Seedlip Reviews – over priced?

I am always looking for seedlip reviews just to check I am not going mad. The thing is this was one of my first taste experiences of alcohol free spirits.

It remains one of my favorites but am I prepared to pay the price?

The reason for me seeking out alcohol free options is that I developed liver disease. I was just a social wine drinker but I discovered there were many people who did not want to touch alcohol from being religious, to being pregnant to just not wanting a hangover.

Or maybe they just did not to want to drink. Fair enough!

alcohol free

To may want to live a healthier life generally although one of the reasons I often get about giving up alcohol is to save money. People are starting to ask about the price of alcohol free options,

And to be fair I get why. When a bottle of alcohol free gin costs more than gin you will start to doubt your strategy even if you life does depend on it!

Now when the low alcohol free “regeneration” started you could argue that there was an immediate money saving. Seedlip gin was up there with the more expensive options and to be fair I saw it as a treat and I was happy to pay.

However, with more and more alcohol free spirit options on the market I wanted to cross-check to see if its still worth the money

Just to preempt you I am a big fan but am I still prepared to pay the price?

Is alcohol free to expensive ?

Is Seedlip now too expensive?

The big question I get asked is why should I drink seedlip if it’s so expensive compared to lots of alcohol free spirit brands. I think it’s a really good challenge.

That is before you even speak to people who may use it some of the time mixed with alcohol.

So the best way I can explain it is this. Is the seedlip is the “creme de la creme” of the alcohol free drink range when it comes to the alcohol free gin market. Yes in my view .

You really can tell the difference!

seedlip gin reviews

I normally have a few bottles in and one of them is kept for more special occasions.

I think of it as “house gin” versus “branded gin”.

Or all-inclusive holiday gin verses private paid bar!

That does not mean I am knocking the other brands. I am definitely am not but you can taste the difference.

For example Aldi in the UK is offering a bulk buy of their own branded house gin under another label and I bought a box!

However, here’s the thing: I always have one bottle of Seedlip Alcohol Free Spirit in the fridge ready for when I feel a bit special and here is why.

Price does matter when it comes to quality

It really does and although I like the other alcohol free brands in terms of so called “alcohol free gin” or spirit you can taste the difference.

Here are some of the reasons why I am still prepared to pay a bit extra!

Just not all the time! After all we still have a bank balance to keep healthy.

Seedlip Reviews

You have to give the brand credit though as they always say be first or be best.

I think Seedlip was the first non-alcoholic spirit or gins that came about at the time when people were beginning to seek out new alternatives in the world that’s tough where you are looking to find other things to drink that are non alcoholic.

The nature is of course is by going alcohol free you are also going to pick up other bad habits.

I know I am always checking my sugar intake for example. Seedlip Alcohol Free Gin is free of sugar and even more important it is sweetener-free which I know can be an issue for many.

sugar and alcohol free


Many brands claim it but this brand does use some of the extra special quality ingredients and you can tell by the taste. Herbs, spices, peels and barks are all put into the mix.

There is also a time process in production which is impressive, so around six weeks to make the product before being bottled. Nice!

Now many people say you are paying for a gin then? No you are not!

Well known like drinks like fizz is not champagne unless it is made in that part of the world and has to be produced in a specific location before you call it that. That is why you get cava, champagne or now alcohol free sparkling wine

So it’s an alcohol free spirit if I am to name it correctly.

If you love gin then you will have heard of “Juniper”

Now juniper is the legal ingredient that you have to have in the mix to call it gin regardless of the brand. But Seedlip is the closest thing you will get in terms of an alcoholic alternative.

And I think that is reflected in the price!

Compared to other alcohol free spirits or gin they offer three distinct flavors of the brand which I think create a wealth of tasting opportunities.

And yes I have a preference.

  • Garden 108 – Think peas & Hay with a complex herbal base character of spearmint, Rosemary & Thyme. It’s all about the countryside. Not my total favorite if I am honest.
  • Spice 94 -This is more berry based so think tasty Berries lemon & Grapefruit peel. My second favorite. The there is the one that is top of my list
  • Grove 42 – This is just full of zest so Orange, Lemongrass Ginger. Bitter Lemon and the flavors really flood through

So I guess the big thing here is that they are creating a truly genuine product and not just trying to replicate a gin with added ingredients like tonic.

By the way this brand deserves a good tonic like a fever tree so avoid spoiling it by just adding a supermarket or so called house mixer!

Add a good tonic water to seedlip


I know people who have done this and complain about the taste of the drink – ice and a slice is also key.

Can seedlip help with weight loss ?

Yes it is the big honest answer simply because of the calories and no I am not a diet expert but I know enough about diets to know that most diets are about calories in and calories out.

It’s just the way the body works.

Can seedlip help on a diet?

Here is the interesting thing: even high alcoholic drinks can be low carb if they don’t contain much sugar if any at all.

The good thing here is that the product has no added sugar or sweeteners so you really are getting the full diet deal depending on what else you consume of course.

