Moisturizers without alcohol

Moisturizers without alcohol

One of the dilemmas of giving up alcohol is that you have to then involve yourself thinking about other ways the body absorbs it rather than just drinking. I have covered food and alcohol and will probably do so again as often we don’t think about it.

Now to be clear none of my medical team spoke to me about this but there is plenty of advice especially if you are on the list for a liver transplant. So I repeat get medical advice. However, this is my personal choice and one that I am happy with.

It’s like hunting out wheat.

When I started out on this journey it reminded me of the time I gave up wheat as I was falling asleep and someone mentioned an option to take wheat out of my diet as I noticed the difference.

At the time I was doing lots of driving and I would literally have to pull over and fall asleep for an hour in a safe area then I would be fine. Well I stopped wheat and it was a miracle my energy went up and I lost weight.

However, imagine my surprise when I first started to go around a supermarket and check the ingredients, particularly of convenience food. You have guessed it, everything more or less has wheat in it. I

t’s a bit like cutting fat only to discover they pump more sugar into the product instead. This is true of moisturizers without alcohol the more you look the more you find it. It was in everything.

supermarket hunting

Can alcohol be absorbed through the skin.

There are differing opinions on this but yes even though it is a very small quantity. This question was once asked in a BBC Science magazine and the answer appears to be that more of the alcohol dissipates before it would enter the bloodstream and that the amount used in say hand sanitizer is so small we are talking “trace” and nothing more.

This is kind of backed up by the fact that when I was in hospital staff would use an alcohol based gel for examinations without question. So there has not been a case of someone being intoxicated by washing their hands with alcohol based hand wash. ( There’s a lot of them).

So it feels here we are talking more peace of mind than anything else but mouthwash can be different and I will blog about that separately. So hopefully that is piece of mind so knowing that it is down as it is with alcoholic drinks to choice.

Check out my review of alcohol free face cream

I do rank it 10/10 its brilliant. 

Effect on the skin

Now before you say it, yes I am a man and use moisturizer without alcohol and I do that as many men do for good reasons.

If you think of the sun for a moment it can cause aging prematurely and therefore having protection is key. You would not go sunbathing in very strong sun and wear no protection so why walk around on a daily basis without face moisturizer even on cloudy days the sun rays are still there.

Alcohol Free Face Cream

I remember once going for a run in Gran Canaria in Spain on a cloudy day with no protection. All I would say it was the worst sunburn I’ve had in my life and really spoiled my vacation. So what if any is the effect of alcohol on the skin?

It seems there are three consequences so why is it in moisturizer in the first place? Goodness knows.

  • It dehydrates the skin
  • Could cause your wrinkles and pores to be more visible
  • Potentially it could cause the skin to lose its healthy glow.

So regardless of the beauty advice we know as fact alcohol can add to dehydration which is why we shove so much water down ourselves after a night out or eat more thinking you’re hungry when you’re actually thirsty.

sunbathing protect

Alcohol free moisturizer is out there

So it is out there just double check the ingredients and if you are shopping remember the motto, it is OK to ask.

The ingredients are on the back but you can go to the manufacturers’ website and even then some brands have half their product with alcohol and some without.

It is as if the process was not comfortably complicated enough. One slightly naughty tip but I think it’s fair if you say you have an allergy to alcohol which in my case is kind of true but not as they will understand it and you get a better reaction from the sales assistant.

This is true for men and women by the way. For some reason they seem more comfortable with that explanation. I thought about taking a picture of my liver but thought that would be unfair!

( Jokes aside, ask for what you want and need regardless of why you want it.).

The hardest thing to find was sunscreen and I had to go through 20 brands before I found one suitable in a health food shop that was made from totally natural products and with a UVA protector which helps with the harm the sun can do to your skin.

As an aside I use the simple range of skin care which has the best options and is available in Europe and the States.

Others are out there and use what you are comfortable with.

Do a fact find and ask for what you want!

So it seems the search for alcohol free moisturizer is sometimes more difficult then the drinking options! Who would have thought.

Having said that as more and more people ask for it the manufacturers’ will have to go with the tide and remember we are part of pushing that consumer agenda.

For natural alcohol free moisturizer it does help if there is a UVA protection in the product for your face and I actually notice the difference with using it. In terms of health don’t be over worried about the alcohol but again it really is down to choice for whatever reason that is.

Again if you have been seriously ill make sure you consult your medical practitioner as these are based on my experience only. Happy moisturizing!


I would love to know what you think about using moisturizers without alcohol so do leave your comments below.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your valuable view on moisturizers without alcohol. Atleast no one will get drunk when using them but better to find one without alcohol.

  2. Hi Phil,

    I will surely benefit from the alcohol free moisturizers. I am always on the look out for a better alternative from myself and the plant.

    Thank you for sharing this useful post with us.

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