Planet Organic London Review

Just sometimes I like to give a big shout out to organic shops who have made the effort to expand into alcohol free drinks. And that business is Planet Organic London.

It was a random internet search to be fair and maybe I have never come across them because I live outside of London?

There must be more great organic shops like this that have branched out into alcohol free quality products.

I am sure you will tell me! Leave a comment below.

I have now used them for a couple of deliveries and even though one delivery involved a breakage after a “skip” by the driver they offered a voucher straight away and without question.

That’s great customer service!

So what makes them special ?

Well they have an outreach programme, serve the wider community and have some very good ethics.

Of course if you are alcohol free like me you also want then to have a good choice of alcohol free wines and sparkling wine which I have never tried before.

The market can be a bit restrictive.

Given what I have brought from them before, its all good stuff and there seems to be a few different brands.

And I’ll do a recommendation of those products should you wish to try them out. There are no affiliate links on this page.

Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine

It is actually a bit of a challenge finding good alcohol free wine and alcohol free sparkling wines so it’s always good to see somewhere that has a few surprises up it aisles!

Even university research backs up that when it comes to alcohol free choice is good!

And let’s be honest the biggest thing we want as consumers of alcohol free it that its taste nice.

Long gone are the days when we would put up with sub standards products just because they had not got alcohol in them! Look what happened to the early alcohol free beer brands.

What is Planet Organic London all about?

Well it’s clear they are big on being local as well as being organic. Their people and their customers really do seem to matter. If you go on their website it’s a very impressive array of initiatives.

Now I have seen this at a surface level before and when you ask people locally they have never heard of them however this is not the case with Planet Organic London. They are walking the talk!

It’s not just alcohol free organic drinks either they do :

  • Veggie Food
  • Organic skincare
  • Gluten Free
  • Keto Diets
Planet Organic London


So the range is pretty impressive and no I have no connection with them whatsoever before you ask.

Their deliveries from experience are also very prompt well within a few days and it is very well wrapped and protected.

Overall their business is advised by experts and they are big on the sustainable front.

On their website they state a nice mission statement as well :

“At Planet Organic, we strive to be more than just a shop. We want to do more for our customers, neighborhoods, employees, suppliers and the planet than simply buying and selling products. We believe in promoting health in our communities through organic, natural and sustainable products, and acting sustainably and ethically as a business”.

I found this quite inspiring.

They opened in 1995 and were certified by the soil association to add to their organic credentials. They also pride themselves on their recyclable packaging although there did seem to be a lot of packing in their delivery.

Alcohol Free and Recycle

However, when I looked this up I noticed that their cardboard was made with recyclable material up to 75% and backed up by paper and air pockets that can be made into compost. I actually felt slightly reassured on their mission at this point!

The added value in quality we now expect in alcohol free drinks

And why not!

One thing that I did not expect when I got involved in the alcohol free market was the extra benefits people wanted. If they were going to cut back on alcohol they did not want to replace it with other unhealthy ingredients.

And why would you.

At the end of the day many people give up or cut back alcohol to be more healthy.

In my case I want the best for my liver given I nearly died so why would I replace one bad habit for another or replace some poison for something else!

Planet Organic avoid things like:

  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Flavors, colors, preservatives
  • Genetically modified products

It seems they also have a team that works behind the scenes that makes this happen as well. It just does happen my accident.

I think that is good news for the alcohol free market in terms of credentials.

Many people who message or comment on the blog posts say it really matters to them.

Organic Veg


You love a good back story.

Planet Organic London also do the same with meat, fish and other food products such as vegetables.

And their skin care range has the same ethics.

Community Outreach

I am massive on linking to communities and I do think that making a difference or cause related marketing is something I wish more people did. So there is support for school and communities by Planet Organic London which I think is brilliant.

And if you think about it giving people choices in an alcohol fueled world also lends itself to making a difference. It’s one of the reasons I do this blog.

Alcohol free is still misunderstood my many, certainly in some bars.

Planet Organic London Outreach

They also give discounts to key workers and prioritize vulnerable customers.

There is also a commitment to diversity and training which is a key part of this organic based business that wants to give back.


You can read my favorite alcohol free gin review and I would love to get your comments.

So what product did I get from Planet Organic London that I could not see anywhere else?

Now I use a range of many suppliers which I recommend on this blog some with affiliate links and some without.

My aim is to give an overall helpful guide to an alcohol free lifestyle.

I don’t get precious about it as the subject is too important.

Now if you like alcohol free sparkling wine even more than one without the bubbles then I share your view. I am always looking for good quality brands.

Now before you jump in and say its all grape juice the good news is that it isn’t and actually the process apart from when the alcohol is removed is the same as alcohol wine and fizz.

It’s actually the taking out of the alcohol that is different and until they had the process sorted it would take out all the other flavors as well which is why alcohol free wine used to taste, well awful?

It’s all explained in the best non alcohol wine article I wrote recently and it’s worth a read but I would say that wouldn’t I?

These three brands from Planet Organic are a steel for the price.

Alcohol Free Wine

Vendome Mademoiselle Alcohol Free Sparkling Rose Wine 750ml

This taste is certainly alcohol free but you would not know it,

In terms of grapes they use the types “Airen” and “Tempranillo” which is no different to your alcohol based wine. Remember alcohol free wine is made the same it’s just the alcohol is taken out.

That is good news on the taste front.

Vendome Mademoiselle Alcohol Free


Vendome Mademoiselle is a range of alcohol-free wines which is also organic. What I like is that you have several options from sparkling to non sparkling.

This fizz goes through the dealcoholization process so keeps the flavor of the fermentation taste and the grape.

It’s Organic and Halal certified and of course it goes without saying it is vegan friendly.

If Rose is not your thing then I have also tried the other options which are equally good.

Vendome Mademoiselle Alcohol Free

Vendome Mademoiselle Alcohol Free Sparkling White Wine 750ml

This is made from the “Airen” grape and comes with the same credentials as the Rose.

Vendome Mademoiselle Alcohol Free Chardonnay Wine 750ml

This version has no sparkles but still worth a try. It’s based on a grape that I stayed away from even when I drank alcohol but as they say absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Again it’s totally alcohol free with the same credentials as the sparkling wine.

Overall the quality is great and I find it personally very inviting and very dry.

You can read my thoughts on English sparkling wine and my personal other recommendation here.

I could not find these brands anywhere else and that is part of the problem with alcohol free and if you think it’s hard online you should try and get these drinks when you are out.

Always know your alcohol limits and drink aware can help.

What is your view?

I would love to know your favorite alcohol free wine and have you tried getting these products from organic shops worldwide? Are they better geared to selling alcohol free products with vegan and other great credentials like natural ingredients?

If you have suggestions please do chuck them my way especially if they do different types of alcohol free wine sparkling or otherwise. I love tasting new things as long as they are alcohol free so 0.0% abv which stand for alcohol by volume.

My liver requests nothing else. Its very demanding nowadays!

And on a serious note we need more choice in the market place.

If you have personal experience of Planet Organic London ( This is not an affiliate link ) I would love to hear your thoughts even if it’s to balance my very good experience with them. I always respond to all your comments.


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