stella artois alcohol free – review

Stella artois alcohol free – review

So this has taken me a while to get a bottle of this 0.0 version of this popular beverage so thanks to my friend Ian who decided to treat me so thank you.

The history of Stella is a fascinating one but I wondered why it was so hard to find and I wonder does their marketing team keep this low key compared to many other brands out there? I actually felt I had to chase this 0.0 abv brand rather than have it jump out at me.

So before we look at Stella Artois Alcohol Free, let’s take a step back in time.

So what is the history of Stella and why should this be a great add to the market? I first tasted Stella in Brussels ironically at a British Pub, go figure that one. ( Before I went alcohol free)

This area of Europe is not awash with alcohol free alternatives but Jupiter 0.0 is another excellent option from Brussels and Belgium. You can read my review of that here. Its place of chocolate, lace, fries with mayonnaise and of course great beer so you would expect them to be ahead of the curve.

Is Stella really that old?

Actually it is really old and to be fair many of these older brands are. This one is part of Belgium folklore and heritage but probably does not get talked about in that way very much.

The original Stella goes back to nearly 600 years ago, to something known as the Den Hoorn brewery in Leuven, Belgium. This was originally established 1366 so its got quite a history.

Stella Artois was originally created as a Holiday gift to the local population from the brewery itself which I think it’s a lovely idea.


Will Stella artois alcohol free be a wife beater?

This is probably one of their darkest moments in its branding especially in the UK. To be fair it was not their fault really and no one wants to be seen to be as linked of domestic violence of any sort.

So how come it happened?

Well with the high alcohol content when it was made with an abv of nearly 5.2 per cent which is at the higher end. It’s become the “misogynist” beer that many people wanted to disown. It came about as many people would drink lots and lots and get very drunk and then domestic violence ensued.

Of course Stella has been trying to shake that image in the UK since.

As you can imagine It’s been a bit unpleasant all around for what is actually a nice beer if a bit deeper in taste than some.

So I hope the new 0.0 version could help shake that image after all did not set out to do that why would you! Although I think there is a lesson here in that high ABV ( alcohol by volume) in drinks may take certain people to by surprise! Although there is no excuse ever. That’s the bottom line.

The fact people most get wrong is saying it’s French, it’s not its from Belgium and it has a few offshoots including an alternative to spritzers. Go figure that one.

When you put all these facts together it might be a bit of a headache for the marketing department as in the USA it has a reputation of being an overpriced import while in the UK, well I think we have done that one!

They have done lots of charity work to try to help their image. To be fair in the UK I think it has a different reputation depending on where you live and some may argue rightly it does not go well with football.

Stella Artois Alcohol Free Review

The brand is out there but it is harder to get than many of the non-alcoholic beers. I found it not too heavy on the stomach and it was quite impressive on the calorie front.

Overall Rank for San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer

Rating 7/10

This is another great alternative to add to the market and I really enjoyed getting the first taste of it. It was not over whelmed by gasses which can be the case with some alcohol free beers.

It actually tastes a lot like Alcohol Stella and for me it’s a bit heavier than some out there, but I enjoy it. Probably more a taste beer than a refreshing one.

Product Description

The same taste and brewing as a normal alcohol Stella but this is 0.0% so a welcome addition to the alcohol free family.


Water, Malted Barley, Hops, Sugar, Natural Flavors. Please note it contains barley.


  • Gets overall good reviews
  • Certainly in the top 10 best 0.0 beer options
  • Fat free
  • Low Calories in comparison at only 60 calories per bottle
  • Well known brand albeit with a few reputations issues
  • Smells and tastes like the alcohol option.
  • Bottles available
  • Sits well on the stomach and certainly non gassy compared to something like Heineken Zero
  • Price decent
  • Great color
  • Certainly got depth.
  • Branding with the now common blue part of the label makes it distinctive.


  • Difficult to find compared to other brands
  • Reputation around the alcohol version
  • More depth than some alcohol free beer so maybe less slightly clean and fresh


In the UK currently you are looking at around £3.50 for 4 bottles but this would be more in the marketplace such as a bar or pub. They seem to have lots of deals with certain establishments but in my experience it’s never in stock. I have noticed a trend where its on the app but you still can’t buy it.

You can read a review of my favorite alcohol free beers here

Enjoy With

I would say this is a drinking beer with depth and maybe not one I would choose with food. Certainly one down the pub with friends or maybe a movie.


