How to stop drinking alcohol even socially before it is too late

The struggle with alcohol is seemingly never-ending.

My journey to going alcohol-free started with the day I was told that I had forty-eight hours left to live due to consumption.

You may know that too much of anything isn’t good for you, but there’s nothing good about alcohol. On the contrary, it’s a silent killer perpetuated by society as fun, lighthearted action.

How much alcohol do you know?

It’s time you cut ties with alcohol for good because it’ll save your sanity, and it might just save your life.

Based on a true story.

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Discover :

How to spot the signs of liver disease that I missed, and you should always get medical help urgently.

  • How calling yourself an alcoholic is unhelpful because others probably drink more than you.
  • How to begin an alcohol-free life and feel good about it.
  • How to learn how to deal with the prejudice of not drinking
  • How the social pressure of alcohol determines how much you drink?
  • A plan to cut back or cut out or cut back on your alcohol consumption.
  • How you can live successfully if you take the proper steps.
  • Always get medical help, and I would love to get your thoughts and experience.

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I will be honest and say it is the Stop Drinking Alcohol Now Book, I thought I would never have to write.