The Alcohol-Free Podcast Episode One

In the first episode of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from, meet presenters Phil Roberts and Ian James, who talk about what we can expect.

They talk about future guests and what they have been trying out on the alcohol-free beer front this week. 


Its turns out Phil has been trying out some Alcohol-Free Sangria, and Ian, well, that’s another story!

Join Phil and Ian weekly as they explore the alcohol-free drinks world based on the blog.

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The Transcription of the Alcohol-Free Podcast Episode One is below


The alcohol-free drinks podcast from –  Ian James and Phil Roberts, the alcohol-free podcast from


So welcome to the 00 ABV podcast with Phil Roberts.

Ian :  

and myself Ian James

Phil :

Just because you’ve never met us before, I’m the non-drinker here in the world. We’re not a family, are we? But we’re, you know, I’m the non-drinker I don’t drink any alcohol, but you do drink alcohol, Do you?


Well, I do, to be honest, Phil, but I guess in recent years and especially up to recent lockdowns, I am looking to try and, I don’t know, be a little bit more healthy. I’m trying to cut down. I mean, I do have alcohol-free drink nights as it is

Phil : 

As I know

Ian :  

Yeah. But I think sometimes you do get a little bit fed up with just drinking Coca Cola or lemonade, and you want something which is a bit more grown-up. So I’ve been very keen to explore the different options available.

Phil :

Great. So my blog 00 is basically all about that. It’s about giving you a choice and thoughts and questions, and our podcast is all going to be about that we’re gonna get guests on from around the world because we want it to be a worldwide blog.

What is alcohol-free? Was it mean to you? What is out there in the shops? 

So hopefully, we’re gonna get our global audience, and we would love to hear your views; you can always email us at podcast at 00 Let us know what you think will always give you a mention. And we’ve got some experts lined up in the next few weeks as well. 

So what have you been drinking in tell us the gossip?

Ian :

I’m really pleased to see that in the UK, the alcohol-free or low alcohol market is growing here and seemingly week after week. There’s new products out there. 

Yeah. Now there’s a little Sainsbury’s, which is a supermarket a little. It’s a little; it’s not a big thing. It’s not a big one. No,

Phil :

We shouldn’t say people listening worldwide said this is a typical UK High Street retailer that you find on the corner. Most streets in the UK.


Yeah, we’re quite lucky in this little one. That’s by the house, though, because they trial a lot of new alcohol-free drink products.


Here to stay hopefully yeah!

Ian :

Well, one of the things I’ve picked up on and I was really delighted to see was this rather large bottle, a 500 ml bottle of alcohol-free lager now; 

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never seen a 500 mil. 

That’s a big size. Yeah, it’s a thick size. So it’s a decent size. 

It’s genuinely nought per cent alcohol.

Wow, they market it as a Pilsner. The best part of it is that it’s £1.25 a bottle. 

Phil :

Wow. Now that is amazing. Yeah. You see, I’ve just written a blog about why I don’t mind paying quite a bit of money for alcohol, free beer. But you’re bucking the trend, though. 

You’re saying there are some brands out there that are competing with the big boys on this

Ian : 

Absolutely. Because I suppose really, Phil, if I’m being truthful, at the back of my mind, you know, I think I’m used to buying sort of the full-strength version, the full-fat version. 

And then a zero version seemingly sometimes costs more. Yeah, it does. And that’s a bit odd. 

Phil : 

So I think you know, what, I’ve just, it’s funny. 

I’ve just written a blog, which talks about the fact that it’s more expensive to take the alcohol out, because of course, they brew it very often some of these brands just as you would make normal beer, and then the extra expense of taking it out and to keep the quality in the aromas and the flavours is a bit of a challenge, I reckon. 

So it’s much more expensive than people think though, they think it’s gonna be a lot cheaper.

Ian :

Yeah, speaking of aromas and flavours just to sort of come back to that Pilsner lager from Sainsbury’s. 

I’m not a very fruity person I don’t like or sweet smells, that sort of

Phil :

Fruity is really you!

Ian : 

So when you open the bottle is it gives you that little fizzy fruitiness and I wasn’t sure that I was going to kind of like it .

But yes I was like very happily drinking it, I guess you could say, bland but the taste was a real taste sensation. 




It’s very hoppy. It’s quite a fizzy drink. It’s very refreshing if it’s ice cold. 

To be fair, the 500 mil bottle did go down very quickly. So it’s just as well it’s just that price!

Phil :

Otherwise, you would get drunk, which is the beauty of being alcohol-free beer. Exactly.

Alcohol-Free Podcast Jingle  

Ian and Phil talk more stuff about alcohol-free drinks.

