Stop Drinking Alcohol and Start living. 

( 11 life tactics)

So you have decided to cut back on alcohol which is great news. Maybe you have decided to stop drinking alcohol and start living.

I cannot applaud you enough. After all, I was just a social drinker, and it nearly killed me. Yep, no vodka in sight!

However, there is one word of warning

It’s a relatively simple one. Crutches.

What if you had a crutch and most people have one, and I took it away? What would you do?

You would find another right.

Trying to crush a symptom while not dealing with the cause, well, honestly, you are hiding to nothing!

It’s been proven by great coaches and psychologists around the world.

So here are 11 life tactics to help stop drinking alcohol and start living. 

Just pick a couple and try them on for size.

11- Please don’t say diet

I wouldn’t say I like the word diet. But, I mean, you have given up alcohol.

What more can we ask of ourselves?

Seriously what else do I want you to do—actually, nothing. But, if you have cut back on a few fewer wines during the week, well, voila, you are already in a much healthier place.

But when you give up alcohol, even socially, anything else you can do to stop those mood swings will help you avoid sticking your head in the fridge and say, “what, no wine left?”

Yes, it would help if you started eating better. 

I mean your mental strength, for one thing. After all, the mind and body are one system. 

You can get foggy and confused if you don’t eat right.

Just like a hangover.

Remember those, why oh why!

And that can lead you back to drinking alcohol. I just got rid of wheat, for example. I might die.

Sounds extreme, yes I have no choice, but boy, do I feel better.

Yep, you heard right, wheat and alcohol. The alcohol is the easy bit!


10 – Getting moving in the opposite direction to the fridge

.The benefits of exercise include clearing the mind. The feeling afterwards will be wonderful.

Despite how much I wouldn’t say I like to exercise, I know it redirects when drinking alcohol.

Even a quick brisk walk in the park can take your mind off a social glass of wine which, of course with friends, can lead to a boozy one down the local bar.

It soon mounts up.

Read What one unit of alcohol is


Is that Alcohol in the fridge ?


It causes a feel-good chemical reaction that can take the mind of any stresses and strains.

As much as we hate it, it does work.

So those 10,000 steps do matter.

9 – Simplicity is vital. 

I mean, drinking alcohol is often the cause of something else like stress. So if having a glass of wine that is 0.0 alcohol by volume helps, so be it.

That alcohol-free fizz can turn into a trigger for relaxation as long as it is not a trigger the other way. You don’t want it leading back to extensive alcohol consumption, right?

But let’s be honest. 

We deserve some treats.

But let’s keep it simple.

Maybe you’ve just got too much going on. But, unfortunately, it is a fact that people with long working hours and stressful jobs and bosses drink more.

I have a theory that the trend for wine becoming the norm after work became natural for many people.

8 -Don’t waste your time on stuff that doesn’t add much to your life or enjoyment. 

Isn’t that easy?

You have just cut back or stopped drinking alcohol, so why add even more crap into your life.

I had to make some tough decisions to stop drinking alcohol now, but I don’t waste time on things that add value to my life.

Do stuff that adds a smile. 

Life’s too short and guess what.

While you are doing things you are enjoying, you will think less about alcohol.

7- You’ve got to get into the alcohol-free habit.

“Practices” make decisions unnecessary.

A habit is a practice you do daily.

It is like riding a bike, and you don’t think about it. However, it is now part of your subconscious mind and is in automatic mode.

Once you have been to the superstore or supermarket once and picked up the alcohol-free gin, or whatever you are supposed to call it, well, the brain is on track.

  • You’ll think more clearly.
  • Alcohol-free beer, yep, you got it.
  • Alcohol-free wine, well, that might take a bit more effort. I mean, some of it isn’t good.

Some of it is good, though, like Torres. They know how to do it.

Just find an alcohol-free alternative you enjoy.

If it tastes crap, avoid it!

Alcohol-Free Wines have improved

Also, it is good to remember that what people say is alcohol-free is sometimes not alcohol-free at all.

It’s like buying ham and finding it contains wheat. Ironically a lot of it does.

To get the stats on what is alcohol-free, check out drinkaware.

Just make a habit of saying you are alcohol-free, and sure you will seem like a freak to most people but do you care?

0.0 abv is a great way to go.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume, and the labelling is fantastic in the UK but less good in many other countries.

6- Make a list. 

It takes a lot of mental energy to make mental notes for later.

Now, this does not have to be about alcohol-free alternatives, but it can. What we are talking about here is stress.

Stress is linked to alcohol. On the one hand, it is meant to relax you, but it does the opposite in reality.

If you drink too much alcohol, the body’s blood sugar goes into that frenzy where you want to eat lots of sweets and ice cream.

Dehydration kicks in, and that is stressful enough. So having a list of anything takes the pressure off.

Decide what you are going to do in any one day and do that.

Simple right?

5- Do one thing at a time. Complete it and then move on. 

You’ll stay mentally fresh and accomplish more each day as a result.

But, yes, it is back to that wine fridge again. Stress and alcohol are seen as bedfellows, so anything you can do to alleviate that, do it now.

It is why after a long walk, you don’t feel the same about the wine fridge anymore. Or, at the very least, you do not depend on that to de-stress.

4- Make decisions quickly and take action right now.

If you decide to cut back on alcohol, stick to it. If you enjoy alcohol-free fizz, and why would you not? Most of it is excellent so then stick with that.

Make a call; it’s your life, so call it.

It will be a bit like anything else in your life. To make reducing your alcohol limit or cutting it out altogether is a strategic decision for you.


When It Comes To Alcohol - Make Decisions Quickly

Decisions that you put off begin piling up in your mind and take up valuable space and resources.

And guess what?

That can lead to stress, and more alcohol or the stop-off from work is back to the pub.

But nowadays pick a good pub that serves alcohol free. Be bold about asking for it. Decide to give them your money if it supports your lifestyle.

If it does not well find another pub.

3- Rest your mind each day. 

Reading, watching TV, or surfing the internet does not count as a rest.

And I don’t mean surfing for flight prices either!

Now I am not some meditation guru, but it does help. Something is soothing about it.

And it changes the chemicals in your body, and the mind and body are one system that has to be good news, right?

2-Prioritise to stop drinking alcohol

There’s a limit to how much anyone can do in a day.

Does alcohol mask the pain of having too much to do?

As someone once told me here on the 00abv blog, “I don’t drink alcohol much, but when I do, I drink to forget”


Too Being Too Busy Lead To Alcohol ?

She is not the only one.

It is widespread. After all, it is the drug of choice and more acceptable in many quarters to drink rather than not drink.

It is important to remember we are only human, and we can only do so much

Piling it on can mean alcohol is used to cover the pain of not feeling good enough.

1- Make someone’s day by doing something kind for them. 

Are you too focused on your challenges in your cluttered mind?

Take a break.

It’s corny, I know, but it does make a difference. So once a week, be selfless and try it on for size.

Deal? Perfect.

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