Stop drinking with hypnosis- the big 4 opportunities

Hypnosis has been with us for most of human time in one way or another and it’s a key ingredient to helping people change our habits and is probably best known for phobias. If you want it to, it can also help with excessive drinking.

If you imagine an iceberg which is my favorite metaphor. There is only part of the iceberg that we can see, the rest is under the water. It is one of the reasons it damaged the Titanic liner so much. This is why stop drinking with hypnosis can work so well.

So our mind at a basic level had two parts ( it is much more complicated than that). However, let’s assume for the purpose of this that you imagine a conscious brain, the one we are most aware of and a subconscious brain.

The conscious one is just there and we are aware of our thoughts and what we are doing. However, in the subconscious it has every memory, every thought, it controls our blood pressure, heart rate and also our involuntary actions. Imagine if I chucked something at you, you would react without thought wouldn’t you?

It is also designed to keep you safe and move toward pleasure and away from pain.

However, when we do something, an activity is registered as a completed and then repeated as more neurons get connected in the brain, It’s designed to take shortcuts to save time. Make sense?

I often wonder why I had my gym bag around my shoulder and ended up in the fantastic Chinese restaurant. My brain was taking short cuts and repeating patterns.

It is the same with drinking alcohol. It starts off with one and it becomes a habit. It’s all so simple really. The brain seeks out short cuts and pleasure. For a complicated organ it is very simple in many ways.

Remember using will power does not work!

It’s often said in dry January that it’s all about will power. I have to smile at that having decided to live an alcohol free life after nearly dying. That was an easy decision!

However, in order to drink less using will power, guess what you have to think about, the very thing you don’t want to do !

Now as the brain cannot process negatives that causes a problem for us.

Don’t think of a red boat ! What did you have to think of before not thinking about it?

So “will power” is not the answer with drinking alcohol. However, with stop drinking with hypnosis you get to the part of the brain that can really make a difference. The subconscious. As someone once said to be in the battle of the conscious mind and the subconscious mind the latter will always win.

So let us have a look at where stop drinking with hypnosis can really help.

Reduce the amount of alcohol abuse

So a great question to ask is this. Is alcohol causing you to live less of a life that you would otherwise live? If the answer is yes maybe it’s time to do something about it.

If you find yourself saying yes but not now then when? If we wait for the right time to reduce alcohol we may be waiting a long time and it may be too late. I am a great example of that if you want one.

Now I was a social drinker but I don’t think I would have said as a teenager “when I get older my aim is nearly to die of liver disease”. We go on being reckless without thinking of the consequences.

Drinking too much is not a lifestyle choice so why would we choose to do that? The simple answer is we just fall into it very often without realizing.

The obvious areas it can affect us are:

  • Health including your liver
  • Brain Fog – I write about that here
  • Excess spending, how much do you think you could save as a result of reducing your alcohol intake ?
  • Social Issues – you end up falling out with your best friends
  • Blackout’s so you can’t remember the night before
  • Risky Behaviour
  • The all-inclusive next day hangover
  • Relationship issues

So how did it get to this point even as a social drinker. If you are like me you may not have realized that your social drinking was harming your health. Some people have asked me why it is so difficult to stop.

People can get a habit of drinking in many ways but actually the thing that drives it is very often simple.

It’s a habit that happens repeatedly over and over again. Sometimes we just never see the cycle developing because it runs on auto-pilot behind the scene. That conscious thought that says “don’t” ends up being just a fleeting thought.

One of my colleagues who suffered from bad social drinking said to me that alcohol is like that door to door salesman who comes to ring that bell and says alcohol will make life easier and of course it never does but you still buy it.

As a persona alcohol is persuasive, seductive and promises the earth but never delivers. If you have had a hangover it never feels great does it?

However, it’s the one thing you say to yourself. “I fell for it again” and unless you challenge that you will of course do it time and time again no matter how bad the hangover gets!

It’s like the naughty friend who shows up when you don’t need it but you take one look and say OK then.

Hypnosis, working at the subconscious level of the brain can help to protect your well-being and keep you on track from over drinking.

How does stop drinking with hypnosis work ?

It’s simple really and remember this is not sleep. You find a comfortable chair, put your headphones on and relax and listen to the recording.

AS your relaxation goes deeper you will be able to let those positive suggestions go into the mind one by one but of course only if you want to do. That is a key here, you really have to want to stop drinking. Hypnosis can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do.

How can I drink less wine?

Do you enjoy a glass of wine with a good film or what has become more than just a glass with dinner. This was my only tipple after work and with meals especially at the weekend with those long lunches. That was it, no vodka, no whiskey, nothing just wine.

However, you can see the trend bit by bit. Bigger wine glasses so the measure is well and truly out of sync with reality.

