McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine: 5 reasons why zero plonk has been saved

It’s happening again but do fear not I’m testing McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine

You committed to being an alcohol-free drinker or cutting back, but the choices of your favourite tipple wine are hardly jumping off the shelf.

Everyone knows you are cutting back on alcohol, and they wait to see your face when you try the latest non-alcoholic wine.

You feel powerless, and even a little embarrassed that it might be true these alcohol-free wines do taste like grape juice after all.

As an alcohol-free drinker, you should have a better handle on the wine.

As you try different options, you make sure your face does not tell the picture that everyone was expecting, so you avoid that grimacing face and the look that says, “I don’t think so!”

But maybe you’re too hard on yourself. Perhaps you need a few more alcohol-free wine choices in your zero alcohol wine toolbox.

Before you resign yourself to an entire bottle of alcohol vino after work, here are 5 reasons to try McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine

1 – Wow, that’s an alcoholic-free Sauvignon Blanc.

We want the same types of wine, don’t we?

I mean, it’s meant to mimic the alcohol stuff but let’s not lose sight of some of our excellent wine choice, grapes and flavours.

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc NV alcohol-free is a fresh wine that appeals to our tastes and aromas that we love.


Wow, that's an alcoholic-free Sauvignon Blanc.

I mean, you want it to smell nice and be good for the nose.

This alcohol-free wine has scents of gooseberry, which I remember only as a kid, plus citrus fruits which go well together.

By all accounts, it’s pulled off an alcohol-free Sauvignon Blanc providing great flavours. But please don’t expect it to taste like alcohol as it won’t.

2- Several McGuigan products have won awards

Now I am not a big fan of awards, and they can be a bit pretentious.

But when it comes to alcohol-free wine, I think it matters.

After all, winemakers and their critics can be harsh.

And if the alcohol-free drinks market did anything for too long, they created drinks that tasted like crap.

I mean, we are told to cut back our alcohol, not increase it after drinking some of the non-alcoholic stuff.

The choice is well suitable for an alcohol-free drinker.

OK, so Mcguigan Alcohol-Free is relatively new to the field of zero wine.

However, like the Spanish Brand Torres, McGuigan, White wines have obtained a fantastic pedigree and appeal.

Several McGuigan products have won awards

They have been named International Winemaker of the Year a record four times.

But if that is based on alcohol wine, that is a good thing as they are willing to stick their neck out in the alcohol-free wine market.

We need the big brands to do this, and they will not put their reputation at risk.

That means they will do their best to make the non-alcoholic white wine they produce good quality.

3- McGuigan makes a red wine that is alcohol-free red wine

So you go out for Sunday lunch or that Steak dinner, and you look at the wine list, and there is zero.

And not in a good way.

I mean zero alcohol-free wine choice.

I bet you have been there where this alcohol-free lifestyle is proving more complicated than you first thought.

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McGuigan Zero Shiraz maybe not be on the pub menu but ring ahead and ask them to get a bottle in.

That’s what I do, and they will do it if you ask nicely.

This is how a red should be, and of course, it is alcohol-free.

Subtle spice and vanilla notes, plums and forest berry aromas.

Perfect with that dinner out.

Plus, it is very fruity, something I like in a glass of red wine, and with alcohol-free, those aromas are critically essential.

This non-alcoholic Shiraz has blackcurrants jumping out, and as they say in the wine world, it’s very rounded and smooth.

Plus, if you don’t fancy a glass of red wine and something a bit lighter, they also do a better rose than I expected.

I have to say alcohol-free wine and rose do make a good pairing.

I think it’s one of the reasons I love Belle and Co  Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine.

McGuigan Zero Rose, No Alcohol Wine is, of course, Australian, and if you like the mix of “Strawberries, forest berries and citrus” then, you will find this a good choice with food.

Actually, unlike the red option, I could honestly drink this socially without food, and that is saying something!

According to my research, it’s supposed to be good with a Waldorf salad.

Let’s be honest here!

We are not all Waldorf salad eating maniacs.

And don’t say shellfish either.


4- Alcohol-free Aussie Wine

Australia is going bonkers for all alcohol-free wine and beers right now, and it’s showing double digital growth.

