Signs of a Drunk Person

The thing is most people laugh at the signs of a drunk person.

Its part of how we except alcohol I guess.

However, joking aside a drunk person could end up with alcoholic poisoning.

And remember alcohol is a poison.

From unwanted behaviour to signs we are not ourselves. We think we know what they.

But when we are drunk not all signs that we are drinking too much or even out of control is very obvious to us,

The thing is when we are “there” we just can’t see it and we often suffer what they call brain fog or mental blackouts.

Just imagine the perfect functioning unit of the brain being scrambled by this so called fluid and all the neurons that help us remember getting detached.

Over time, they may never grow back.

But let’s get a bit more technical!

How many units does it take to get drunk?

Of course while there is an average, the number is swayed by something called BAC which stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration.

This is how much alcohol is in your blood and in turn going into your brain at anyone one time.

How many units does it take to get drunk?

It can be affected by

  • Age
  • Sex / Gender
  • Body Size
  • If you have eaten or not
  • How strong your drinks were
  • Muscle Make Up

It is the reason one person can have one glass of wine and be under the table, usually grandma and one other can go all night and seemingly be unaffected.

Of course, we are all in the middle as the power of averages shows.

Always know your limit throughout the drink aware website.


What is a Unit of Alcohol ?

As they would say in the film “A Sound Of Music” “Let’s start the at the very beginning – it’s a very good place to start”.

The thing is in any good coaching programme you are always asked about where you are now?

After all if you don’t don’t where you are and where you want to get to then really why bother!

The fact is when we are the drunk person there is no point understanding how anyone would want to get anywhere in terms of cutting back.

If we are drunk our comprehension goes out the window.

What Is One Unit Of Alcohol ?

Now the people who ask this question about a unit of alcohol are generally thinking about themselves not others.

Yes there will be times when people want to check in on other people, like they are driving or putting themselves in harms way but really it’s about us.

When we have had too many drinks how did we get there?

By knowing your weekly units you can really start to assess how much you are drinking and can track it using the Sian and Dave Alcohol “Drunk” Route Below.

Let’s keep it simple, one unit is not a large glass of wine or a few whiskeys.

Bear In mind in the UK you are recommended having not more than 14 units per week.

Some people see this as some kind of goal to go for but of course it’s not!

If you drink more alcohol than this you are likely to become ill or really ill in some cases.

Most people lie to their Doctor of course.

Even the Doctor knows you are lying and they probably lie to their own doctors as well.

Doctors and Alcohol

Who said reducing your alcohol intake was easy.

Now there will be variations but one standard drink or measure is 1 unit.

  • Not a large glass of wine
  • Not a double whiskey
  • Not a pint of beer
  • Not 1 cocktail

Just one standard measure on average will mean 1 unit and it’s the most helpful guideline there is in my view and strongly advised by the NHS in the UK. ( National Health Service)

So let us do the wine test with Dave and Sian!

Read more on what is one unit of alcohol

The effects of alcohol by wine

Now of course you can change this scenario with any drink.

You will know what your tipple is.

But the size of your drink and the ABV so alcohol by volume is key.

So how strong your drink is and how much you drink of it.

Dave and Sian had both drunk 1 to 2 standard glasses of medium strength white wine after work.

OK they have had a large one, let’s be honest!

  • They are noticing a warm feeling and feel actually OK but their heart rate has got just a bit faster.
  • Inside their bodies their blood vessels which of course they can’t see have started to expand.
  • It’s at this point they decide after work if they want to stay with the gang and have a night of it.

Both agree it’s been a stressful day and one of them goes to the bar.

After all the boss is knocking them back so it must be OK.

4- 6 standard units is now about to start mounting up

They now order another two large glasses of wine as that is what you do.

So in effect they have 4 units each although if the wine is strong this could be up to six units each.

They are now making different decisions than if they were sober and they may start to gossip about others from their place of work.

So their judgment about what is OK and not OK “to say” is a bit impaired.

