Morning Shakes Alcohol – Do you have them ever?


Morning Shakes Alcohol – Three words uttered after a night out!

You often see it and I was of the thinking about it a lot recently. They asked me if had them when I got admitted for liver disease. Now I was a social drinker and rarely got the shakes but when I did along with many others it has to be said it can scare you rotten.

Many people see it has a sign of social drinking and not a sign of alcoholism. You know that badge of honor that does no-one any good.

Now I am not a big label fan so I generally just call it a sign of drinking too much. In reality, I was never drunk and was generally surrounded by people who would drink just as much if not more than me. However even I have uttered those words morning shakes alcohol and hope they go away. Now having the shakes it is not a good place to be and it can also be very frightening.

I have actually seen people struggling to pick up a “morning after drink” they were shaking so much!

What causes shakes?

It’s actually a no brainer really but people try to over complicate it. Let’s be clear alcohol has a depressant effect so if you are having a bender of a session as you do, it often it can lead to the brain becoming less used to stimulation. So in effect it is cutting out sensory information.

So the night before you are in constant activity chatting, dancing, drinking, flirting then repeat. Your body just does not have time to relax. This can be ongoing for a while and then eventually the day comes to an end probably with not much water or food consumed.

So in the morning there you are feeling worse for wear as your nighttime drinks leave the body. Then you turn on the radio, TV and begin to chat about the night before and the hundred, thousands and millions of neurons in the brain become bombarded with more and more activity. The result of this is that your nervous system becomes hyperactive like you are back at the nightclub so that is when your morning shakes begin.

How to get rid of shakes?

There Is no easy cure and although the so-called hair of the dog may help very short term it is hardly going to help your body recover in the true sense of the world. Now if you feel you are suffering from alcohol poisoning please don’t wait and get urgent medical assistance. However, do not drive remember as you are still probably over the limit.

So get a lift to the hospital and not with a fellow party goer who has had the same amount of drink as you. A cab is a good idea or if the symptoms are exceptionally bad call the emergency service. Alcohol is great isn’t it.

Bear in mind sugar levels may well be low make sure you drink water and eat something. It may last anything up to 24 hours. At least if you know the cause it may help some of the anxious thoughts. Keep breathing!

One of the way to help the night before is to consume more alcohol free options like 0.0 beers and I review some of them here. That way you can still feel part of the party.

Is this what they call jitters?

The terms’ jitters has many definitions, for me it’s like a big crash, a sense of foreboding, you might think you are anxious and probably are. Remember anxiety can be brought on by the fear of the fear so the symptoms you may experience are;

  • Feeling stick
  • The floor moving towards you
  • Palpitations
  • Disorientation
  • Thirsty ( preparing for flight or fight)
  • Shaking all over
  • Pain in the chest
  • Numbness.

What is interesting is that many of the symptoms are similar to a heart attack which of course adds to the anxiety and then it is a vicious cycle.

You get the idea so if your body is having a massive rush it will try to do anything and everything to keep you safe.

By the way if you suffer with anxiety symptoms piling on the booze could make them even worse. While one may steady the nerves before you know it you are back where you started so it becomes a vicious circle.

The program from hypnosis downloads is a great resource below and it is worth getting your symptoms sorted especially if drinking is caused by going out and feeling anxious. Hypnosis can really help social anxiety which can help you avoid drinking levels at the edge of what is safe.

Signs of Liver damage

This can come on really quickly and if you are suffering morning shakes alcohol as I like to call them then remember to go and get help. It can lead to many diseases but if you are moderate then of course I am sure you will be fine. Remember though what seems fine can kill you as I was a social drinker and yet my liver packed in. Signs of liver damage can include :

  • Jaundice in the eyes and skin in general
  • Dark pee over a period ( if you are drinking lots of water and it is still there get checked out)
  • Swelling around the ankles
  • Swollen stomach

Again it’s not to panic you but to watch out for the signs and the more likely outcome is alcohol poisoning. Remember alcohol while fine for many in moderation is a poison with all the risks that go with that.

Can you change to an alcohol free lifestyle before it’s too late?

Yes of course anything you can do to stop either stops the permanent damage or in some cases can reverse it. However, with advance liver release this is sometimes very difficult to achieve. Switching to a range of non alcohol drinks can really help when you are out and about.

They are increasing in number although it is still a challenge finding and you can read the review of one of my top alcoholic gin free option here.

Remember awareness is key.

Now if you have morning shakes alcohol do let me know. How did it feel and what are you thoughts on it? What worked for you? Have you tried drinking alcohol free as an alternative? I always get back to everyone who comments.

4 thoughts on “Morning Shakes Alcohol – Do you have them ever?”

  1. Wow, I’ve never had those morning shakes, that sound spretty bad … I used to be a social drinker. I guess I still am, but I don’t go out now, and even before covid-19 I did not go out that much anyway, maybe once in a month or even less. I do enjoy some wine at home once in a while, but I don’t overdo it. 

    I’ve never had those shakes, though. It sounds scary having to deal with that … When you have shakes like that, what is the best thing to do? Lie down for a while, drink water, or go and see a doctor?

    • Hey thanks for your comment. It will depend how bad the symptoms are most people will sleep it off but water and food are key.  If you think its alcoholic posioning then it is more serious potentially. People with a serious issue will need to detox carefully so medical help is key. For most of course it will go away after around 24 hours but better safe than sorry and I am not a medical expert so it best to get immediate advice. 

      It sounds like you won’t ever experience it though thank goodness! Thanks so much for taking time out to review morning shakes alcohol. I really appreciate it. Take care, Phil

  2. Hello there this is an amazing review you have got here. i am sure that the quality information in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it as it to me this really caught my attention as i was scrolling through it i just could not it  i dont really drink but there is no harm in learning thanks for sharing this with me.

    • Thanks Joy, I really appreciate you taking time out to comment. You are so right sometimes its just great to know these things as it does help others and I hope morning shakes alcohol does that. I really appreciate you taking time out and great it got your attention. All the best, Phil


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