Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free

Now I will be honest about Mark and Spencer Alcohol Free. I have found it almost non-existent.

Although this could be said of many of the UK shopping mainstream stores to be fair so they are not alone!

In fact, here is another confession: M & S in the UK is one of my go to places for food and some drink before getting on a train.

Why? Quality and Service which you would come to expect from a brand like Marks and Spencer.

Well at least the food selection is good and it’s quick and easy to get served.

When I drank alcohol it was easy to get in and out and grab a bottle of Italian wine which is quite decent and two glasses and we would be sorted for our train journey home.

Italian Wine at Marks and Spencer

However, since going “alcohol free” Mark and Spencer has been a bit of “no man’s land” for me and you would walk around looking for alcohol free choice then walk out very disappointed.

And to be fair Sainsbury’s local ( another UK retailer) was not much better.

Luckily the Co-Op stores in the UK are quite good on stocking the San Miguel Alcohol Free and their Budweiser Zero.

Even if the team members have no idea what alcohol free is and I have seen them check the labels when I have left the store.

I actually find that quite endearing to be fair.

Hoping for anything else alcohol free was like what like waiting for the sun to shine in a rainstorm that I knew was going to
last all day.

It ain’t going to happen.

So what’s changed at Marks and Spencer?

I don’t know if they have suddenly realized a trend is having for an alcohol free drink in increasing but its seems wine and cans of alcohol free drinks “treats” are now available.

To be fair my partner brought it to my attention and so I thought I would give credit where it’s due and test them out.

Maybe they have realized that during “the lock down” a trend has occurred where overall people are trying to drink less alcohol at home.

In fact, I know that alcohol free drinks are increasing by 23 percent each year.

You can check your alcohol consumption at the drink aware website

Mark and Spencer’s online editor seem to have stumbled onto the fact that up to 36 per cent of the UK has been trying to drink less alcohol since the lock down in their homes so they have definitely clocked it.

Just a bit behind the trend though in my view.

Drinking Alcohol at Home

We know that University Research is proving that more choice and better tasting alcohol free drinks clearly displayed means more people are going to go for them especially in a bar or restaurant.

And that’s amongst alcohol drinkers as well.

This may be filtered long term into our home lives as more choice becomes available online.

However, I really do think habits will have to change in pubs and bar as well in order for it to become the norm.

I know many of you have told me you are enjoying a glass of alcohol free sparkling wine while watching a Netflix movie on a Saturday night!

So a trend is happening even among people who really like their alcohol but just want healthier lifestyle or no hangover!

You can read my review of alcohol free sparkling wine here

But it seems from a bottle of wine to some convenient short drinks Mark and Spencer can get there bit by bit!


Alcohol Free Wines from Mark and Spencer

Now not so long ago alcohol free wine tasted really bad. And I mean not drinkable.

It was called “undrinkable” in reviews and to be honest the accusation that it was just grape juice was hard to defend.

Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free Wines

However, if you want to watch your calories and also avoid a hangover then alcohol free wines are an option.

Why because how wineries are making them has radically changed and for the better.

It is still much easier to get them online than off though as opposed to a restaurant where it’s practically non-existent!

You can read my review of alcohol free wine online here

Mark and Spencer Alcohol Free are now making a big thing of the “vacuum distillation” which means you keep the flavor and aromas of the wine but the alcohol is removed.

The taste just got better with alcohol free wines

This really helps with the taste and I am a big fan of the process.

It is slightly ironic that science had to deliver alcohol through fermentation and it is now having to do the opposite.

It is now responsible for finding more great ways to take the alcohol out of wine for us alcohol free drinkers or those that want to reduce their alcohol intake.

There are enormous benefits to doing so from avoiding a hangover, our health and in many cases our pockets as well.

Although it will be interesting to see how long the industry provides an alcohol free discount for. It should be long term in my view.

Walk the talk on alcohol awareness !

You can read about what is fermentation in alcohol here.

The alcohol free wine using the technique called “vacuum distillation” from Mark and Spencer is good to be fair and the range is simple but clear.

They have certainly kept the fresh, fruity and zesty feel to the wines which they are known for overall.

I am pleased to say they have covered the red, white and rose options which is always a good call.

The M&S alcohol free wine choice includes a zesty mango based grapefruit style sauvignon blanc.

Probably one of my favorite grapes as it lends itself to a dry taste.

Alcohol Free Marks and Spencer

They are also pushing a rich Merlot and if you like your red with a chocolaty feel then you will love this .

It comes with a spicy aroma which I think is important with a red wine especially when it’s alcohol free.