Phil :

And we talk a lot on this podcast about 00 so zero alcohol-free drinks.

 Just to be clear, 00 means absolutely or just a trace of any alcohol at all. 

So it’s zero alcohol. So just to be clear, what we’re talking about. 

So I’ve been making some alcohol free sangria, which is amazing. 

So what I learned was when I was in Spain that they literally just chuck anything in the sangria, so they don’t really care. And you know previously it would just be fruit juice, but now you can get some lovely Torres bottles of red wine

You can top it up with alcohol-free sparkling wine. You can put some alcohol-free gin in it or soda water, ice, fruit, and you can make a lovely big Punchbowl, so that’s been what I’ve been doing this week, which is pretty amazing.

Ian :

it’s all the fun of “Carry on abroad” without the big Punchbowl but without the alcohol effect. 

Phil :

If anybody in the states knows what “Carry on Abroad is that will be amazing. So email us if you know what carry on abroad is

Okay, so that sounds good to you hopped on that lager, which is great. 



Phil :  

So let’s check out each week some of the trends that are going on around the world. So let’s check out courtesy of Google Alerts what’s happening in the podcast headlines,

Alcohol-Free Podcast Production 

The alcohol-free headlines from 00


So this week, the German Brewers Association with a great name!

Ian : 

Do you think it is? 


I pronounced that our way German friends will tell us; differently, I’m sure. 

They’ve announced that alcohol-free beer has been the fastest-growing category in the German market in the last ten years. 

The Association also pointed out the range of non-alcoholic products has grown in this period as well, which is pretty amazing.

 According to industry figures, around 430 million litres of alcohol-free were produced in 2010. 

Compare that now to German breweries selling more than 660 million litres of alcohol-free and malt drinking 2020, and that is despite Coronavirus and everything else. 

And you know, people have been in lockdown as well, which is pretty amazing. Going alcohol-free, which is fantastic. Also, we’ve got the sales of no-low going up! 

Ian : 

No-low the term. What’s that?

Phil :

a lot of people don’t know what this is. 

This is no and low beers. 

So it’s anything that is no or low alcohol. And that’s an increase of sales by 30% between 2016 and 2020.

 As almost one in four young people becoming teetotal

I hate that term. It a bid to improve their health. 

The Society of Independent Brewers has said but the number of drinkers has fallen mainly by the number of young people who say they don’t drink anymore by 6% between March 2019 and March 2020 to 23%. 

Why do you think that is? Why do you Why are young people drinking less? What’s that about?

Ian :

It’s a good point, Phil; you do wonder whether or not there are other things to keep them entertained these days, maybe things they shouldn’t be taking. 

But you know, what does that mean for our future pop or soft drinks trade as well?

Phil :

Yeah. Although if the prices are to go by nothing because there’ll be charging just as much as well. It’s fine. 

Although you do drink you drink less alcohol-free beer in the pub. 


Of course, you do.


 If you’re not drunk, you do drink less. So it’s a bit of a challenge. Maybe that’s why I can’t get it anywhere I go when I go out. 

And what’s your view on Shandy coming back up into the frame as a low alcoholic drink? 

Interesting isn’t it?


I hate Shandy. I mentioned before I don’t really like the sweet fruity stuff. So Shandy to me is far too sweet. And I think it kind of overpowers the taste of the beer. 

Yeah, I think that one thing with low or no alcohol beer is that you still get that flavour. 

You get that profile, which really is quite satisfying. And it’s kind of amazing. You get the right alcohol free beer. And it’s a pleasure to drink. 

Yeah, it really is. Yeah,


No, I agree. And actually,, that and I know some of the brands that you’ve given me you couldn’t tell the difference, which is interesting. 

So apparently young people are drinking no low beers as they decide to go down the teetotal route,  so it seems the 1970 Shandy is coming back. 

So watch out for that in your local shops!


Will it be next to the panda pop next?


Panda pops what are they?


Plastic bottles used to get pumped up with soft drinks? Oh, yeah.

Oh, I’m in an older new office. Yeah,


I don’t know.

 If you know what panda pops are email

 If you’ve got anything near where you are selling in terms of alcohol-free drink trends and you want to get in contact, email us or you want to appear on the podcast, just let us know. We would love you to on the alcohol-free podcast!

Alcohol- Free Podcast Production

The alcohol-free drinks podcast from


So we’ve got some experts. I’ve already got a whole list of people but who would you like to hear from? 

And if you could help you on the show with alcohol-free choices? What kind of experts do you want? 


I’d like to hear from one of the big brewers. Yeah. Because it does strike me that this is a very growing market. You know, everybody seems to have jumped on the bandwagon.

