Non-Seco – Cheap Alcohol-Free Plonk

As the market for alcohol-free drinks starts to try out different options, it seems that supermarkets in the UK often only have one fizz option, and it is called Nonseco but is also called Nonsecco!

It seems while I could search today and not find any alcohol free wine or beer in stores, alcohol free sparkling wine is out there on the bottom shelf and priced accordingly.

So what is Nonseco, and is it worth it?

For the price, you probably have nothing to lose.

What is NonSeco?

Firstly it’s also spelt NonSecco by people, so I’ll get the confusion out the way before we start!

This nonseco could be called an alcohol free sparkling wine.

I write about sparkling wine with no alcohol here.

However, this producer has branded it NONSECCO, so they own the brand as it were.

It is made in France but Italian in feel.

It has a golden look about it and is very fruity as you would expect. It’s made with chardonnay grapes.

The bubbles jump out and are not lacking, and overall, this is a good one on the pallet.

Here is the interesting one even though it is Alcohol-Free, the label states it is less than 0.5% as it could have a trace. This is pretty standard in the industry.

Even orange juice as alcohol is it, although it does not come under the same licensing law.

It isn’t obvious to people.

And it’s very confusing as an alcohol-free drinker.

Read How Much Alcohol in Orange Juice here.

If you were to label the alcohol version of this, you would be saying it’s a “type” of PROSECCO from Italy, which is probably reflected in the price!

As you would, with a glass of prosecco, think citrus, honey, melon and pears.

What’s In It?

Look, I don’t think this is the most polished alcohol-free sparkling wine in the world when you check out the ingredients, but it’s going for a cheap plonk approach for the money.

And I say this with love!


However, they get away with it as, to be fair, it is very drinkable on every level.


De-alcoholised White Wine, Sugar, Acidifier: Citric Acid E330, Flavour, Carbon Dioxide, Preservatives: Potassium Sorbate E202, Sulphur Dioxide E220

When would you drink it?

If I am honest, I know a few people who have used this for a wedding reception to keep their non-alcoholic friends happy.

I think this is a brilliant thing to know as so often wedding guests don’t have anything to choose from, including no gin, beers or even wine!

The cost is also not prohibited; after all, weddings can be expensive before catering to non-alcoholic drinkers!

I write about a non-alcoholic free drink for a wedding here.

What do you really think?

I think it is a good call for the money if you put the labelling confusion to one side, although it is alcohol-free and there is probably more trace of alcohol in your banana.

Read how much alcohol in my banana?

So the good news by law, you can say it’s non-alcoholic.

Here are the guidelines from the UK drink aware website.

Low alcohol -Alcohol by volume (abv) above 0.5% but not more than 1.2%.

De-alcoholised -A drink with alcohol extracted and has an abv of not more than 0.5%.

Alcohol-free – Not more than 0.05% abv

So if we are saying it is alcohol-free, it would be pushing it, but it is officially de-alcoholised. So you could serve it and stay sober.

I suppose the alcohol is up there with many foods as a natural trace. At the end of the day, we are talking grapes here.

It has got around 6g of sugar which is decent, although please don’t feel this is a diet drink as it isn’t.

The number of comments I get on the blog that says is alcohol-free or de-alcoholised a diet drink.


It does have calories, although good to remember that alcohol has around 7 calories per gram.

So you don’t get drunk and control your food intake but always watch your sugar intake.

Here are the NHS guidelines on sugar, if it helps!

Is it really grapefruit juice?

Well, the good news is alcohol-free wine has moved on. That’s a good thing! There was a time when it would have tasted like fruit juice, but the good news is not anymore.

This was not the driest sparkling wine or the best, but it was nowhere near the stuff you used to get.

If you know what I mean by the term drinkable, you are on the “right lines”.

I am not really a massive fan of chardonnay grapes, but the alcohol-free sparkling wine producers seem to have used them well.

I have had several brands that have been made from the grapes, and they are all doing a good job in terms of being not too sweet and on the more dry side!

I don’t do sweet wine!

However, this is really nice, well drinkable, and the good news tackles my biggest fear which is it’s not very sweet at all.

The stores labelling can be confusing, from less than 0.5% abv to 0.1% alcohol to no labelling at all. So alcohol by volume is key, and it’s not very clear in my view.

The Look

If the glass were in front of you, it would look like Prosecco and have bubbles like Prosecco.

But what you gain on the non-alcoholic front, you have to be prepared to put aside as it’s, not Prosecco, and it’s de-alcoholised.

It’s important to remember that alcoholic free options are never going to be the same!

But if you can’t, don’t or choose not to drink alcohol, then it’s a good low-cost price.

Could this be the next Teetotalers’ Champagne?

Err NO!

But if you are bored with elderflower pressé or had a bad experience with sparkling grapefruit juice ( join the queue ), yes, this is a good option.

I was hoping you could read my review of my favourite alcohol-free fizz here.

Nearly Full marks on the NonSeco branding!

The branding and the dark labelling works well, and for the price, it looks and feels special.

It is why if you are on a budget for a wedding reception and want to please your non-drinkers, it would not look out of place in a wine bucket.

Alcohol-Free Drinks for Weddings

Points off for the confusion on abv, so alcohol by volume.

I had to read the label several times, and some of the corresponding shelf labels don’t say the same thing or are at least vague.

I wrote to one of the stores about this but did not receive a reply!

Where Can I buy Nonsecco?

In the UK right now, you won’t have to search very far.

It seems to be their cheap plonk alcohol-free option, and fair enough for a Saturday night fizz; it does the job.

There are better alcohol-free sparkling wines out there, but I have included an affiliate link below if you want to check out the online option.

Bear In mind it seems to be selling fast as cheap plonk does, even if it’s alcohol-free!

How times have changed.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect your pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



Would NonSeco go with food?

Yes, it would actually, and I would say a celebratory style drink.

I could see it being a perfect combination with the following:

  • Seafood
  • Fish
  • Tapas
  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Buffets

But in reality, a glass of fizz with a film alcohol-free style is always a good call.

If you are looking to reduce your alcohol, check out the drink aware website and know your limits.

What’s Your View?

I will love to know if you have now had the chance to try out some alcohol-free sparkling. What about Nonseco or Nonsecco. How would you spell it?

Leave your comment on nonseco below, and I always respond!



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