Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirits – 10 reasons you’ll either love or hate it

What do Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirits taste like? They are meant to mimic your favourite and best cocktails.

But do they?

It depends on the flavours, and there are many of them, but it’s a unique brand regardless. 

So you might find that they hit the spot or come across as just a bit watery.

They certainly are better as a mixer or cocktail. 

I know that for sure.

I mean, being alcohol-free or cutting back on alcohol is intended to be fun, right?

Yet, it’s often seen as really hard.

Do you ever wish you could wave a magic wand and transform your cocktail trolley into an alcohol-free mixologist’s dream?

Now I can’t say Lyres will make you a Merlin type Wizard when it comes to alcohol-free mocktails; there are many great reasons to check them out.

After all, as an alcohol-free drinker, you get bored of the listed choices, certainly in bars where it is often non-existent, and you are made to feel like you’re asking for the earth.

Maybe Lyres could help just a bit in widening your repertoire.

Here is hoping.

10 – Right now, Lyres are Australian, and that’s a good thing.

If you are in Australia, you will know this, but alcohol-free is going bonkers right now.

I can’t work out why but everything from beers, wines, and spirits are flying, so much so that some local politicians are worried that it may affect the so-called butch image of the Aussie.

So with Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirit, you are in good hands.

Aussie is going alcohol-free

Plus, they get credit for the excellent branding. Even the famous nature filmmaker David Attenborough has talked about the Lyrebird.

It is the best mimic on earth, and it can do the voice of lots of other birds.

And, of course, the range of Lyre’s alcohol-free spirit means choice, so it seems rather fitting. 

And I mean, from Absinthe to  Alcohol-Free Gin Spirit, you could fill a cocktail cupboard with this stuff, so I am sure you would rather like that.

The bird can even imitate a chainsaw but let’s leave that there for now.

In a world where alcohol-free choice is limited, as you know, having a selection of alcohol-free spirits with Lyres is a good thing.

I can see why Lyre’s– an Australian brand would pick the name.

Lots of choices, and they are mimicking your favourite spirits.

9- Make your alcohol-free spirit trolley

I mean, how cool is that?

And I love Lyres for this.

They even do a cocktail pack. But, mind you, and it’s ain’t cheap.

So you go to someone’s dinner party or get together, and the host rummages in the back of the cupboard looking for some alternative.

Cola Light, maybe?

Oh, come on!

Alcohol-Free Cocktail Bar

With Lyres, you can be served as an ambassador with a fine array of alcohol-free spirits, and with a bit of creativity, you could spend the whole evening trying them out.

Sure, you won’t like them all, but have you ever been served a glass of alcohol cheap house wine that tastes like pants.

I mean, being alcohol-free does not get you out of that one, I’m afraid.

But you will be impressed with all the colours of the Lyre’s brand from Rum to Bourbon.

That’s why I like the idea of a cocktail selection pack, as it gives you a chance to see what you like and what you don’t like.

I mean, there are 13 non-alcoholic spirits, including :

  • Dry London Spirit (its gin, well, kind of )
  • American Malt (whisky)
  • White Walking cane Spirit (clear, not dark rum).

Plus you will be in good company. They are award-winning, and in 2020, Lyres won 10 medals for their concoctions at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

They won two gold medals for their Aperitif Rosso and Dark Cane Spirit.

It might impress you that they were measured against some of the alcohol brands they are meant to mimic.

Just like the Lyrebird does.

8- You need to mix it like a good DJ

Now, if you have ever experienced a lousy DJ’s mixing, you are left wanting less, not more.

This could be the case with Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirits, as get in the wrong mix, and you won’t be dancing.

Treat it like you would make a cocktail, and you will fare much better.

So please don’t drink it neat.

An Alcohol-Free Drinks Mix

Plus, remind yourself this is not alcohol which is why you might find it a bit watery.

Yes, Lyre’s are aiming for great taste. 

They are like their alcohol counterpart, and with some of them, the likeness is spot on, and some, well, it’s a bit further off.

But done right with the right mixture, say tonic or ginger ale, then you are onto a winner.

Please try and avoid doing it as a stand-alone drink or at least have plenty of ice.

Think of rum and cola rather than your “neat” option.

There is no doubt they have quality essences and ingredients but don’t let that fool you. 

Yes, it can taste like the classic spirit you are trying to replicate, but it will need some work on your side as well.

When it comes to mocktails, they have gone for variety, and that’s a good thing, so try them out and see what you like.

You won’t like all of them; it is my bet.

And they are not cheap because of the quality so you will want to choose carefully.

7- The Zero Alcohol claim might be your biggest disappointment

And to be fair, Lyres is even concerned about this.

They don’t say it’s zero, but plenty of their retailers do!

It has a trace of alcohol and is under 0.5% abv. So this is alcohol by volume and tells us how much alcohol is in our drinks.

So we are in your choice territory here, and if I am honest, this is my biggest alcohol-free drinks dilemma, and it may be yours?

The Lyre’s range is officially called non-alcoholic, confusing, especially in the UK, where stringent branding rules are in force.

Is Lyres' Alcohol-Free

It can mean so many things in various countries, so the abv figure is critical.

In some countries, even drinks with 1.2 per cent abv are called alcohol-free.

Crazy, I know.

With Lyres’, you officially have about 0.5 per cent abv, but in reality, it is more like it indicates 0.2% – 0.3% ABV.