 And yeah, I think it’s gonna be a huge growth sector as we go ahead. Yeah. So I’d like to hear from one of the big brewers; I don’t know InBev. 

They are Stella in the UK. In fact, Stella has just brought out a  Stella 0%, which is quite good. 

Interestingly, that is brewed in Belgium and imported Belgium is where I used to live. 

Phil :

Yeah, exactly. 

Ian :

So I’m quite happy about that. Because, to be honest, the Stella beer that we get in the UK now has been kind of watered down. 

It’s 4.6% ABV now; back in the day was 5.2. So they’ve lowered into quite a low level really, and it’s really adjusted the new taste profile and the enjoyment of that. 


I think you do you do know its alcohol-free podcast? Laughs.

Actually, you’re quite happy that it’s gone down to 4.6 Laugh 

I’m happy with the zero. I can’t drink alcohol. I’m happy. Ian’s moaning about the fact it’s not higher ABV, which is brilliant. 

I want to hear from any suppliers who you who run shops in train stations and airports that could offer alcohol-free alternatives. 

So the thing that gets me is loads of airlines say there’s too much drinking going on on aircraft. But then!

Have you ever tried to get an alcohol free drink on an aircraft or at an airport each way? 

It’s really difficult going for a train journey and trying to get an alcohol-free beer? It’s really hard.


That’s a really good point. We were talking off-air before about these drinks. I think they call them erm.  Are they ready to drink so Ready to go? Great. 

So they’re good, canned versions of a cocktail or a mocktail? Yeah. And they’re really convenient. They’re quite cheap, or some of them are. 

And I think that is a really good option as well, isn’t it?


I know Marks and Spencer, which again, is in train stations in the UK. 

They’ve got lots of little alcohol-free drink cans that are just available now where you can just hop on a train and take them away, which is, which is good.

The Alcohol-Free Drink Podcast Production

 Listen, subscribe, and join in with the alcohol-free podcast from 00

Phil :

So if you’re a contributor, and you’d like to come on the podcast, we’ve got some great people lined up at the podcast. 

And you can check out the blog as well. And we’re going to feature sort of one or two per week, just come along and have your views and it may you may be an airline boss, you may be a supermarket owner, or you might like your craft ales at 0.0. 

We would love to hear from you.

Ian :

We’ve talked a lot about beer on this edition. Yeah. On the next one. Can we talk about gin alcoholic free I would love that!


I love to talk about gin. I would love to talk about why some alcohol-free gins are really expensive. And is that okay? 

And also the fact you’re not really allowed to call them gin? Oh, we do? Because everyone does but because legally, gin has to be a certain ABV Believe it or not, right?

 It has to be a certain alcohol level. But everyone says, Is it an alcohol-free spirit or is an alcohol-free gin? 

But in reality, you meant to call it a spirit, not a gin. But I still call it a spirit because no one knows what it is really!

Read what is alcohol-free gin here


 A spirit even though it’s zero ABV. Yeah,

Phil :

It’s really confusing. You know, it’d be like champagne, you know, when people suddenly what’s not champagne?

And it’s suddenly like people said “Oh, is champagne just from a certain area of France” and everyone went “Oh, so it’s okay to drink Prosecco”. 

And it’s okay to drink this and that. And that’s now happening with alcohol-free gin. 

But legally I’m sure some lawyer will tell me that I can’t call it gin because online try and order some and you’re ordering an alcohol free spirit. 

Read my review of Seedlip Gin

It doesn’t actually say gin on the bottle, believe it or not. Yeah, apart from maybe Gordon’s Alcohol Free Gin.

 I’ve been drinking that, and I think they call it gin. But I might be wrong there as well. 

So it’s a bit of a minefield. 

So we’ll be we will be looking into that subject as well. So if you’re a gin fan, let us know. And you know, let us know on the podcast what you’d like to know about gin

Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast Production  

The alcohol-free drinks podcast from 00abvcom with Ian James and Phil Roberts


So we’d love for you to be on the alcohol-free drinks podcast, let us know,

And we’ll be weekly for the time being and hopefully, we’ll be twice a week soon. And alcohol-free is definitely the way to go. And our job is really to just have a chat about it and get you involved.


Yeah, absolutely. And if you do get a chance, if you’re in the UK and you get to Sainsbury’s, to try that beer that I mentioned, the Pilsner zero. I think you’ll like it

Phil :

And I’m going to try the really high ABV stellar. Maybe not because I can’t ( laughs) so from me the non-alcoholic drinker for me and the alcoholic drinker with a bit of compromise in between. 

We will see you soon on the 00 AVB alcohol-free podcast








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