bit like here in the UK. You can get these humongous bottles of cider, for example. 


They’re cheap as chips, aren’t they? 

I’ve been speaking to someone online from Australia who runs a very successful alcohol-free website, and she’s willing to come on the podcast, which is excellent. 

But she was saying sales of alcohol-free wine are going massive, and people are drinking it. So it seems at odds with the image. 

So we’d love to know if you live in Australia, what you think about Aussie Alcohol-Free Drinks? 


And bring it on please Australia because what we want to see in the UK is a significant improvement in the taste and the quality of the alcohol-free wines. I don’t think they’re pretty good yet.

Phil :

Yeah, we’ll talk; we’ll have a whole podcast destined for that. 

But I’ve discovered Torres, which has completely changed the landscape for me. They’ve got it right. 

The big wineries are getting up to speed now, and they’re good non-alcohol wines, and Torres in Spain is doing some great stuff. 

Wow. So it’s good. 

The other thing to mention, of course, Australia was the first to have a robotic alcohol free bar during COVID. 

Heineken ran it, and they put robots in, which was pretty impressive. So yes, we’d love to get you on the programme if you’re in Australia or Spain

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So you know I like to do my little shopping. 

I like to go round my little supermarket and just move the little supermarket by the house. 

Yeah, so something’s arrived this week that caught my attention.

 Okay. My history as well, of course, is that I grew up in Belgium.

So I’m kind of used to the different Leffe beers and all the rest of it.

 It’s one of the stronger ones; I would say 6.6 ABV in its native Belgium. So even for me, that would be probably too much. 

I probably look at that and think, Oh, do you know what a better not because one of those and I’ll be in bed all night.

And so I kind of give it a miss even though it’s quite a nice bit. 

But anyway, I’m interested that they have imported a Leffe Alcohol-Free 0.0 per cent beer for the UK market.

It’s a delicious beer. I’m impressed with this alcohol-free beer.


Yes, I have reviewed Leffe Alcohol-Free on the blog. I think it tastes fantastic as well. 

And it’s one of those drinks that you can sort of just imagine sitting in a bar in Brussels drinking away and feeling totally at home drinking alcohol-free. 

Yeah, I think that would be great, but they don’t sell it over in Brussels as far as I can tell. 

And I think actually if you can get hold of one of the sorts of globe glasses that you are supposed to serve it in. 

Yeah, I think that adds to the experience because the one good thing about the 00 Leffe Alcohol-Free beer is that you still get that nice multi-head on it as well. 

It has a good colour.

Final Thoughts from the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast


So final thoughts on the Seedlip Alcohol-Free Gin before we go. Seedlip in cans wrong or right?


It’s right. But I prefer glass and coming back to the citrus one with its lemongrass tonic. 

That’s good refreshing,


Although it should be pointed out if you’re going for the can option. It’s not a good diet option because obviously, that’s sugared tonic water.

Ideally, I’d like it poured out of a bottle. But the cans are good.

And if you’d like to comment on the podcast this week, you can do

What else would you like to hear soon on the podcast? What’s on your mind here? What would you like to hear from people?


So let’s talk about wine because alcohol-free been a bit disappointed in recent months with the different wines that I have tried. 

Traditionally, I don’t drink a lot of wine anyway. It was always red, my colour of choice if you like, yeah.

And the red wines that I’ve tried so far, I can’t really remember which one it was as such, but it was oh, so sweet, too sweet


Honestly, alcohol-free wine has moved on. I need to educate you. 

Also, on the podcast after that, I would like you to try which I’m going to bring in for you some sparkling wine, which isn’t Prosecco. And it’s not champagne. It’s just alcohol-free sparkling wine, which also has an English version.

Yeah. So we’ll talk about that in the next two episodes.

The alcohol-free drinks podcast from with Ian  James and Phil Roberts

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Just email us

And we’d love to know your thoughts or if you’d like us to talk about anything at all to do with alcohol-free drinks. 

Or, of course, you’d like to come on the podcast and tell us what you think, and we will speak to you soon on the alcohol-free drinks podcast.

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