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FREESTAR BEER is probably one of the better new entrants to the alcohol free market so would be in the top five for me and of course it is really well branded and gaining a reputation. Product reviews are my personal experience and shared here at 00abv.com

00abv.com Rating 9/10

Freestar beer is in my top five 0.0 choices for zero alcohol beer and is one of the few totally alcohol free beers where there is never any alcohol in the process.

It is becoming more common and this is shared with so click here to taste the difference Bavaria 0.0%

Product Description

FreeStar Beer is a 0.0% alcohol free beer so get a big thumbs up from me. It won an award and it’s a blend of water, barley (malted) perle hops and includes other natural ingredients which to be fair they are rather vague about.


0.0% ABV so alcohol by volume which is a key factor and you can click here to find out why this rating is important for an alcohol free beer. It won at the world beers awards which gets good credibility. It’s environmental as well and creates 70 percent less waste and uses 80% less water than other brewing methods so we like that.

The taste is good and it’s considered gluten free. I would summarize by saying the taste is fresh with a balanced citrus feel but nothing overpowering. Definitely good for just a few drinks now at the bar or for pizza, pasta and other food. Or in the sun!


To be honest the only downside is the price and it’s at the upper end but comes down the more you buy. I guess this may level out over time. Not available in many bars based on my own research so far.


Freestar Beer comes in at around £24.99 as an average for 12 cans click for (online purchase). Generally not found in bars in my experience but establishments are catching on and charging more so will depend on the Restaurant pricing and structure.


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Product Specifications

FREESTAR BEER is alcohol free so hey it’s 0.0% ABV. And Gluten free, natural and Vegan the only one to make this claim in the UK currently according to the brewer and according to the label and in terms of calories an impressive 62 which we like. Find out why calories in no alcohol beer is important,

Enjoy With

I would definitely say this is a casual drinking 0.0% abv option for alcohol free beer and FREESTAR beer is a good lunchtime catch up with friends option. It goes with most food, Mexican and Italian in particular.


An excellent addition for me personally if a bit pricey currently but I really enjoy the taste. It boasts it’s credentials and definitely seems to have a passion for it’s product. I would recommend as a good social option.



4 thoughts on “Overall Rank and Review FREESTAR BEER”

  1. Thank you for this informative review.  I have not had the chance to try this to-date, but your clear articulation of the product and its pros/cons are enough to provide me a good idea about it.  For sure, having won at the world beers awards says something about the product quality and credibility. Also, I like the fact that the brewing process is environmentally friendly.  Coupled with good taste and being gluten-free, I would agree that it is a good drink, and this more than makes up for the price.

    • Hey thanks so much for taking time out to share your view. I am always looking for new products in this range. I really appreciate it, Phil

  2. Who doesn’t love beer?

    Thank you for sharing. Honestly I have never heard of this brand. But seeing your review it made me want to try it, especially since it’s “alcohol free”. Wonder how would that taste like?

    Anyway, I would definitely give this one a shot (haha get it) and see if it is really good on your review. Thanks!

    • Hey thanks for sharing this much appreciated. I think its case of trying out different no alcholic beers and see what works for you. They are best out the can or bottle and really cold in my view. Some of my favourites are here. Thanks for taking the time out to comment, I really appreciated it. Thanks Phil


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