It’s even been raised by politicians worried that it might be affecting the tough Aussie image.

Although in reality, their alcohol beer is quite relatively low in alcohol content, so ABV.

I am just saying keep your hair on.

Alcohol-free Aussie Wine

My LinkedIn profile is rampant, with people promoting it in Australia.

Search; even Facebook will show up lots of suggestions for alcohol-free wine providers down under.

Developed in 1992, The McGuigan name is identified well and truly with Australian winemaking.

Four generations of the McGuigan household have made a glass of wine their life dedication and a passion for high-quality Australian wine, which is now cutting through to alcohol-free.

I love Aussie wine. Do you?

5- Zero isn’t low, and pretending

McGuigan Wines is going alcohol-free, and we need more of it.

It was only last year where the wine I looked at in my local supermarket was low alcohol.

So I mean, no wonder you are confused.

McGuigan wine has a tremendous excellent reputation, so just as San Miguel has got into zero beer, it’s great that some of the best wineries at putting their best foot forward.

Yes, we all need new brands, but as consumers, we are cautious and need reassurance that what we are about to drink is not total garbage.

After all, we want our non-alcoholic wine to be made like wine but have the alcohol taken out, so whatever our reasons for not drinking it, we are happy.


Zero Wine

And yes, it has to taste decent.

McGuigan uses the latest “spinning cone technology”, and to be honest, I am not sure; like other review guides, I want to go into the technology.

McGuigan Alcohol-Free wines work the liquid at low temperatures, which removes the alcohol but after the fermentation process.

This course means that even though there is no alcohol, it does taste like wine.

I mean, who wants to lose the aromas and the fruit flavour of the grapes if you don’t need to?

McGuigan Non-Alcoholic Wine also pulls back on adding crap, so no artificial sweeteners or additives.

De-alcoholised Wine Grape Juice Concentrate Carbon Dioxide Preservatives (E220, E224), Antioxidant (E300), Thickener (E414)

OK, we have some e numbers in there, but I am not a miracle worker.

Other questions I often get on the blog is:

What is the best alcohol-free wine?

I would not say this with alcohol-free beer but go for an established brand like Torres, as wine is still playing catch up in the zero alcohol world.

However, also don’t overlook sparkling alcohol-free white wine.

You can get some budget option options like Belle and Co and Nonsesco that taste good.

From now on, I will make sure I bet on Mcguigan Alcohol-Free wine, and it seems to be stocked quite widely.

Read more on alcohol-free wines online.

Does alcohol-free wine contain no alcohol?

Would you please check the label at all times?

It’s like navigating a muddly field in flip-flops.

In theory, in the UK, we have got the best alcohol-free labelling in the world.

But I have seen certain drinks providers try and get around it, which is a shame because it’s our health we are talking about with some people.

Does alcohol-free wine contain no alcohol?

It might be that your body does not agree with alcohol or have a marathon to run; people drink alcohol-free for lots of reasons.

Here are the official stats from the drink aware website, which is immensely helpful, and I often quote on the blog.

There are four types of abv or alcohol by volume labels often used.

  • Alcohol-free win = no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised wine = no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low-alcohol wine = no more than 1.2% ABV
  • Alcoholic wine = contains more than 1.2% ABV

Some wines will have zero alcohol, so you need to check where possible the ABV figure so alcohol by volume.

There are many alcohol-free wines now, which are 0.0 per cent. However, some because of natural fermentation may have a trace of less than 0.05%.

Now, this used to bother me, but it is less than some food.

Is my banana alcoholic?

If alcohol-free is a trigger for drinking more alcohol or worrying about a health issue, ask a medical professional.

I can’t drink alcohol, well apart from my banana, so I keep a close check.

So know what you are bringing served.

We’re getting McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine.

And in more ways than one.

After all, it’s alcohol-free, tastes good, and it’s Aussie.

So what is not to like?

Plus, we have a quality winery behind it, and that does make a difference.

So rose, red or white McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine get the thumbs up from me.

What about you? Leave your view on non-alcoholic wine or McGuigan Alcohol-Free Wine below.

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