Non Alcoholic Coffee Liqueur

There is an TV advertiser in the UK that shows a butler bringing in lots of chocolates on a tray with Irish Cream.

But unfortunately no non alcoholic coffee liqueur!

It is very rare if we are honest to find it as a product.

Yes a lot of alcohol drinks post dinner but alcohol free choices coming though on a tray are not very visible.

But the good news is that options are increasing all the time!

What do you do at dinner when in the background all the guests are drinking an alcohol one?

And meanwhile the Irish whiskey liqueur is wafting across the room as it does!

People will often ask for alcohol free one but so far and in most countries if I asked for that I would just get the coffee.

It’s like saying your alcohol free so sit in the corner with some fizzy water or at best some elderflower presse.

Of course us alcohol free drinkers expect more nowadays.

For me it used to be Baileys with Coffee smothered in cream but since giving up alcohol I really am left wanting a bit.

Irish Cream

In terms of options it is still the territory of alcohol free beers, wines, sparkling wine on offer if at all.

And lately gin has become a big thing.

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But the good news is things are changing!

Yes it’s time to bring on a non alcoholic coffee liqueur.

But first let’s look at what an alcohol one is all about.

Of course please be aware of caffeine and don’t blame me if you can’t sleep.

What is a coffee liqueur?

If you had to say what one is in a sentence you might struggle as it’s so diverse!

As someone once said to me, a coffee liqueur is something that would only be served in the upper class lounge but someone left the door open.

That actually made me laugh.

Alcohol Free Irish Coffee

There is something about having something sweet after dinner and if we cut back on alcohol that is great but there is no point topping it up with sugar.

But my dietitian said when I was ill, it’s all about balance and treats are allowed just not all the time.

So yes a coffee liquor is about a drink but it’s also about having it as part of your pudding or desert.

Its part of the dinner occasion.

Now when I drank alcohol I would sometimes order a coffee liqueur that came with plenty of cream.

And I would save a fortune as I could order a coffee liqueur and save money on the desert.

The good news is you can do the same with an alcohol free coffee liqueur !


Although here comes the health warning and it’s not about the alcohol.

Always know your alcohol limits though through drink aware

My warning is this :

You will often struggle to get an alcohol free liqueur in a bar or restaurant.

And if you ask for a coffee liqueur you might well get served a Black Russian or some other cocktail.

So always make sure you state you are after an alcohol free one!

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Why have an alcoholic one?

There are lots of reasons why you may want to have alcohol free coffee liqueur.

You can’t, shouldn’t or don’t want to drink alcohol.

We live in an alcohol culture and as I have found since giving up alcohol never be afraid to ask for what you want.

Even if you get some funny looks!

If you think about how coffee houses have expanded over the years and most don’t serve alcohol.

Coffee Shops Have Expanded


So you also should not feel made to feel awkward in a restaurant either.

One thing to be wary of is that very often alcohol is shoved in a desert without thinking.

And I am not just talking about sherry trifle here either!

Read more on alcohol and desserts.

Which brand is alcohol free?

Lyre’s is an impressive brand if rather elusive at times.

It is made in Australia and they have a whole range of Alcohol Free Spirits.

They are one of the few brands pushing the non alcoholic coffee liqueur and while it’s true I have shied away from some of their other options, this is certainly one to consider.

It’s a special nice touch if you are having a dinner party and you don’t want to feel the alcohol free guest is waiting while everyone else sips on the Irish Coffee and Cream!

So the brand you need to search for is :

Lyre’s Coffee Original Non-Alcoholic Spirit – Coffee Liqueur Style

This is officially called a Crafted Non-Alcoholic Spirit based around Coffee and it does what it says on the tin!

Taste wise think of a basic espresso with the added flavors of a bit of spice, caramel essence and toasted nuts.

Do that and you probably have a good idea of what it tastes like.

One thing to say though is that it does waft of a classic vanilla desert so if that is not your thing you may not be over keen!

For me personally it is what makes it!

You can purchase through my affiliate link below.

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.



What do you think?

Readers always ask me what do you really think so here is my best take.

The first thing to say is this is not a full on alcohol experience as it is “alcohol free”.

As with all alcohol free spirits you are in fact looking to “mimic” the taste.

My simple recommendation is to have it with something else and not just on its own.

Maybe pour over your chosen desert or add it to an espresso. For me that is the way to go with an alcohol free coffee liqueur!

My best bet is to pour it over an ice cream like you would with an affogato.



Yes it is a sweet drink with a coffee, chocolate and vanilla undertones so you should bear that in mind when adding it to a desert.

I cannot think of a desert where it would not add some great tasting attributes although as a substance it was much thinner than I expected it to be.

Drink it as a side portion of maybe mint ice cream or even strawberries and cream.

Just use 1 small scoop of mint chocolate ice cream and your sorted!

If you have it in a small glass on the side you won’t need much off it as it is very rich but that also means its good value as well.

It will certainly last for a while.

Lyre’s is the only player in this market.

And leading the way in this area.

Well in my view!

It can certainly be a good one to add to a mocktail which could be perfect on a workday if you want to avoid a midweek hangover.

I know a few people have said they use it to make mocktail style chocolate or coffee martini.

Nice idea!

Alcohol Free Coffee Martini

To be honest once you get creative there is no end to the options.

It’s just not alcohol and that really is your only restriction. Apart from that anything goes.

You could also add it to a cold coffee drink in a take away cup while walking down the street and it would work.

The thing about alcohol free drinks is really it is meant to give you options when you don’t drink or are cutting back.

People sometimes can over think it!

When Would you drink this?

The list as with many alcohol free drinks are endless.

However non alcoholic coffee liqueur does lend itself to :

  • Dinner parties
  • Post restaurant liqueurs when everyone else is on an Irish coffee.
  • Poured over Ice Cream or your favorite desert
  • It goes well with trifle
  • Picnics on a summer day
  • Cold coffee on the go
  • Hot coffee on a winter day

non alcoholic coffee liqueur

I certainly would not recommend it with a savory desert but that’s a personal thing.

I would love to know if you would try a non alcoholic coffee liqueur or if you have tried the Lyre’s Alcohol Free Liquor range.

Leave your message below and I always get back to you.



4 thoughts on “Non Alcoholic Coffee Liqueur”

  1. Thanks for bring Lyres to our attention.

    It is very strange that there is only one main company making this coffee liqueur, when it is such a popular drink and served in all licensed hotels and restaurants.

    Personally I’d rather have a slice of cheesecake or lemon meringue pie after my dinner lol.

    We are still in lockdown here, so I can’t even get a meal out, no mind an Irish coffee.  But hopefully soon!

    • There is nothing wrong with a slice of cheesecake Geoff, I like your style. How about an alcohol free spirit poured over it! Now there is a thought. 

      I know what you mean about a meal out, that made me smile! Hopefully soon, All the very best and thanks so much for reading, Phil

  2. Delicious! It’s nice to know there is a non alcoholic coffee liqueur available. I aim to keep a healthy diet and limit my alcohol intake, so this is a great alternative.

    Mixing up some of Lyre’s liqueur with ice and cream to make an iced coffee drink sounds tasty to me! Thanks for sharing this non alcoholic option.

    • Hey Leah, you read my mind that is one of my favourite options. I like your style! There are some great non alcoholic spirits out there ! Thanks for reading and its much appreciated, all the best, Phil


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