Finally, their alcohol free rosé has got some juicy watermelon and strawberry flavors as many of the rose wines do.

For me alcohol free wines at Mark and Spencer lend themselves to Italian food but I have no idea why. I also think it goes well with their ready meal Thai food selection.

Yes I am not afraid to admit I eat ready meals! I watch out for the salt of course but M&S do have some great healthy options.

Time for a train

Now one of the challenges is going “alcohol free” when sitting on a train and everyone around you on a Friday has gin and tonic or rum and coke in a can.

When did that become a thing? Its convenient I guess.

You can actually feel very left out though!

However full credit to Mark and Spencer. It has come to the rescue with some alcohol free drinks in cans.


Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free

Now cans with a cheeky drink on the way home via a train journey are great.

They can be recycled, easy to carry onto a train especially if you are working away and heading home on a Friday night.

Although if you are alcohol free you will get a bit stuck.

There is absolutely nothing to drink with your sandwich as you join the weekend away trip home or away!

Now Mark and Spencer Alcohol free has come up with a unique option .

And I have to say they taste great so a couple of alcohol free “goodies” in can,

One is good on the calories and the there a bit of a naughty treat in the other option.

Option one is an alcohol free gin and tonic and the other a bit of a sugar filled but “good as a treat” alcohol free rum and coke.

They tasted great.

They get around the branding issue by calling it Golden Spiced and Cola and Diet G and T.

Fair enough it was clear what they were doing and more importantly I knew what I was getting.

The alcohol free 0.0 branding was very clear which is important to me personally.

They will certainly be another one of my favorites on those long train journeys especially on a Friday night.

More drink options that have an authentic taste and are actually very refreshing.

I would rate them 10/10.

Alcohol Free at Marks and Spencer

Now I don’t actually do my weekly shop at Marks and Spencer but it is a “drop in kind of place” for trains and maybe some so called treat food.

Alcohol Free Options on a train journey

I am very fond of them as a brand but I have found their alcohol free choice limited or maybe zero especially for those train journeys so hopefully it is the sign of things to come.

Let hope their online shopping facility is also changed so you can buy these Mark and Spencer Alcohol Free Choices at home.

I currently can’t unless I am missing something.

I would love to know your experience of Mark And Spencer Alcohol Free especially if you are a loyal shopper there. Leave your message below and I always get back to all the comments.


4 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free”

  1. Hi Phil, ntmu

    Reading through your article I have to say that really impresses me. I love M&S so bad that I never miss any of their offers. it doesn’t pass a week without ordering something online that’s us.

    However, your site is really very nice. Fascinated! I haven’t read in a while something good like this I can say. 

    Although I haven’t drink for so many years as my partner is not allowed any alcohol for his diet, your site, your articles clearly explain that drinking without alcohol is possible.

    For instance, I have read about how is made a wine free alcohol. Astonishing me! I didn’t know that ““Spinning cone columns” and ” the reverse osmosis” are the process when the alcohol is cleared from the composition.

    You have a good point when you specify that the alcohol-free wine from M&S is good to be fair and the range is simple just by using the technique “vacuum distillation”. 

    Thank you for sharing this. Appreciated!

    PS. For the alcohol-free drinks in cans, I will definitely give it try

    Much blessings 

    • Hey Angell, thanks for saying nice things about the blog. It is really appreciated and makes it so worth while.

      I am pleased you enjoyed the article on alcohol free wine and its fascinating how technology and science are now moving to help alcohol wine that tastes good a reality in our household brand name shops. 

      Thanks so much for such a full comment and an interesting one at that. I loved reading your response.

      I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting on Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free. All the very best, Phil

  2. Ok, I can’t give you any comment on Marks and Spencer as such as we don’t have that store in the country that I live, but I was surprised to see that alcohol-free drinks are becoming such a thing. One can even purchase alcohol-free wine, whereas in the past it was only champagne. Maybe people want to look as if they are being social without having the alcohol which is why this is becoming such a thing.

    I must be honest if I want an alcohol-free drink I think I would rather opt for orange juice, as I prefer the taste of that to wine, but otherwise, I still enjoy my occasional glass of wine over the weekends.

    • Hey Mlchel, thanks so much for your comment on Marks and Spencer Alcohol Free. It is really good to get your take. Much appreciated.

      Alcohol Free Drinks is fast becoing a massive thing as people look for alternatives. Its certainly trending now!

      It is interesting that you would drink orange juice rather alcohol free. I would love your thoughts on how much alcohol in orange juice? And of course a nice glass of wine with balance is always great. 

      Sounds like your sorted! Thanks so much for stopping by. All the very best, Phil


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