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Interesting we have our own journey of finding zero alcohol options either though choice or necessity. I have learned however that they there is sometimes a certain embarrassment around zero alcohol product being visible and stocked.

Now you say that can’t be true but one of my contributors confirmed it this week in a message to that the “owner of the bar was embarrassed to have them showing in the fridge”. So that reminds me of a story of me finding out about and tasting for the first time San Miguel Alcohol Free or San Miguel 0.0 as it is now branded so just add the 0.0 !

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When san miguel alcohol free meets a very English Theatre

There some great theatres where I love going and I have to admit going as much for the special pre-theatre menus that they offer as they are a bit of a treat and good value by and large. However, life has changed for me so it used to be a few glasses of wine in the bar and we would have a bottle with the food then maybe some interval drinks.

You get the picture and we were not alone! This was the first time of going to the theatre where alcohol was now truly off the menu so I had a diet soda and waiting to be seated.

The food was great as far as I could tell and I looked at the drink menu as we were seated by the lovely host. There was not one alcoholic beer choice on the menu.

So with my new bold attitude I asked if they served any and explained if they did I could only drink 0.0 Zero Alcohol. To my surprise I got the answer I was looking forward to but not expected.

The waitress said “don’t tell anyone but we have some hidden away for regulars so do you want one?”

I was not sure what to say but she brought over the bottle as requested and it turned out to be San Miguel Alcohol Free or 0.0 as they seemed to now brand it. I love it really fresh, it was a cold bottle and has the quality of a San Miguel Beer. It made my night.

In Spain finding San Miguel Alcohol Free is not an issue

So it seems weird that the experience of finding San Miguel Alcohol Free in a very English Theatre opened my eyes for when I travel to Spain which I do frequently. Have you ever heard that phrase – what the thinker thinks the prover proves?

Well it was everywhere. It was on tap, in bottles and there was no attitude about it, it seemed to be drunk everywhere this ” cerveza sin alcohol” even at the airport it was proudly on display.

It seems so true that the relationship the Spanish have to alcohol is very different to the one in many other countries certainly in the UK.

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The All Inclusive who discovered they were selling too much

Now I don’t know if you have been on an all-inclusive holiday or vacation but I quite like some of the better ones, they are good value and you don’t have to walk that far. Lazy I know.

Having said I also eat and drink out because supporting the local economy and jobs is so important and one of my core values. I was however surprised to learn that on the all-inclusive menu which was restricted had listed in bold San Miguel Alcohol Free, not only that but they sold it very cold and in bottles.

Wow I thought this rock and roll zero alcohol life totally suit me l Love it, good taste and you don’t feel out of place.

What was interesting is that a small group of people often looked over and asked me about it and as more holiday makers asked the more the bottles flew of the shelf. It seems even on holiday people will take a non-alcoholic option if the product is good even if it is to break up the constant holiday boozing. I know I’ve been there!

On the last day of my holiday I went to the bar and asked in Spanish for my usual and the bar tender looked furious and not with me either. The hotel group has decided to charge an extra 1 euro 50 for those on all-inclusive.

She wondered off to complain to the manger and told me they would not charge me but they had been getting through a lot.

Credit to her she dealt with it as best she good but it got me thinking that organizations who support safe drinking need to back it in some way. In this case it seemed they wanted me drunk and others  – after all it would be cheaper for them despite my health. The industry has to walk the talk! For me it was not about the money but the principle.

My corner shop loves it

Here in my home town there is a local convenience store that seems to love San Miquel Alcohol Free, it is always in stock and there is one near a students halls of residence that has it always on the shelves. Not sure what that tells us about younger people and altitude to alcohol but I know it tells us something.

It is priced reasonably although I have noticed as consumption of zero alcoholic drinks goes up so does the price. Remember it is growing at about 25% per cent and the same is true of San Miguel which I think has the taste of summer. Online is more difficult and it is certainly not in abundance in bars and restaurants where I live which is a real shame, it is one of my favorites.

Flaunt it guys don’t hide it

San Miquel Alcohol free is a great choice although sometimes difficult to get in bars in the UK. If only the attitudes are like Spain hotel treatment aside. However, the key is be bold and ask for it. Some bars like to hide it as opposed to Spain where they flaunt it as a way of life. Happy fiesta as they say.

If I had never asked for it over and above the menu options in that very English Theatre I would not have experienced a wonderful bit of Spain in a 0.0 alcoholic free world and more people would like a slice of this regardless of circumstance. Mucho Gracias!

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  1. Good evening, Phil! I really enjoyed reading this article! I am not much of a drinker (I only have a drink once in a while), but I love to learn about the different, unique drinks that are on the market. Surprisingly enough, I had not heard of San Miguel Alcohol Free until your article! It sounds delicious, safe, and right up my alley! I would never be ashamed to say that I serve alcohol-free beverages; it’s the better option anyway. Haha I am going to try it, I have saved your site, and I will share it with my friends and family. God bless you!

    • Hey thanks for sharing and your very nice comments. There are lots of options out there but knowing about them is key. Its very underplayed. I enjoyed reading your comments and your energy! best wishes, Phil

  2. I’ve never actually had alcohol before and I don’t plan to, but I would be willing to try an alcohol-free drink like San Miguel Alcohol Free. Doesn’t sound like it is too bad of a drink, I’ll make sure to give it a try.

    Thank you for sharing!


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