Buy one large glass and get the bottle free promotion is everywhere. I was even told to take one on the train with me. I declined. I only wanted a glass but the offer was pretty compelling, think of all the money I was saving !

Even one glass of wine can affect your sleep pattern. Did you know the only time your immune system only operates at full capacity is when you are in the deepest level of sleep.

We know from research that not getting enough of the snoozes makes us anxious and in itself can make us turn to drink to calm the nerves or get dutch courage?

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Remember hypnosis is good at changing behaviors and anything that repeats will often become a ‘habit’ – in other words you just don’t think about it. So when you stop drinking it feels odd until you start to drink again and then it feels fine but it’s only for a short period. Its the classic spiral on repeat.

Remember chemicals are being released in the brain when you drink and therefore you can become falsely in love with those feelings. However, underneath the damage is being done!

Stop drinking with hypnosis can really cut to the chase and help you break the habit. Remember you cannot do this consciously only through the subconscious mind.

If you are thinking was I in hypnosis when I stopped drinking? Well actually formally no but yes I was.

When the consultant told me I had 48 hours to potentially live I was in such an altered state that the direction never to drink again went into my subconscious! It was the quickest hypnosis session I ever had and it probably saved my life.

Moderate drinking

Now lots of people have no problem with alcohol however do you find yourself saying “just one more”?

Then one more becomes two and before you know it you have fallen asleep in front of the TV or you are in a nightclub that you would not normally go to under sober circumstances.

As one of my best mates says “I’m going to have two beers then I am on water” Of course then the brains chemical reaction to pleasure kicks in and a few drinks later there is no water in sight.

In fact, this one guy on a course I was on, woke up the next day and grabbed the water by the bed only to discover it was a gin and tonic from the evening before!

The problem with moderate or social drinkers is that before you know it has become a compulsion and an addiction.

Remember my liver went into meltdown just being a social drinker but I do except there were other complications. However, the truth is you just never know!

The thing is we can get caught up in the moment and stop drinking with hypnosis can you give you that extra awareness. You may also get the confidence to choose non alcohol options. The market has really improved as more and more people expect better quality and taste.

I have reviewed many totally alcohol free beers here.

The social aspect

This is a big moment for any social drinker. I have personally found that if you drink too much it is frowned upon and then if you don’t drink that is also frowned upon. We have an alcoholic culture where you cannot do right for doing wrong. The list is endless where it comes up:

  • A boozy lunch
  • A birthday party
  • A drink after work
  • A House Party
  • A nightclub

In fact most of the things we do socially for many of us involve alcohol is some way. Now I was guilty of this because we are seen as “only social drinkers” We don’t think of the negative impact on bodies.

Stop drinking with hypnosis can give us the confidence to feel OK about saying no, or saying yes to a glass of nonalcoholic fizz which I review here.

After all, once we realize we are in charge of our social drinking, not everyone else, we start to make our own decisions. In fact recent university research has found that the more nonalcoholic choice there is the more we are likely to take those options.

Remember when we are out it is very much a subconscious decision rather than a conscious decision to drink more which is why hypnosis works so well. In this case the back seat driver is driving the car.

We can fight it but unless we use the great techniques to reprogram the subconscious we will still go for that next drink and the next.

Imagine your brain is a computer which it is and it’s running an outdated program entitled social drinking. Hypnosis can change the programme so you make better choices in those social situations.

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After all it is worth a bit of me time to help you with stop drinking with hypnosis.

If you would like to comment please do so below. Have you ever used hypnosis to help with your drinking habits? I would love to hear from you and does this ring true or feel right for you? I always get back to you. Part of the blog and its importance is on you leaving comments and getting a debate going.

Always remember get medical help if your situation is serious.

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  1. Oh! Quite an interesting one here and I must say that I really fancy all you have shared here about hypnosis. Hypnosis may be the best possible way to get away from 5he addiction of drinking by just doing the very easy thing of taking our mind off it. Surely this is a great one to see her and I really fancy it all. Thank you so much for sharing here

    • Thanks Nath, I really appreciate your commenting on stop drinking with hypnosis. I certainly think it is a useful resource to think about. I am pleased you enjoyed reading my article and contributing to the blog. All the best, Phil

  2. I saw a movie mid this year and I’m the movie, a woman specialises in using the power of hypnosis to take people’s love for alcohol away. I’d didn’t understand how that was possible because in the movie, she did it on a single sitting in the middle of the night. But seeing that something like that udnjust fictional and cannot happen for real, I wanted to find out if hypnosis can help me stop deinki and I’m happy to learn that it really can. I’ll have to start some lifestyle changes though.

    • Wow, I wonder what film that was. Let me know ! Sounds interesting … hypnosis can be used for all sorts of lifestyle changes and it is a great site covering all sorts of information. I really appreciate your comments, all the best, Phil


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