Despite not shouting about this Stella has come up with a decent alcohol free beverage. If you like the alcohol Stella this would be good for you. Personally I prefer Bavaria and you can read a review here.

In terms of Stella Artois alcohol free option this is a good choice and if you are a fan of Stella and you have to drive this could be a great option for you.

Your thoughts?

I would love to know if you have tried Stella Artois alcohol free beer and what you thought? Does it rank up there with your favorite brands? Do you think it is up there with the Stella brand. What’s your favorite alcohol free beer and if you have not tried them what do you think of them?

I always respond

8 thoughts on “stella artois alcohol free – review”

  1. Hello there Phil, thank you for sharing this intensive review and brief history on Stella Artois Alcohol free beer. It’s sad that the brand was connected with truly atrocious events and I hope their public image is saved now because if it is as good as you say it is then it should be widely accepted as an alternative to alcohol beverages 

    • Thanks so much for a thoughful comment. I am sure they did not see all the bad PR coming to be fair to them as you say.  I do they they would benefit from an improvement in distribution and marketing. As ever thanks so much for your comments, they are really appreciated, all the best, Phil

  2. Hello Phil, when it comes to none alcoholic beer I really like Beck’s and it’s really fun all the while that I have been taking it. However this Stella Artois is really nice and its ingredient is quite similar to some of the best that I have drunk over time. I feel there would be sine great experience trying it out with some of my friends. 

    • Thanks interesting Justin I am not massive fan of becks blue but its good to get your thoughts on that. What’s interesting is that they all have a different style and taste depending on on our taste despite being all alcohol free. Really interesting. I really appreciate your views , they are really helpful. All the best, Phil 

  3. Hi Phil, what a nice site you have. You share your personal story, I appreciate that you are so open about yourself. You started drinking alcohol free (beer) because of your health problems. And as we all know , your health is the most important thing there is. For you, if you want to enjoy a good beer again, you only have the choice of drinking a 0.0% alcohol-free beer. Fortunately, there are breweries that have had an alcohol-free beer in their range for a number of years. And one of them is Stella Artois alcohol-free beer. 

    Your review is very pleasant, and I think the photos of Brussels are beautiful. You taught me about the history of this brand. And I was actually amazed about the negative stigma they’ve had for a while.

    Too bad the beer isn’t that easy to get, but that’s what makes the beer special, right?

    I wonder if this has now become one of your favorite 0.0% beers? You give this a 7 out of 10. Or do you prefer a beer with 0.0% that gets a 9 out of 10?

    “Schol”, Carla

    • Hi Carla, thanks so much for your comment. Its also nice that you clocked why I started this blog in the first place. I really like being open about it as with a lots of liver issues people like to make up their own stories so I just get it out there. 

      I give it a 7  partly because of the availabilty and also because I personally think there are fresher lighter beers out there such as bavaria, peroni, san miguel and corbra zero. However if you like stella I think this is a great choice. 

      I am a big fan of Belgium I think its an amazing place with many happy memories for me personally. Thankyou so much for your very kind and honest comment. Its very appreciated, all the very best, Phil

  4. Really great review Phil. I was quite surprised that InBev took so long to bring out a 0% version of Stella inthe UK, but I think they have done an OK job with this. It’s not my favourite 0% (that would be Bitburger Drive), but it’s quite quaffable. The key with this one is to serve it ice cold and to drink it from the bottle. It seems to taste sweeter and it’s a little flat if poured into a glass.

    If anything, it is the price that I find disappointing with this one. As you mentioned, it’s not widely available – but where it is – I’ve only seen it in packs of 4 and far more expensive than the “real” version. In Asda last month a 4 pack of Stella 0% was £4.50. A 20 pack of the full-strength version was £10.97. OK, the 0% bottle was 330ml – and the multipack bottle was 284ml, but still quite a difference.

    I’d certainly buy this again, but hand on heart not really sure it is worth the premium price when there are better alternatives for less.

    • Hey Ian thanks so much for your brilliant comment. I think I would not disagree with anything you have said there.

      I did recently ask Asda for a comment on their alcohol free selection but no-one got back to me!

      Hopefully they will.

      Where I live their wine selection is very poor.

      I agree on both the taste and the price of Stella Alcohol Free.

      I would not refuse it though if the price was decent.

      Thanks so much for your response and its brilliant hearing from you. All the best Phil


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