Non Alcoholic Beer Review

So a 0.3 per cent beer in a non alcoholic beer review of SO Beer.

Even I was curious and I enlisted some help from Graham who will drink anything over 0.0% as I am quite strict like that.

But he is my “go to reviewer” when it comes to anything a bit more alcoholic even though my banana would have much more.

However safety first and all that.

This brand seemed a bit confusing but I agreed to write a review and the feedback I got was fantastic.

The brand is called SO.

So is it any good?

Well it is a very good write up on paper and it seems to be new boy on the block so let’s dive in!

SO BEER Non Alcoholic Free Beer Review

Now I’m a big fan of the Grapefruit Alcohol Free Beers but I wasn’t sure on the 0.3% abv so decided to dive in deeper.

ABV is alcohol by volume and tells us how much alcohol is in a drink alcohol free or otherwise.

The official listing goes a bit like this :

Anything under 0.5% is effectively alcohol free but in case you are wondering.

  • Alcohol-free beer = no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised beer = no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low-alcohol beer = no more than 1.2% ABV
  • Alcoholic beer = contains more than 1.2% ABV

The first two is how it is made mainly although even some 0.0% have a trace of alcohol of up to 0.05%.

Heineken comes to mind.

Always know your limits when it comes to alcohol and my favorite resource is the drink aware website.

Before you worry too much about beers over 0.0% – alcohol occurs naturally in many products including bread rolls, orange Juice and my Banana.

For more info read how much alcohol is in my banana?

So Grapefruit or no Grapefruit?

It turns out the SO Non Alcoholic Beer brand has two flavors which was a bit confusing if we are honest.

It is one of those brands that looks sexy but you have to really look closely to see what you are really drinking!

So two beers, one with a Grapefruit Zest and one without.

OK got it!

Graham went with the Grapefruit option first although he ended up liking both.

The ingredients were what you would expect and a very clear cut.

Ingredients Water, Barley, Wheat (Gluten), Oats, Hops, Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan.

We had to research the Glucan bit and kept a detached view.

On the upside this is one of those great additions to the alcohol free stable which is officially classed as Non Alcoholic

And if we are honest we could not get our head around the 0.3% abv.

We were like why do it? Why not make it 0.0%?


Non Alcoholic Beer Brand Review

Again this was Graham as the official tester on this one.

The grapefruit came through well and both of us are fine with this citrus addition to an alcohol free stable lager.

We think citrus is a great addition to alcohol free beer.

My favorite 0.0 beer with a citrus feel is Free Star.

It really is excellent! And its 0.0 % ABV.

Positives – So Non Alcoholic Lager

This is vegan which many of these beers now are.

And to be honest more and more people even as drinkers are coming to them for this very reason.

Good calorie count? Yes this definitely score on that criteria!

And no alcohol free does not mean calories free or diet as some people think but this beer comes in at around 40 calories in each can.

At the end of the day alcohol counts for a lot of calories. So it won’t solve the diet issue but it can help.

Vegan, low in sugar and only 40 calories per can.

That got to be good news right?


Alcohol Free Beers 50 calories and under

Now they claim a lot of benefits in this beer which I am always healthily skeptical about.

Its positioning is natural ingredients although this could be true for many beers.

They also brew it as a non alcoholic beer from the start so they definitely are committed to the natural Ingredients and the alcohol free market.

The beer plays quite rightly on its mineral and vitamin content.

But here is what I could not get my head around.

The big play on the ImmunoBoost Formula that included 250mg of Beta Glucan

The beer claims to help with Immune strength and health.

Now for me a good diet and no alcohol can do a lot of that if not all of it for you. So I wondered if it was playing to the health food market or energy drink portfolio.

At the end of the day we really want natural ingredients and good tasting alcohol free beer don’t we?

The other SO beer is just the same but without the hint of citrus or grapefruit .

So once you have got your head around that it’s pretty clear!

They seem to down play their Irish credentials although it is an Irish based non alcoholic beer.

But I think they are going for the Beer with Benefits category.

It will be interesting to see if they carry this off!

Although credit where credit is due they have done some research in this area and their quote on the 250mg of Beta Glucan is that it “has been proven in 50 clinical studies” according to their research.

So at least there is some back up research there.

How do they make it?

This is where I struggled a bit with the 0.3 per alcohol by volume

The SO beer brand don’t boil the beer to remove the alcohol and so they are creating it with alcohol free beer in mind without removing any of the core taste and ingredients.

So the 0.3% alcohol must be natural I guess.

As a total alcohol free drinker it did confuse me even though the amount is minimal.


Non Alcoholic Beer with Health Benefits

So add the Beta Glucan has this is where the health benefits kick in.

I thought that the alcohol free bit!

It’s a really nice idea and I can see it appeal to the post gym market for those who don’t want to stack up the calories and alcohol after a gym workout.

And to be fair it tastes like a good.

Its a clean lager albeit alcohol free even with the 0.3% credentials and Graham said he would certainly have it after a gym workout.

In fact, we both felt the marketing was in danger of getting in the way of a great non alcoholic beer.

The 0.3% must account for its natural brewing process as we could not work it out otherwise.

I just wonder why they could not make it 0.0% or does that interfere with their brewing process?

You can purchase both beers below:

As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines.

The Company

I am a big fan of the outlook of this company called the Naked Collective.

The slogan is “Powered by Plants, People and Purpose”

Based in Ireland they push the fact that they are a carbon neutral beverage company.

I have often said when it comes down to non alcoholic beer it’s very much led by the owners.

This company is no different.

Catherina and Niall are passionate about sugar awareness and the planet and I really applaud them for that.

It’s definitely an ethos around being socially and personally responsible which is becoming a real feature of the alcohol free drinks market and that is why more and more alcohol drinkers are coming to it.

Read my review of Alcohlic Beer Brands here


Would Graham drink this again absolutely it is a great tasting beer we just could not understand the 0.3 percent abv push.

Firstly it seems like an odd figure and the health stuff could just get in the way of the great tasting lager.

I will personally be avoiding it but if you are flexible on your alcohol intake I certainly would not avoid it and give it a try.

In the alcohol free market we need great choice.

And although the whole health push for me is the alcohol free opportunity I get the added benefit of pushing the extra ingredients.

The challenge for them will be health food or bar drinks?

Either way they will do it with pride.

It is just a shame its not 0.0%

Would you go for alcohol free health benefits over taste. What do you make of the 0.3% abv?

Would the health benefit push you more towards this brand?

I would love to know what you think? Just leave a comment on my SO Non Alcoholic Beer Review and I always respond to your comments.



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