Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free Taste Test

This week we went to episode 7 of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from Presented by Ian James the drinker and Phil Roberts.

The alcohol-free drinker is Phil and the Alcohol Drinker is Ian.

This week we are talking about Perlenbacher Beer Alcohol-Free 0.0 abv

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We talked about how difficult it is to get alcohol-free beer offline in bars and restaurants, and we would always love to get your views.


This week we reviewed the Perlenbacher Alcohol-Free Beer from Lidl. Yes, my co-presenter Ian has been around supermarkets again. He loves it!

The issue is here are you prepared to pay for an own label superstore or alcohol-free supermarket beer.

And I am putting snobbery aside; why not? It’s a balance of cost against taste.

After all, the more choice, the better right and in the UK, that could be an own brand from Lidl, Aldi or Sainsbury’s

Around the world, there will be stores that use so-called white labels and brand them as their own.

However, as Ian likes to spice things up, we played Russian Roulette, well, kind of, but I had to wear a blindfold. This is a good idea because when you see the brand, you decide based on that rather than the taste.

We can be very visual, after all, even when it comes down to alcohol-free beer!

Lidl Perlenbacher 0.0 abv Podcast review

I noticed, and Ian, my co-presenter, agree that we are fine describing this as a lager drink.

Read what is alcohol-free lager

It’s called Perlenbacher 0.0, and it is by all accounts a German supermarket chain’s brand. You may have heard of the brand called Lidl.

In the UK, it’s very much seen as good quality essential but very low prices, and it’s done well over the years, as people aim to treat themselves but work on a budget.

I would love to know what the own-brand labels are in your countries email

Lidl Perlenbacher 0.0 Podcast Review


In terms of Lidl, it is undoubtedly not a browsing supermarket at all. There is one of everything, and you go to it and get what you want and get out.

In a time-strapped world, that is no bad thing.

Perlenbacher Beer 0.0 or Alcohol-Free was a new one to me, and bear in mind my first taste of it involved wearing an eye mask, so I could not see what it was.

It makes for an exciting podcast.

Now we got excited about this choice, and given it’s sold in Lidl; I was excited as German and Non-Alcoholic beers have a good track record as far as I can tell.

However, Ian has some news for me.

It was brewed in France, and it is not very clear from any information how they make it.

We could not tell if it was brewed without alcohol or if the alcohol was taken out after production.

For example, Bavaria is made without any alcohol produced.

Lidl Perlenbacher 0.0 abv beer bottle

Once I had taken the blindfold off, I was pleasantly surprised by the bottle; it was good branding, good colour and looked the part.

We were not sure what the three stars represented, though. You could tell; clearly, it was alcohol-free beer, and for me and my health, that is so important.

What’s in it?

Ian was the first of us to notice the hop extract ingredient, which makes some of the after-taste aromas make sense,

The alcohol-free brand is using extract instead of dried hops.


It also has citric acid, flavourings, water and barley malt.

Since giving up alcohol, and not to mention I had been blindfolded, I am always first to check the labels.

There is nothing really to shout about here: 21 calories, 5.2g carbs, and 1.4g sugar per 100ml. Both me and Ian agreed this seemed pretty standard when compared to other alcohol-free beers.

Did we like it?

Perlenbacher 0.0 alcohol-free has lots of good things going for it with a few negatives. The real issue is the price versus taste.

For the money, it’s hard not to recommend it as a good option.

It has a great amber colour which we could see despite drinking out of studio approved paper cups.

There was plenty of fizzes and head but not too gassy, and the foam stayed with us as we drank it live on the podcast.

It was very hoppy with undertones of lemon, grapefruit and pepper, but there was a strange aftertaste, but this soon went away.

Ian and I worked out this was probably due to extract rather than anything else.

Overall it was a very clean cut drink and certainly one I would drink again.

For some, you might notice the acidic flavour, but with all the other flavour going on, I doubt you would see it and taste it for long.

As an alcohol drinker, Ian said it could pass off as alcohol, and I agree.

It good, though, to remember non-alcoholic beer is not meant to taste the exact mimic it.

Read about the best beer brands here

What would you drink it with?

Lidl Perlenbacher 0.0 non-alcoholic beer is a drinkable lager in our view and not one you would need to have with food either.

I’m not too fond of it when people say alcohol-free beer is OK with food, which should not be the case.

For the money, it gets a thumbs up from us. And I give it extra points for being clear on the branding and 0.0 abv.

Not three stars, as the labels say, but definitely, neither of us would be complaining!

We reckon it would be great for a summer barbecue on a budget.

Let us know on the alcohol-free drinks podcast for your view, leave a comment below or if you are a fan of your superstore or supermarket own brand.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

The alcohol-free headlines from

Every week in the podcast, we look at some of the alcohol-free stories worldwide, from the states to the UK to Australia and Canada.

And our first story today is about graduation night and prom night. This is a big thing now?

Massive, it’s like Halloween in the UK. We never had Halloween like they do in the states!

Alcohol and Prom night are in the news, and alcohol-free drinks are being pushed. What a great idea!

The 4 W’s

  • Where are you going?
  • Who Are you with?
  • When will you be home?
  • Will alcohol be present?

Of course, having non-alcoholic drinks as an alternative will make a massive difference, and we will be interested to see how that goes.

Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine on arrival, maybe that could be a start. We reviewed one in the last podcast episode.

Also, in the podcast headlines, a series in the UK called Last of the Summer Wine and they are auctioning off the car. It is expected to raise 15k!

It was national wine day on the 25th of May. And for the first time, commentators say that alcohol-free wine was included as part of the industry promotion.

How is alcohol-free wine made?

So I thought that was a great move forward.

That is amazing!

That is a significant step forward, and we committed to covering more non-alcoholic wine reviews on the podcast.

Always know your limits through the drinkaware website.

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Next week, we’re going to be talking about travelling around the world.

Travel restrictions are being lifted around travel and holidays.

We’ll be talking about getting on a flight, and will they have alcohol free drinks on it?

And if so, where are you going? And what is it like when you get there?

Will you order alcohol free drinks? And the first country we’re going to work on is Spain.

We’re going to look at some of the Spanish alcohol-free drinks.

As ever, we would love to hear from you and let us know what you think of the podcast and leave your comment below.

We would especially love to know about white label alcohol-free beer, and if you are in the UK, have you tasted Perlenbacher 0.0 alcohol-free?



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