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I hope you enjoy the articles and share your experiences with me and others

I am a coach, therapist with a strong background in media, TV, radio, and social media production in my everyday world. Life is and was good. In 2019 however, I developed an illness and was admitted to hospital, and the prognosis was not good at all.

My liver and stomach were failing, and I told I had a short time to live.  Yet, I was just a social wine drinker.

It turns out liver disease can happen for any reason. This blog is not here to give medical advice but to share experiences.

However, after a great deal of personal work on myself and the brilliant work of the British National Health Service ( NHS), I was let out of the hospital and was told alcohol was an absolute no-no.

You can read about the NHS and Liver Disease here

Don’t get me wrong, I like my drink, and it wasn’t straightforward, but even my friends started to question their own consumption of alcohol. In essence, we all enjoyed a drink.

I am now living with liver disease, so as you can imagine, my interest in alcohol-free is more significant than ever!

You can read Living with Liver Disease the Awful Truth here.

It is where I currently am on my journey.

Once I was back in the real world and congratulated on my health changes, I realised the limited choice and stigma of asking for non-alcoholic drinks.

Read about alcohol alternatives and my take here.

I remember waiting for a train and asked for a 0.0 per cent beer ( for me, it has to be 0.0% abv) only to be told “what the point ? ” by the barman serving me.

I never realised I was part of a new group who can’t don’t want to or choose not to drink alcohol, and yes, there was a stigma. Not only that but choosing where available was limited.

I became fascinated by the world of alcohol-free and not just with alcohol-free drinks either.

What’s my aim here?

This website is here to help and give my experiences on not drinking alcohol.

Help the grand army of zero alcohol drinkers but looking for choice in the many bars, restaurants, and online shopping.

You will be glad to know that choice is on the increase and stigma is falling as people benefit from not drinking alcohol.

I also cover alcohol use in so many other products, and trust me; you will be surprised! From cosmetics to your shampoo, it is in there.

This started as a necessity for my health, but I now realize there are so many benefits to the lifestyle if you have the mindset. To be clear, if you are not drinking for medical reasons, please take medical advice.

You can get to know your limits through the drink aware website.

I only review 0.0% of drinks and soft drinks, making the world just a bit more exciting or less secluded at a party.

My purpose

I aim to look out for options on the best deals and new products so you can purchase them and help you save time.

I want you to feel less isolated as a non-alcohol dry drinker, so I’ll share my experience and challenge the market to provide options for us in what is, after all, a growth industry.

The growth of non-alcoholic options is around 25 per cent, so business owners will need to be on this trend to avoid missing out, and there is no doubt the products out there already have significantly improved.

Remember the non-alcoholic beer you would ask for only to drink a third and leave the rest?

I am also passionate about understanding alcohol more, and I have trained both as a hypnotherapist and BWRT therapist.

And of course, let’s have some fun in the process.

If you ever need a hand or have questions about being alcohol-free, please leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

I also don’t have all the answers either, so I will hopefully ask those in the know, and you will be part of that, I’m sure. Thanks for reading about my blog and reducing alcohol or becoming alcohol-free.

A bit more about my coach and therapy training qualifications

I’m a fully qualified therapist and a paid member of the UK’s largest hypnotherapy association

My coaching training was through ITS in London and Achievement Specialists

I am also a member of the Government Recognised CHNC

All the best,


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  1. Phil, This is a great website. I am so glad you are promoting this. Alcohol had a very destructive impact on my family. (Actually, it still is.) So, I avoid it. I also worked in law enforcement and saw the negative effects it had on people.
    Good for you for your work here. Keep it up. I am sure it will help others.

    • Thanks Barbara, thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog I really do appreciate it. I am passionate about this subject and anything I can do to help is a bonus. I get lots of lovely comments here with some amazing stories and that always inspires me to keep going with it. Your experience in this area is worth so much here and to share it personally as well. I wish you all the best, Phil


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