San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer

San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer – Review – My summer choice

This beer is my first choice when in Spain, I really love san miguel non alcoholic beer although I first discovered it in a bar in an English theatre so there is no accounting for where you might find these choices.

The branding is clear with the distinctive 0.0 on the front of the bottle.

Overall Rank for San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer – Rating 9/10

This has been my holiday choice for over a year now and appears in all-inclusive options. It’s fresh with a great aroma and its 0.0% abv credential fills me with joy. The co-op brand in the UK does their best to sell this.

Product Description

San miguel non alcoholic beer is light and fresh but it’s my first choice summer beer as I am on a strictly 0.0 abv choice regime, barley and roasted flavor that sit very nicely.


  • Gets overall good reviews
  • One of the best 0.0 beer options
  • Fat free
  • Well known brand with the usual Spanish beer credentials where they get 0.0 drinking
  • Smells and tastes like the alcohol option.
  • Bottles or Cans available generally in Spain
  • Sits well on the stomach
  • Price decent
  • Great color
  • Suitable for drivers and pregnancy


  • Runs out in shops as their stock is low
  • Difficult to find in bars outside of Spain
  • Spanish airports strangely don’t seem to stock it but prefer this option
  • More a bottle brand but I see this as a positive
  • Needs to be cold


To purchase online you are looking at around £42.99 for 24 bottles but prices vary. You can purchase it here. Decent bar price in Spain at around 2.50 euros per bottle.

Enjoy With

I would say this is a social drink, down at a bar or pub, but I can drink it with food especially a nice tapas and salad lunch and yes it’s great in the sun and heat.


I love this beer. It is one of my favorites but except for the co-op brand in the UK it is hard to find except online. It is not really around in bars either but my local theater sells it bizarrely.

I wish more Spanish airports stocked it but definitely around in bars in Spain and on tap in many places. Just double check you are getting sin alcohol ( no alcohol). You can read about my other favorite 0.0% abv beers here.

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I would love to know what you think, please leave your comment below and I always respond to everyone as it gets the conversation moving! Here’s to a 0.0% ABV lifestyle if that of course is your choice!

8 thoughts on “San Miguel Non Alcoholic Beer”

  1. Hi, am so happy to be on your site today. None alcoholic beer has always been the favorite for Christians since it’s against the Bible. I am certain that this will be my favorite because am a Christian. But what about the composition? It’s like I did not see anything like. Please can you tell us more. Also I wish to ask can this be shipped worldwide ?

    • Hi Manfred, thanks for your comment. I don’t really touch on religious reasons for not drinking in this article but you are so right, this is a great market for that from various religions world wide. I will make sure I include some articles around that. Apologies for not adding the contents, I will make sure that it added in. But here you go for reference:

      It is classed as a pilser.
      Alcohol content: 0%
      Calories: 79 (per 330ml)
      Carbohydrates: 18g (per 330ml)
      Sugar: 5.6g (per 330ml)
      Ingredients: water, barley malt, hops, yeast, flavourings

      I hope that is helpful, and online supplies most countries I believe but there should be other outlets. If you let me know where you are I will research that for you. Many thanks for taking time out to comment, it is really important, thanks Phil 

  2. Awesome buddy, I haven’t heard about none alcoholic beer and this mighty be my favorite. I don’t drink alcohol and still feel the need to socialize with friends while having a drink. I am certain that this will be  favored by many people especially Christian like many of my friends as well. Thank you for the information. 

    • Thanks Juma, I really appreciate you taking the time out there to comment. I think your point about socializing is an excellent one and very much in mind with my blog about having options on a 0.0% alcohol free life style. I hope the review on san miguel non alcoholic beer helped with that. You are so right about the Christian need that is out there as well. Much appreciated and thanks for sharing, Phil

  3. I have never heard of this beer before but after reading your review I’m really intrigued. As you mentioned, this beer has non-alcoholic fillers to it but it still has the taste of a beer that contains alcohol, why is that and what are the ingredients that make this beer such a famous alternative in Spain and nearby places? 

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for commenting on san miguel non alcoholic beer. I think personally the taste is good and is it up there with one of my over favourites corbra beer zero. Its massive in spain but the brand has successfully travelled to many countries far and wide. It is one of my favourites!  The reason is they use the same ingredients as the alcohol version  but remove any so its classed as 0.0 % abv. I appreciate you taking time out to share your view, Phil

  4. Very interesting to come across details such aas this here. I actually value non alcoholic drinks and getting to see beers that are now adopting the non alcoholic offer is really awesome and I love this. Honestly, it is a lot more than meets the eye when addressing this because people needs to realise the reason they need to distance themselves form alcohol related contents. Thanks

    • Thanks Kimberly for commenting on san miguel non alcoholic beer. I agree nothing makes my heart sing more than to go to a bar that offers such options, so many don’t so you get that stare lol. 

      Things are changing though and as consumers we can lead the way on that. I am fascinated by the research that shows that over 23 per cent of people would choose a non alcoholic good option if it presented itself. That for me is an amazing stat! I really appreciate you taking time out to share your view, its great to build a community like this. All the best, Phil


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