Seedlip Gift Set Review

More and more people are finding out about drinking alcohol-free gin. In fact, since giving up alcohol, it’s been a lifesaver in terms of choice.

Seedlip Gift Review which I have written is key as an alcohol-free spirit option that I reckon ticks a lot of boxes.

We know that finding alcohol free options is hard, like really hard.

Outside of online, it’s challenging getting, and people just presume you can’t get it when you are about and about.

If you are looking for an alcohol-free spirit and a quality product, Seedlip Gin gets a big thumbs up from me.

I am a massive fan.

If you are out and about and everyone else is drinking, it provides choice, and it does help with social pressure.

I joke that I get more questions about why I don’t drink than when I was a prominent social wine drinker.

It seems the world has a funny relationship with alcohol, but likely, products like Seedlip Alcohol-free Spirit is around to help.

Just don’t expect it to be cheap; it quality and quality does come not cheap.

So is the gift set worth the value and the money?

Let’s look closer!

Why an Alcohol-Free Gift Set?

Why not just buy them the bottle.

Now I might sound harsh here, but the people that say this are alcohol drinkers.

They have never been in a room where everyone is getting a birthday bottle of alcohol.

I shared one of my work leaving events with a few other people.

They all got bottles of champagne, but everyone knew that I couldn’t touch alcohol for health reasons.

So I was hoping for a bottle of sparkling alcohol-free wine at the very least.

Seedlip Gin Gift Set

What I got was a book! A lovely book, but it was a book.

So while everyone was putting a nice glass of their alcoholic champagne to their mouth, I politely read the back of my book and sipped my cola.

It’s like when you walk into a bar, there is never any alcohol-free drinks menu, and of course, you get that stare when you ask for an alcohol-free beer or wine.

So, if you are an alcohol-free drinker getting a bottle or gift set of a quality alcohol-free product like Seedlip will mean to the world to the person receiving it.

Above all else, it is the thought that counts, and that is so true if you are an alcohol-free drinker.

What is a Seedlip Gift Set?

For me, yes, this is a gift set where you might want to make someone’s day with an alcohol-free gift set.

It is also an excellent taster opportunity.

Some people would be concerned about even going near some alcohol-free gin.

Now, this is not a cheap product, and it’s not gin.

It means to mimic the flavour, so you will be in a better place if you go into this.

Don’t get me wrong, the taste for me is impressive.

But of course, the slight difference here is that you might be getting it for someone else.

Trust me; if they are alcohol-free and get this, they will be so happy at the thought that went behind it.

Seedlip Small Bottles Gift

It might need some gift wrapping, though.

I won’t go into all the product details as you can read my review of Seedlip, Quality versus Cost if you want more information.

So here is what you get, the best of the three tastes and remember they are all slightly different but the quality will be the same.

  • Spice 94; Fresh and herbal
  • Seedlip Garden 108 Garden Essence
  • Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus

Those are the three brands that they champion.

Now you get three of their miniature battles, which gives you an idea of the size which is around 20cl.

You are, in essence, getting a blend of botanicals, all with slightly different values, which cut through in both the taste and the smell.

Remember, they are alcohol-free, and if so, if the person is just cutting down, giving up altogether or just fancies a change, these are an ideal introduction to the brand or a bit of a treat.

Either way, I would not be complaining.

Seedlip and Fever Tree Tonic Water

My recommendation is to serve it with an excellent light tonic.

You could buy a nice pack of Fever-Tree Tonic Water which I review here, and gift wrap it.

Especially if people are likely to open them up and drink them there and then.

It used to be rude, but now it seems harsh if you don’t!

You are not going to gift wrap ice and a slice, but that would be a recommendation.

Seedlip Gift set is Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free & Calorie-Free

It scores on many levels.

So get the tonic right, and you are in diet heaven!

If you are concerned about your alcohol intake, you can check out the drink aware website.

Where can I get them from?

It does vary from shop to shop. They seem to turn up at the most unusual places.

Sometimes I have found them in the local supermarket and sometimes never in the big one that promises lots of choices!

If fact there is hardly any choice in the superstore near to me on the alcohol-free front.

Online is still probably your best bet, and I have left a link below.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines


What’s Your View

Seedlip is proving popular and well respected amongst non-drinkers, but people still question the price.

And you may also do that.

When this was given to me as a gift I just loved it and also most treasured the little bottles.

And they are miniature bottles.

If you order them online, expect to get asked for ID as they still come under licensing law, it’s just how it works.

Everyone will have their favourite. I may prefer the citrus kick over the garden version, but that’s the beauty of the gift set.

You get to try all the options. And of course, you won’t be trying them probably.

But for me, it’s a high-quality gift.

The person you buy it for might even go and try out other non-alcoholic botanical spirits.

Of course, there is the chance they will hate it especially if it’s their first venture into alcohol-free gin.

You can but try!

I would challenge anyone to say it’s not quality through the process by which it’s made as it is very similar to gin.

It can be both an aromatic and visual gift.

I’d be happy if you just gave it to me in a carry bag quite frankly.

What do you think about alcohol-free gift sets?

If you were an alcohol-free drinker how would you feel about an alcohol-free gift set or even an alcohol-free hamper?

Alcohol zero hampers are coming through and offer another alternative although I have never seen any with seedlip in.

You can read my view of one of them here.

I would love to get your thoughts on alcohol-free gift sets. Good idea?

Plus if you are a fan of Seedlip all the better.

Leave your view of the Seedlip Gift Set below and I always get back to you.



4 thoughts on “Seedlip Gift Set Review”

  1. Hi, thanks for this article on Seedlip Gift Set Review. i agree with you that it is so hard to find alcohol free drinks out there so articles like this helps a lot in giving ideas where to get some alcohol free drinks. The drinks seems good according to your taste description and wouldn’t mind trying it out. I am only concern about giving out my personal information online every time a want to buy it.

    • Hi Nedia, thanks so much for your comment. 

      You won’t have to give any more information than you would for any other online purchase, but because alcohol-free comes under licensing laws, the same rules apply, so that is why you might have to show your ID.

      You are so right. It is great to have a great alcohol free drinks option out there. 

      Thanks for a great comment on the seedlip gift set. I wish you all the best, Phil.

  2. Hi Phil. I like the taste of some alcoholic beverages, but I rarely drink alcohol because I don`t feel good afterwards.  It is hard to find non-alcoholic drinks that taste good. Your Seedlip Gift Set Review gives an alternative for people like me. I would be happy to get one of these gift sets, it would surely make my day. When it comes to choosing gifts, quality is important to me, so this product seems like an excellent choice.

    • Hi Debora, thanks so much for your comment; it’s really appreciated.

      I am with your 100 per cent on quality, and the seedlip range of drinks does offer that.

      It good the alcohol-free market has finally got its act together! In some way, alcohol-free gin is ahead of the game. 

      I loved reading your comment on Seedlip Gift Set. All the very best, Phil


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