A Ship Full of IPA – Alcohol-Free Beer Review 2021

This episode is 13 of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from 00abv.com.

We review Ship Full of IPA 0.0% and its Brutal Brewing’s first non-alcoholic beer.

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The original abv was a 5.8% beer, but they used vacuum distillation to create a 0.0% beer.

Where is this beer from? The team is hopeless.

Also, in the podcast:

Our guest is UK Sports Broadcaster George Riley, who runs through his top ten alcohol-free beers, which got him through mental health issues.

He talks about this in our previous episode.

The rundown of his favourite alcohol-free beers is awe-inspiring, and he gives us the inside track.

We talk about how non-alcohol free beers have improved.

Leffe – we talk about creating an alcohol-free version and making it taste good at 0.0%.

We do our regular feature “What have you been drinking?”

Are you OK to go into an alcohol bar and be surrounded by alcohol?

Or do you share our frustration when someone asks if it’s OK to drink?

The alcohol-free headline is low-calorie wine in attack mode. Plus alcohol-free beer and sleep.

George talks, snoring. Are there any more benefits?

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The Alcohol-Free Podcast is presented by Phil Roberts, the non-drinker and Ian James, the drinker.

Guest: UK Sports Broadcaster George Riley.

It is produced by Lymm Radio Podcast Production in the UK.

A Ship Full of IPA Alcohol-Free Review 2021

Some critical thoughts from us – let’s go!

A ship full of IPA Alcohol-Free



5 -Things we thought about Full Ship Of IPA 0.0% and Alcohol-Free Beer

This is the alcohol version reviewed as part of the alcohol-free drinks podcast with Phil Roberts and Ian James; this beer was paid for by the production team.

5- Craft brewers rock when it comes to alcohol-free

It’s great to see craft beer coming through and providing options.

We love that many of these craft breweries have made an effort to take high abv beer and make them suitable for the alcohol-free drinkers market, and that’s excellent news and full credit to them.

They can experiment and try out new things and new brands.

We all found it impressive that brands like Leffe have brought out a 0.0% beer despite being one of Belgium’s highest alcohol content beers.

That takes some guts.

And we like this fact about the Full Ship of IPA Non-Alcoholic Beer.

4 -It’s Swedish

I don’t know why we liked this fact, but we did mainly because it seemed un-Swedish!

We had lots of guesses on the alcohol-free podcast, and we shouted out places everywhere, including Scotland, about the origin of the beer.

It’s not a very Swedish name, but if it does, tell me otherwise and leave a comment.


Alcohol-Free Beer From Sweden

I don’t know about you, but Scandinavian countries were the last place on my mind when thinking about alcohol-free beer or any alcohol alternative, to be honest.

But there is a Swedish Brewery, And it’s pretty well known, it seems.

It was the craft brewery of Sweden.

It was called Spendrups brewery, and it came about in 1897

They set to the brewery to make A Full Ship of IPA and called it Brutal Brewing in 2011.

It was essentially a co-op style operation run by the actual team that worked there.

It’s an excellent idea.

“A Ship Full of IPA”, which I have to say was hard to pronounce on the podcast, and its non-alcoholic cousin was born in 2019.

3- The Brutal Brewing is good quality

The quality is the same as the full-strength beer they produce, claim the brewery.

I have to stay. I don’t think anyone could knock that.

But, of course, everyone thinks alcohol-free beers are produced the same, and they are not.

Yes, it goes through the same production line as their alcoholic beer this brand. Still, that now-famous process called vacuum distillation sets off to boil off the alcohol at a lower temperature, then more hops are added to enhance the aroma.


A Ship Full of IPA on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

Brutal Brewing Non-Alcoholic Ship Full of IPA strangely has no grains such as wheat or oats, which surprised us at the podcast.

But it does contain malts and barely.

  • The calories are OK, actually at around 66 per 300ml bottle.
  • Their website comes in around 17.5g of carbs, which includes only 1.5g of sugar.

Not bad, actually, but not a diet drink, of course.

2 – Honest Beer but a mixed response

A Ship Full of IPA  Alcohol-Free pours well with a dark colour and a good but relatively modest head.

The foam soon subsides once you start drinking it.

If you are not keen on hoppy beer, you may not fall in love with it, but we loved the little bottle.

We loved the smell. 

And we were somewhat surprised at this borderline stout, and it was pretty heavy.

We did not think you would drink many of them.

How Many Alcohol-Free Beers Can You Drink?

Some aromas felt like grapefruit backed by lemon. This became more evident as we drank more of it.

Certainly not over-carbonated, and any bubbles soon settled down.

Overall we enjoyed it, although we would not be drinking much. 

The bitterness might not suit everyone.

I can’t imagine drinking it with many meals more beer in pub kind of drink.

It certainly comes with some credible background, and we love the name and the label.

1- A Cool label with a great brand

I think we began to get rather fond of it, and of course, it is a difficult name to pronounce, but it got a thumbs up in the end.

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What do you need to know label and nutrition-wise?

  • Brewery: Ship Full of IPA Alcohol-Free
  • Style: pale ale
  • Alcohol content: 0%
  • Calories: 66 (per 330ml bottle)
  • Carbohydrates: 17.5g (per 330ml bottle)
  • Sugar: 1.6g (per 330ml bottle)
  • Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops
  • Country: Sweden
  • Size: bottle (330ml)

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