Seedlip in a Can

“Why are you talking about the Duchess Alcohol Free Gin and not Seedlip in a can” said a disgruntled reader.

“I love Seedlip and thought you did too”.

You are right.

I have never mentioned it so I thought I would put it to rights through a bit of a review.

To be honest I had never bought them as I thought I was the same as Seedlip in a bottle.

Of course, I was wrong.

Although I have never seen them in a railway station store before a journey either. Too high brow?

Yes many other brands are starting to look at the convenience of alcohol free drinks’ in a can for those train journeys where you have to rush.

It can be a grab and go.

Including at last Mark And Spencer who as far I can tell had never ventured into this market so I thought change was afoot.

So I brought some Seedlip in a can and yes OK you are right, it is different to the bottle option and for a very good reason.

Seedlip is a non alcohol free spirit or gin as I like to still call it!

There is one trade off and that is the calories as you can’t choose your own tonic.

So what did I think?

What is it?

Well this is simple it is like a convenient high quality alcohol free spirit or gin depending on what you feel comfortable in saying.

Now officially gin is meant to have a certain alcohol level but I still call it alcohol free gin even if I should not!

Seedlip In A Can

Seedlip is not the cheapest alcohol free option out there right now but in my view it’s one of the best.

As I write here about what is alcohol free gin, the quality ingredients and production process is very impressive across a whole range of this alcohol free drinks’ beverage.

So have Seedlip gone down a cheap market route with these?

Certainly not as these cans are not cheap either. Far from it!

There is one difference with the can. This is not a Seedlip “solo”.

It is alcohol free gin and tonic in a can so an “all in one solution”.

So you get the tonic plus the seedlip quality ingredients.

Same branding and no you don’t really get a discount. But I am OK with that.

What is in it?

Well I brought the Seedlip three brands to try – well it would be rude not to!

Allspice Berry & Cardamom was amazing and the berries really came through on the taste.

Seedlip has some great flavours

The ingredients are clear such as Carbonated Water, Seedlip Spice 94, Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Tonic Flavoring, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Citrate.

The actual seedlip content in all the cans takes up around a quarter of the overall drink which I guess is what you would use for a standard measure of seedlip.

Remember some bars pour it as if it was a glass of lemonade and seedlip is not meant to be drunk like that.

The next one I tried was the Grove 42 brand of Seedlip with Lemongrass Tonic.

I made sure I had a slice of lemon for this one and plenty of ice.

Again the ingredients were pretty standard on what you would expect.

Carbonated Water, Seedlip Grove 42 ( about a quarter of the can) Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Tonic Flavoring, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Citrate

Seedlip in A Can

This is my favorite overall as they have a zest feel to the drink and it combines orange undertones with plenty of zest kick and spice.

It is really an impressive drink and matches the one I would make if I had bought a bottle of it and mixed it with good tonic water.

The last one is my least favorite not because I hate it but just that I am not a massive fan of cucumber based drinks’.

This one is called Garden 108 and Cucumber Tonic

Again they keep the same ingredient but change the seedlip brand that goes into it.

Carbonated Water, Seedlip Garden 108 Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Tonic Flavoring, Acidity Regulator: Sodium

Think English herbs, countryside and all things veggie.

Don’t misunderstand me it’s a good drink it’s just not my favorite flavor.

Now here is the difference.

You don’t get to choose the tonic as it is already mixed in which is of course the whole point of a drink in the can!

However, I would normally mix mine with a Fever Tree Light Tonic water with no sugar and these brands do have sugar.

Now that is fine and it tastes great but I just would not choose to do that if I was making my own.

One of the great things about the seedlip brand is that it’s great on a diet.

I always think these are alcohol free drinks’ which is great.

But if you are cutting out or cutting back alcohol do you really want to be swapping alcohol for sugar?

It is probably not the best idea in the world!

Having said that if you are not bothered or its treat then go for it!

You can read my bigger review of Seedlip and see what I really think on price

What is Seedlip about as a brand?

Well as you have probably noticed I am a big fan.

What I love about this alcohol free producer is that they have come from a place of frustration like me where they have given up alcohol or trying to cut back and can’t find any alternatives.

Its really frustrating.

Seedlip In A Can Review

That was the same for the creator of Seedlip Drinks Ben Branson who lived on his family farm.

He went on a mission to change that and that resulted in the Seedlip brand.

The three flavors that he has become known for is:

  • Spice 94
  • Garden 108
  • Grove 42

Apart from the can option where I don’t have a choice on the tonic, I always serve them with what I think is the best tonic water in the world .

Fever Tree Light.

It’s a great way of creating good mocktails without the sugar.

Mocktails generally while “alcohol free” are not good on the calorie front as they often depend highly on sugar.

Of course in moderation like anything they are a great option.

Read Are fruit juices good for you?

Out of all the tastes I would rate Grove 42 at the top and my least favorite the Garden 108.

It’s a personal thing.

You can purchase it through my affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.


When to drink it?

  • Train journey
  • Unexpected alcohol free house guest
  • Barbecues
  • Picnics
  • Summer Walks
  • Office parties
  • Weddings

Anytime where you need a bit of a “quick fix” for an alcohol free moment then this can be a quality alternative where the options are literally poor on non-existent.

However, apart from the sugar warning which is pretty low and natural to be fair this Seedlip in A Can drink is excellent!

It comes with one other warning.

That is, it’s not cheap!

This is not some kind of cheap soda drink you stick in your bag.

Its a quality product and while seedlip sometimes gets criticized for this, I certainly don’t!

Calories and sugar aside this is a great addition to the seedlip range for one reason and one reason only.


No carrying of the bottle or having to think about buying tonic water if you have a friend to stay with.

Always know your drink limit through drink aware.

What do you think?

Now this is a great quality product but like I write about in What is Alcohol Free Gin there are now some good quality options out there.

Some cheaper than Seedlip. But I keep going back and this is convenient.

Gordon’s do one and for convenience I would certainly look at the Duchess Range.

Whatever you choose I would love to know about what you think about alcohol free gin in cans or just alcohol free gin in general.

Would you try it? Leave your thoughts below.

And if you do try Seedlip in Can I would love to know what you think!



2 thoughts on “Seedlip in a Can Review”

  1. For a lover of Gin like me, seedlip sounds absolutely smashin’! But I have to tell you, it’s expensive. However, I shall totally have to give it a try because there is nothing like a chilled gin and tonic with angostura bitters and cocktail onions, and a dash of lime cordial on a hot day. 

    Thanks for this, I never knew about it. Sure makes my heart merry. 



    • Ha ha Aps, I am so pleased it makes your heart merry. 

      What a lovely comment and its good to explore new things and its great alcohol free drink producers are giving us those options but with the quality. 

      Thanks so much for your feedback on Seedlip In A Can, it is much apprecated, all the best, Phil


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