6 Non-Alcoholic Wine Benefits You’ll Love

What a bummer! No Alcohol.  But there are non-alcoholic wine benefits that might take your fancy.

But before you think “boring” non-alcohol wine benefits can be anything from health to fitting in, and with the advent of 0.0% wines, there are more choices than ever.

But one thing to check is, do we mean low alcohol or alcohol-free? The words change very often.

But you want to cut back on alcohol, but you can’t honestly think of any non-alcohol wine benefits?

I hear you.

After all, wine drinking went from being a nice glass with dinner to wait for it!

 An extensive wine glass to part of our social fabric.

Until I gave up alcohol, bars would offer me a large glass and suggest I take the rest of the bottle on the train!

Classy right!

But the truth is non-alcoholic wine was way behind in quality for ages, and I can see why you never we for it.

I mean, there is only so much demand for carbonated grape juice.

But then technology gave in so they could keep the aromas and taste and still lose the alcohol.


We suddenly have some extra alcohol-free options with beer and gin, both of which are very good. Like Heinekin and Seedlip come to mind.

Non-Alcoholic wine has been chasing their tail. But at last, here are 6 non-alcohol wine benefits you can be confident in!

And no, it is not just alcohol! Sorry!

1- The Vino Diet Revolution

Now I went on a low carb diet and was told I could still have wine.

It was not a good idea.

I mean, it still has calories, and after one glass, it is hard not to have another; after all, there is a bottle to finish.

But also, there is no barrier between alcohol and your blood system.

It is why even the NHS says never drink on an empty stomach.

However, if it’s just the thought of having a glass of wine in your hand after work, you could go down the non-alcoholic wine route and save up to 3 times the calories.

Why? Because there is no alcohol. Or, in some cases, just a trace. More on that with abv, so alcohol by volume.


Can Non-Alcoholic Wine Actually Help You Lose Weight?


And alcohol may be naturally empty calories, but it can still pile the weight on.

Alcohol is high in calories, and there is no way you can get around that.

 A single gram of alcohol includes 7 calories, and a glass of that vino could be 100 calories.

But according to the NHS, there is a more significant issue looking at how your body deals with food and drink.

For example, alcohol prevents you from shredding fat.

Yep, it’s common knowledge, but most people ignore it!

The body treats alcohol like a toxin effectively, so it will burn and get rid of alcohol before using any fat for energy.

So you become an alcohol burning machine rather than a fat one.

So a quick scan of good non-alcohol wine that has been through fermentation and then has the alcohol removed could mean looking at as much 3 to 6 times much fewer calories.

Always check the label in case lots of sugar has been added, and avoid these brands.

Now that they have improved the taste, that must be one of the benefits of non-alcoholic wine.

2- It wasn’t all bad; I had a few regrets

Said after the walk of shame at an office drinks party.

Crikey, why do you drink alcohol at work?

Jane, who is an agency director and who occasionally reads this blog, got in touch.

Because like me, alcohol socially was taking over.

It was not a problem, but she has had a few instances with her team where drinking had led to office conflict!


Could Non-Alcoholic Wine Be The Answer?

So one night, she shipped in lots of non-alcoholic wine for a post-work drinks session.

Yes, of course, people went to the pub afterwards, but the team meeting went surprisingly well, and her team enjoyed the range of zero wines.

There were no embarrassing looks or gossip the next day, and more importantly, everyone stayed safe, and the office was in one piece.

Even if a drink after work means ringing ahead and getting your local bar order some alcohol-free wines. They will do it as it’s good business.

You will be surprised by the reaction sometimes and not in the wrong way.

If it’s wine o’clock with work, you will be surprised that making non-alcoholic wine at 5 pm can help your career!

Indeed, as Jane pointed out in her agency, her team has less shame and enjoy tasting new things.

She also ran an alcoholic free gin and tonic post drinks work with Seedlip, and it went down a storm.

With more and more people trying to lose weight at work, you might get more takers than you first imagined.

3- You Never Too Old to start on the Non-Alcoholic Wine Benefits

Every newspaper headline in the UK when talking about alcohol begins with having a glass of wine and living longer.

No one mentions that one can mean three, and before you know it, it can become three bottles if you let it.

Ever gone to visit the mother and she is off her face by 11 am

OK, that’s just me then, but who can blame her when every headline says wine is good for one’s health?

And, of course, there are plenty of studies that back this up.

What they don’t account for is the amount of wine it can lead to.

This is where non-alcoholic wine comes to the rescue.


Is Non-Alcoholic Wine Good With Age?


I mean, the taste is improving, and I know a few pensioner groups that have a nice long lunch and try out some non-alcoholic wine.

That is just way cool!

So not only are you vibrant and elderly, you are jumping at the chance to try out the new sector of wine that is alcohol-free.

As we get older, alcohol goes to our heads quicker, and we are not as healthy as maybe we used to be.

Although I know a few 90-year-olds, who can give me a run for my money!

Alcohol-Free Wine is a great option as we get older

Why would we turn down any chance to do a little workout?

And also preserve your healthy and balanced and also vibrant body. 