Now for many people who go for a 0.0% abv approach, this could be a problem.

But then there is probably more naturally occurring alcohol in some burger rolls, orange juice and your morning banana.

Alcohol, I’m afraid, is formed naturally in many products, including that vinegar you have in your chips.

So it is a choice you will have to make.

It’s a bit like giving up wheat then seeing it even in packaged meat. It’s a tough call.

You might, of course, be relaxed about it.

It does seem to bother Lyre’s, though, as they even ask for retailers saying it’s 0.0 abv to report it to them.

I applaud their openness on this. So good for them!

Read how much alcohol is in your banana.

The drink aware classification in the UK from the drinkaware website is listed below, and it’s a great guide.

  • Alcohol-free is no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised is no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low alcohol is no more than 1.2% ABV
  • Alcoholic contains more than 1.2% ABV

Of course, this is where saying something is non-alcoholic can cause even more confusion!

6- They like their Rum light or dark

Everyone I have tested Lyre’s alcohol-free spirit on says this is probably one of their best products, and you might want to try it out and see if you agree.

Their best product is probably their so-called “Spiced Cane.”

They are great at doing the not so standard alcohol-free spirits and doing them well.

You have to accept that it’s not alcohol. And neither should it be!

Lyre’s Dark Spiced Spirit is helpful if you are watching the calories, and it is something like 10 calories per ounce, so compared to some alcohol spirits, this fares well.

Think aromas and the taste of caramel, molasses and toasted nuts.

I mean, you have been to say Barbados, and expecting the local rum or a Captain Morgan’s, you will find it a bit watery, which is why an excellent mixer is critical.

In their defence, I think they have got the taste as close as possible to the real thing.

For a rum-based alcohol-free mocktail, then this is a great bet.

My review team loved it!

5 – Their least strong selling point is the made-up gin

But it isn’t Seedlip!

And I think that is why.

I mean, if you are on the hunt for an alcohol-free spirit, then you are now starting to get more choices than ever when it comes down to gin.

This includes not just Gordons 0.0 but also Tanqueray 0.0

Gordon's Alcohol-Free Spirit



You can read my review of Gordon’s here.

So my recommendation is to try out the other alcohol-free spirits from Lyres’ and maybe choose a different gin brand.

But you will decide, and you will know your taste buds.

It’s Lyre’s Dry London that has a light citrus flavour and only 3.5 calories per ounce.

On the upside, if you like Juniper or Quinine, this could be for you.

Mix with some Fever-Tree Light Tonic Water.

4- I love coffee liqueur

But at the end of the meal, you left wanting as everyone goes with their bailey’s either added to their coffee or on the side.

But you are determined to stay alcohol-free.

This is Lyre’s unique selling point. Why? Because it does solve a problem.

A coffee alcohol-free spirit

What to have after dinner as a liquor?

You can try it with fresh cream, coffee and a sprinkle of chocolate.

How many scoops of ice cream will you have while you watch it melt.

You don’t have to drink alcohol to enjoy these simple pleasures.

Play around with it, and you might be pleasantly surprised at just having an option.

Just don’t drink it neat!

And if you like a vanilla kick, you will like this a lot!

3- This is hardly Campari, Lyre’s Italian Orange

Do you have a love-hate relationship with Terry’s Chocolate Orange?

Or is that a UK thing?

Lyre's Italian Orange

Now I was never a fan of Campari either, but this attempt by Lyres is a good option for those marmite moments.

You kind of love to hate it, but at only 25 calories per ounce, it’s hard to be mad at it for long.

Think of an alcohol-free spirit with a stonking aroma of blood oranges and very dark chocolate.

Now, if you like something neat with ice, this could be for you, just a slight orange peel, you are sorted.

Just don’t expect to have lots of them!

It could be a bit sickly.

2- Amaretti, not Amaretto, excellent play on words

It smelled of wedding cake, marzipan and those sweet almond pastries but without the note of alcohol.

Again real credit to Lyres for creating an after-dinner drink that alcohol-free drinkers find hard to get hold of.

This is one of the choices that are very near to the real thing. 

But, again, I think it’s probably down to the flavour and aromas that cut through.

You might have to check that it is not alcohol, and do please always double-check and ask to see the bottle if you’re in a restaurant or cafe.

Nice option overall.

1- It has fewer calories, so it’s easier on the hips

And I hedge a bet that is one of the reasons you might be going for an alcohol-free spirit.

Yes, it’s the hangover or the morning run. Or maybe you have been drinking over the recommended amount.

There are lots of reasons why you might give up or cut back on alcohol.

But you still want the choice.


It is incredible how often calories come up as a reason to choose alcohol-free drinks.

The other benefits include being vegan and, by and large, being full of natural ingredients while not being alcohol-free. But as near to as you get with many non-alcoholic options.

As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not affect what you pay. I do my best to make that clear at all times and follow FTC guidelines. 

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Alcohol-Free is on the rise.

I hope soon you won’t feel neglected when it comes to alcohol-free spirits. Yes, there are beers, gin and wines now, but let’s be realistic they are still not easy to come by.

But it’s not cheap, and it is quality, and these are not missing with Lyre’s, from an alcohol-free rum to a coffee liquor, it’s great to see options slowly creeping in.

Now, which one will you choose? Let me know what you think of Lyres’ Alcohol-free spirits. What does Lyre’s Alcohol-Free Spirits taste like for you?

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