Nirvana Pale Ale not for us, really.

This was the taste test from the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast from

It was the Alcohol-Free Nirvana Pale Ale.

So, yes, we are into alcohol-free craft beer territory here, good and proper. Are you?

I wanted to like this one, but I was left disappointed, to be honest.

But then, to be fair to the Brewery, neither presenter of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast is now or ever has been a Pale Ale Drinker.

There you go, we have admitted our alcohol-free beer drinks sins!

I was also slightly concerned as the brewery is known for its 0.5% abv beer and the label even said 0.0% abv while also saying low alcohol.

The one thing I need to be sure of is the alcohol-free labelling regardless of the taste.

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I make no excuses for sounding drunk at the beginning. I was sober, honestly.

But you would not think it!

Key Facts about the Brewery and the Beer

  • ABV: 0.0%.
  • Calories per bottle: 90 (18 per 100ml).
  • Type: Pale Ale
  • Ingredients: water, yeast, malt, hops
  • Brewery Name: Nirvana
  • Bottle Colour: Amber
  • Vegan Friendly

Always check your alcohol consumption through the drinkaware website.

This brewery is based in London, UK, and they make a big thing about being a big craft ale producer.

As a total alcohol-free drinker, they are huge on the 0.5% abv beers, so I would not usually go near them.

They certainly have a standout brand, which probably makes them very marmite both in the brand and the taste.

I am just saying!

As you would expect with the brand, they have a somewhat spiritual vibe going on, although this was a bit over our heads, to be honest.

I am not a beer connoisseur, so I only have two questions:

First, does it taste good and is it alcohol-free as in 0.0 abv?

I tend to get a bit bored by too many other details.

But I think that makes me an average alcohol-free drinker.

Read best alcohol-free beer brands here.

The brewery style’s other point is quality, although I think this brand is aimed at beer enthusiasts rather than mass-market alcohol-free drinkers looking for a choice.

If you are like me, you are after an alternative drinking choice. 

My aim is not to look credible drinking them.

Having said that!

Choice in the alcohol-free beer and drinks market is so flawed I welcome any addition, to be honest.

After all, we are made to feel just a bit weird drinking alcohol-free beer.

However, it is still an online world in many respects.

For example, go into a bar and ask for a non-alcoholic beer, and you are lucky to get one choice!

What did Nirvana Alcohol-Free Pale Ale Taste Like?

I was afraid Buddha would be annoyed by our reaction, and it was not a spiritual moment for either of the podcast presenters.

I mean, we did not spit it out, but we were not bowled over either.

It is not that we hate craft beers, either. On the contrary, we are massive supporters, so maybe it’s just the pale ale.

The beer has a  straw-coloured or light caramel-coloured look of a beer, and to be honest, it looks and feels like a bitter ale in my eyes.

It was undoubtedly very yeast-based, as you might expect.

I will be honest in the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast studio; we are a bit restricted.

Maybe the paper cups did not help, but the beer had a very malty caramel flavour with slight sourness and just too much bitter finish for us.

It felt like a beer that was waiting for fermentation rather than a fully processed beer.

Yes, it is zero alcohol, but I am afraid no one will like every alcohol-free beer alternative.

Not should we, as no one should like every alcohol-based drink.

And I guess the danger of alcohol-free review is that you can make the assumption.

On the upside, it had a natural fizz to it, and it was undoubtedly not gassy!

It was perfectly carbonated without being overly gassy like your regular bottled beer.

Overall Rating of the Alcohol-Free Podcast from

This alcohol-free light ale did not work for us, but we accept that we are not pale ale drinkers.

Yes, it has a good feel, but the taste and our palettes did not match.

It’s got a handsome look this bottle of Nirvana Pale Ale, but we won’t be going back.

But there is no doubt this is a quality drink maker.

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