Yet, although you appear to be on the top form, you are no longer in your 20’s and are commonly faced with the worries of elderly life.

So if you are over 65, you can still reap the benefits of red wine ( or white ) for years to come and enjoy the flavours and the aromas of an excellent wine without exceeding those recommended 14 units per week.

I mean, sometimes it’s just the thought of having a wine glass in your hand. 

An American research study has confirmed that non-alcoholic red glasses of wine lower the threat of cardiovascular disease as they have the same degrees of polyphenols as a typical alcohol-filled wine.

Polyphenols are antioxidants that can help blood pressure. 

Their health advantages additionally have favourable impacts on hypertension as well as offer significant anti-ageing properties. ( Source NHS UK)

People think it’s the alcohol that is the good stuff, but it is the antioxidants that make a difference.

It is why we are encouraged to eat five portions of fruit and vegetable every day, according to the NHS in the UK.

You can continue to enjoy a glass of non-alcoholic red wine with close friends and keep your social circle regardless of age.

No Doctor is going to tell you to drink more alcohol!

4- Be Healthy like the French with the non-alcoholic wine benefits

Yep pile on the butter and red meat and still stay healthy.

It is a bit like the Mediterranean diet, and it is a mystery why it looks pretty healthy.

Of course, it’s all in a balanced diet, but what is the secret of the French?

The French seem to have lower cardiovascular disease death rates than Americans or British who like a good meal out as well?

The now well-known study first appeared in the 1990s and in the UK led to the relaxing of licencing hours to help with this continental style drinking.

Of course, that bit did not quite work out, and the Brits just stayed out longer.

But it was the clinical evidence that drinking one to three glasses of small red wine each day can help in reducing the danger of cardiovascular disease even as a heavy meat eater.


The French Paradox


Now you have all seen those French wine glasses.

They are small, so even three drinks a day would be more than the recommended unit, but the point remains that it is the Antioxidants that can make a difference.

Polyphenols can be healthy and even stop us from pre-ageing.

Read Alcohol-Free Wines online.

However, drink too much, and this goes right out the window. The opportunity is, of course, non-alcoholic wine, especially red wine.

So you could have the best of both worlds if you want to enjoy the benefits of wine but take out the alcohol even if it’s just part of the week.

Medical professionals welcome Non-Alcoholic wine, and anything that can reduce someone’s alcohol intake is a bonus.

Although I am not sure, the French will want to give up their nice small glass of red alcohol-based wine just yet.

But then, and I mean this with love, they drink it in moderation.


Courtesy of the drinkaware website:

As I always say, check the abv label so alcohol by volume:

Alcohol-free: no more than 0.05 per cent ABV
De-alcoholised: no more than 0.5% per cent ABV
Low alcohol: no more than 1.2% per cent ABV

So here is the problem, in the UK, non-alcoholic should only be used where soft drinks are concerned, but the labels have been confused, so you must know what that means.

Of course, people end up calling it whatever they want, so ABV is vital. There are also a lot of low alcohol wines out there. This is fine but know what you are getting.

5- But I don’t want an Isotonic Alcohol-Free Beer

People who exercise in gyms and other sports like beer.

I know a personal trainer is now impressed that some alcohol-free beer is branded as Isotonic.

These are basically fluids that balance our system after a workout.

It’s a bit like helping with a chemical reaction to recover after a workout.

Every week there seems to be a new Isotonic Beer that is alcohol-free in the listings.

But what if your tipple is wine?


Non-Alcoholic Wine Benefits

Some people hate beer.

Well, this is where the benefits of non-alcoholic wine come in.

I mean, after all, do you want to sit there with juice or water while your hockey team has zero beer?


But now, with a process of de-alcoholization, you can still enjoy a wine that is full of aromas and oxides, and this is not grape juice.

This was an early issue with alcohol-free wines, and they tasted terrible.

But with technology, they now keep the essence of wine.


They keep the flavour of non-alcoholic wine – and that’s a biggie!

It is an excellent reason to drink it, and after all, bring non-alcoholic counts for nothing if it tastes terrible.

Some methods are used, which means you get the flavour and benefits of non-alcoholic wine, including vacuum purification, Reverses osmosis, and spinning cone process.

It’s all about the temperature and filtering.

The key is that the wine is fermented first before the alcohol is taken out, giving you a very drinkable 0.0 wine.

Now given these are expensive processes, you can be guaranteed their quality.

Wineries are spending a lot of money on marketing and branding.

Bluntly they can’t afford it not to work.

6 -Reasons to Be Non – Alcoholic Wine Cheerful

We could be like the French or use it as part of the alcohol-free lifestyle.

From the taste to cutting back on calories to even a glass of wine after the gym.

And let’s face it, those drunken workers get-togethers, who needs them?

The benefits of non-alcoholic wine also include taking some of the social pressure off, and let me be honest, that is one of the reasons why many people drink alcohol.

My only downside is you might have to push a bar or two to get some in.

But why not now join the alcohol-free revolution. Try some out, and let me know what you think are some of the benefits of non-alcoholic wine.

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