We have all seen it right and have to go into work the next day with our head up or maybe very low.

They are both starting to flirt a bit and it is uncomfortable for some of the others as they are both deemed to be in “management”.

Alcohol Can Lead to Unwanted Flirting
  • Underneath the skin our nervous system is starting to recognize the alcohol and it is beginning to have an effect.
  • This might start off with your brain and a sense of feeling lighter than normal.
  • It is what people call the alcohol that “went to my head a bit”
  • The cells in your nervous system will start to be affected, making you feel a bit like you are floating.
  • Your coordination will be affected and your reaction time may be slower.

“It is home time but there are still as few of us here”

So Sian and Dave decide to stay.

They are now on their fourth glass of white wine so this is a minimum of 8 units maybe 9.

There is that glaze which is starting to become real and then you know you are really starting to be under the influence.

  • Both Sian and Dave are starting to talk differently,
  • It is obvious it is the so called “alcohol slur” going on.
  • They begin to stare across a room to see who is there but their vision has become a bit blurred.

Now the one thing that gets confused is the belief that the liver at this point (with the help coffee) can fast track your blood alcohol level.

Read about your alcohol metabolism here

Well I am afraid it is a sensitive and important organ and its job is to remove the alcohol when it’s safe to do so but as it’s classed as poison it will attempt to do it before anything else.

However, 1 unit per hour is the only rate it will work at.

There is nothing you can do to make it go faster.

So the alcohol will still be in your blood.

Alcohol Dehydrates the Body

You will most certainly wake up with a hangover as alcohol acts as a dehydrating mechanism and you will be hungry later wanting more and more calories.

  • If you have an early drive you may want to consider not doing it.
  • “Stop drinking now” should be flashing up all around you and the alcohol – but it isn’t. You want more.
  • If you are lucky the bar staff will have spotted it and your colleagues will have offered you a taxi.
  • Stats : Courtesy of NHS England UK

What happens if Sian and Dave stay?

Another large glass of wine and you are heading to 10 units if you are not there all ready.

You’re up to 5 large glasses. And before you say no never, it’s easy done.


How you know if someone is drunk?

Many bars have a “buy a large glass” and “get the rest of the bottle free” as a bit of a mid-week promotion.

Now you really are at risk of injuring yourself, falling downstairs or collapsing on tables.

We have all seen it.

Your walking is seriously impaired and don’t be surprised if you end up at Accident and Emergency at this stage.

If you are looking at Sian and Dave they may look like they are very drowsy and they will definitely feel dizzy!

Medical professionals would say you are now at so called “toxic levels”

Your visits to the bathroom increase but you may not get there in time.

And by now you’re really dehydrated and your head will be really banging tomorrow!

Your stomach may feel it’s full of acid and you may start to have a gag reflex or be sick over a colleague.

“One for the road”

We have all heard that phrase and it really means we have had enough but it’s the end of the night so “what have we got to lose”?

The answer is a lot especially “in the moment” and your long term health!

Despite this some good willed colleague watching this unfold still decides to buy you one for the road!

This is where further social pressure kicks in!

At this point you are 6 large glasses of wine so 12 units plus.

This is where alcohol poisoning may kick in particularly if you are drinking it all in a few hours after work.

It’s why if you’re drinking lots of units in a short space of time the effect is even greater. You body has no time to process it.

  • It’s highly likely that the normal working of your system will be affected including the fact you may just pass out.
  • The next stage of course is Accident and Emergency as you are officially poisoned.

But this is not real?

Alcohol Can Poison You

Well Sian and Dave are not real people but of course many people who would do this would consider themselves just a social drinker.

Read what is social drinking?

In fact there are many alcoholics walking about who would never think of themselves as one.

And I am talking to a lot of people about this as well, including people in the medical profession and they have told me as much.

In fact, I was just a social drinker and was hardly ever drunk but alcohol even at that level still made me ill.

Now of course this could be anyone of us and occasionally of course it happens when we least expect it.

But it can be a wake up call for our drinking patterns generally.