The ingredients are

Water, Natural Botanical Distillates and Extracts, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate, Acid: Citric Acid

The calories are based around 0 grams of carbohydrates & sugar so my bottle will tell you the good news which is

Per 100 ml

  • Calories Zero
  • Carbs Zero
  • Fat Zero
  • Sugar Zero
  • Protein Zero
  • Salt Zero

The problem arises when you add in a high calorie mixer with full fat and full sugar. It’s the same with ordinary gin alcoholic style as it is much lower in carbs than beer or wine.

Here however you have a drink in Seedlip that is natural and zero alcohol which of course is much better for our health.

Seedlip Reviews



So in terms of its diet credentials it is well and truly up there even beating alcohol free wine and beer to be honest even though that can of course make a difference.

You check out my reviews of other gin here.


Overall Rank – Seedlip Non-alcoholic Spirit Reviews

Rating 10/10

I will make no bones about it putting all the other ethical benefits aside it tastes great.

Even though its veggie friendly and zero sugar this would not be getting a 10/10 rating if it tasted pants. At the end of the day if it does not taste great you are onto a loser before you even start!

Let go through some of the pro’s and cons, and I will be upfront that there are more pro’s than cons. It is an honest review at the end of the day.

To purchase seedlip gin you can use my affiliate link here, you pay the same here from the blog. You can also subscribe and save with this option.



  • I love Seedlip Grove 42 with its zesty, citrus and orange flavors.
  • It’s natural and full of botanicals.
  • Great with fever tree tonic and remember a serving of 50ml is all you need
  • Fab with an ice and a slice
  • Great on calories
  • No added sugar or sweetness
  • Not officially vegan and vegetarian but says it’s friendly.
  • A great alternative as an alcohol drink when you are driving or can’t drink alcohol
  • Classed as zero alcohol but it does like many products contain as trace like bread rolls and orange juice so the amount is negligible



  • You are paying the price for a quality product which some people take issue with as less quality but good brands come into the market.
  • Bars in my experience have no idea how to pour it so they treat it as a soft drink as opposed to a spirit which of course sends the price through the roof!
  • Not freely available in bars and restaurants
  • Many natural products such as bread rolls and orange juice may have a trace or alcohol so just be aware of that but the amount is negotiable. The same applies to seedlip.
  • Seedlip is vegan-friendly so not quite the full shebang but they do emphasize that they do not use any animal derivatives in the production process. Slightly disappointing as I know for my audience this is a big deal.
  • The product is not certified as Halal which sometimes readers ask me about but their literature clearly states that which is fair.



This will always be my first love of alcohol free spirit and yes it is more expensive than some of the cheaper versions. However, you can actually taste the difference and yes the price shows that.

That is why I keen to keep writing seedlip reviews.

It might be the product process or the ingredients but it is currently my number 1 alcohol free spirit or alcohol gin even though I am not supposed to call it that.

And no I am not knocking the other less expensive versions as they are good and I want a market that is full of choice as a non-drinker and for whatever reason if you don’t drink we deserve that.

For more advice on drinking and knowing your limit check drink aware

I would love to know your thoughts on seedlip reviews especially if you have tried it and how do you compare it to other alcohol free spirits or gin. Would you consider it as part of a calorie controlled diet for example?

I always respond to all your comments about seedlip reviews or any other thoughts you may have.



4 thoughts on “Seedlip Reviews – Over Priced?”

  1. Seedlip seems like a product I might have to check out. I’m not against an occasional glass of wine, but that usually amounts to very few a year. 

    You indicate that Seedlip products are expensive, but you obviously believe they are well worth the extra price based on quality and flavors. I like the fact they are zero carbs. My (adult) son is doing Keto and also does not drink, so it might be a good fit for him, too. In fact, I would think this might be an impressive go-to drink for anyone watching carbs, such as keto dieters.

    Do you know if this is available in the United States? I haven’t seen it before your review. I’ll check out your Amazon link.

    Thanks for the information.

    • Hey Diane, hope all good with you. Thanks for checking out my blog its is really appreciated. Yes Seedlip is in the states but it can be hard to find sometimes. I have checked a few sites for you and it is around if you are in the right states where you can purchase so I would do a quick search and you will find it.

      You are right Seedlip is at the top end of the price range for alcohol free spirit and or gin but it is also certainly up there with quality. Thanks so much for commenting on Seedlip Reviews it is much appreciated, Phil

  2. I enjoyed your article, an interesting topic on non-alcoholic beverages. My personal experience has been to try the alcohol-free beer, and it didn’t taste good to me at all. But according to your story, this product should do given the green light, and I would like to try it. Although it does not know whether it does also sold in Estonia. Since I’m a lot behind the wheel myself, I’m also usually a sober driver, and it would be a great gift idea if you’re going on a visit or birthday

    • Hi Lea, thanks so much for your comment and I have to say your experience of alcoholic beer and the taste is shared by many so I think you are spot on there. 

      The taste and brands have really moved on and the industry is growing really fast now so that is good news. Maybe give it another go. 

      I know for drivers it can really be a great option. Thanks so much for stopping by the blog and sharing your thoughts. If you give an alcohol free beer another go I would love to get your thoughts. All the best, Phil


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