Overall Rank for Pimento Ginger and Chilli Beers

Rating 10/10

Chilli and ginger are probably one of my favorite things in the world so to get a 0.0 abv option with a kick is fantastic news. These are chilli beers alcohol free and I really like them !

Don’t worry about it being over powerful either. I have seen most people drink this without a problem. I actually find it quite thirst quenching.

Product Description

It’s non-alcoholic carbonated drink to give it its proper title 🙂 but classed within chilli beers.

The ingredient are carbonated water, sugar, acidifier: citric acid, natural flavors, sweeteners: Acesulfame K, Sucralose, color: caramel E150d.


  • It’s totally 0.0% abv and a good alternative to non-alcoholic beer
  • Great with ice and maybe a slice of lime if you have one in the fridge
  • It’s a great summer drink but I find ginger can also warm you up in the cold.
  • If you like chocolate with a chilli kick you will like this.
  • Chilli beers are on the rise in terms of popularity so expect to see more


  • Could be considered expensive but it is a specialist drink and per unit it is reasonable
  • Not seen it in bars but chilli beers are out there
  • Can be used as a mixer for alcoholic spirit so key an eye on it if like me you are a strict 0.0% ABV person.
  • Needs ice really and to be cold so keep it in the fridge.

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Enjoy With

This chilli beer can be used anywhere in terms of social drinking. Personally I would not recommend spicy dishes as the whole point of it is to give you a kick and balance the flavors so one could drown the other out.


I love these chilli beers even for general occasions, first it was chilli and chocolate as far as my taste buds go and now a 0.0% alcohol free option of ginger and chilli. I think I have just discovered bliss and it proves you can drink alternative to alcohol in a glass with ice and a slice.

A great clear brand that deserves at least a try. Yes it is a thirst quencher but it is also a savoring kind of drink.

It also takes some pressures off socially to drink. People tend to ignore you ( as in go on have a drink ) if you have something that looks like alcohol.

ginger and chilli beers

Top tip: Add some frozen lime slices into the mix. Remember always check the label for 0.0% abv.

For more info on alcohol and your limits visit the drink aware website

Your View

I would love to know what you think about these ginger and chilli beers overall as an alternative. Leave your comment below. I always respond. Honestly I do! It also gets the debate going on other brands, options and social drinking.



4 thoughts on “Ginger and Chilli Beers Alcohol Free”

  1. This was quite interesting as I would have not thought about this combination.  I am just not crazy about the use of Sucralose.  Why even add it?  

    I did not even know Chili beer was a thing. The use of Chocolate reminds me of when my Mom would make Mole at home.  It was pretty good.  I would think that fresh limes would be better that frozen ones. After readying your post I am tempted to try it out. 

    • Thanks for commenting on chilli beers Sam, I really appreciate it. To be honest on reflection I agree about sucralose but I don’t think it affects the drink and the taste. You are so right to flag though. I have never come across  Mole so I will look that up! I love it when I learn something new! Thanks so much for taking time out to share your thoughts, I really value it. Phil

  2. Hello Phyl, Just went through your unique article “Overall Rank for Pimento Ginger and Chilli Beers”. Though I was not aware about chilly beer earlier. I loved the concept. This is quite interesting as I never imagined about this combination. As I love spicy things, I am tempted to try it out.

    • Thanks Rajesh, I agree its an interesting combination but I think it works. Of course you have to like chilli and ginger so I am well looked after with this one! I appreciate your time to read my review on chilli beers, thanks Phil (ps if you do try it ,  come back and leave a comment!)


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