Drinking Alcohol at Home and Stress

When you think about it 1 unit is rarely drunk at home after a stressful day at work. It’s a large glass followed by the bottle.

It’s easy to do.

As one of my readers said “the problem is people only think of it as an issue if you are on a park bench with vodka from daybreak to nightfall.

The fact is it was social drinking with my mates after work and a few wines when I got in. Of course this ended up being a bottle of wine and sometimes even more.”

You only have to watch a soap opera on TV to see it happen every night and it is seen as the “new norm”.

Can anything help?

Yes do not make the mistake of assuming its who you are. Its not!

Call it a habit, an addiction or whatever.

It’s moving towards pain and away from pleasure and its meant to do the opposite.

The problem with alcohol is it can do both pain and pleasure. We just don’t realize one is a big fat lie!

Of course with a serious issue get professional help and a good place to start is with a doctor or healthcare professional.

However, if you are thinking of just cutting back, consider going alcohol free and swapping it for some great zero alcohol drinks out there from the best beer brand to alcohol free wine.

I am a massive champion of them.

You might also want to take a read of my favorite review of so called Alcohol Free Gin.

It’s pretty amazing.

If you want to take a natural approach to cutting back on alcohol as many people do. Then here is an idea.

I now recommend a course by my former teacher Mark Tyrryl who is highly experienced.

He uses relaxation and hypnosis that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

He explains how addiction to chocolate is not much different to alcohol.

As long as you have a set of headphones and quiet space its a great option. I rate it 10/10.

It’s a great way to reduce your alcohol intake.

I do receive a small referral fee but you may do the same. I would love to know what you think about the course so send me your comments.

As part of my development as a coach I have been trained my Mark on one of his courses and he is very impressive.

This is an affiliate link:

Your brain is your friend and foe when it comes to alcohol. It’s all about the pleasure and pain principle.

What is your view?

Have you ever ignored the signs of a drunk person until it was too late and they were more than worse for wear.

Would you consider using an alcohol free drink to break up your work drinking and help with social pressure?

If you have been drunk have you really clocked it or just gone with the flow?

Have you ever used hypnosis to reduce your alcohol or sugar intake?

Leave your comment below on the signs of a drunk person and I always respond.



4 thoughts on “Signs of a Drunk Person”

  1. Hi  Phil. This is quite true, people who get drunk as a result of excessive token of alcohol barely know they are drunk and I am glad to learn here-the phenomenon is called brain fog. I would love to disagree with you that alcohol is a poison but if this liquid is able to disconnect our brain neurons that help in remembrance and the WHO attributing 4.5% of global injuries and diseases and 4% of global deaths to excessive intake of alcohol by people, then you are very correct to term alcohol a poison. Concerning alcohol, as you rightly mention, I would prefer to go for social drinking- a responsible way of drinking with friends without getting intoxicated as we share important and casual conversations.
    Thank you, Phill for your thoughts and ideas on alcohol.

    • Hey Akon, thanks so much for such a fantastic and informative comment, It is much appreciated. 

      I have used the World Health Organisation facts about alcohol before and I have to say they make interesting and somewhat scary reading.

      You do well to flag them.

      Sounds like you are well top of your social drinking and alcohol. Brilliant!

      It is great to have you on the blog and your thoughts on signs of a drunk person. All the very best, I loved reading your comments, Phil

  2. Hello there! This is a very informative article. I kind of just knew the general things about alcohol but you really went down into the details. I agree with you that most people lie to their doctors regarding this issue. This really prevents them from being able to fully help their patients. Thanks for compiling this and recommending hypnosis, I never knew that could actually help with this issue.

    • Hey Mike my pleasure and thanks so much for reading signs of a drunk person. 

      I thiink your comments are spot on. I am not sure why so many people make up their alcohol consumption. 

      Maybe it is an authority thing! Who knows! 

      I have probably been guilty of it in the past.

      Thanks so much for your contribution to the blog. I wish you all the best, Phil


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