Leffe Alcohol Free Review

I did really did not know much about Alcohol Free Leffe but I know it’s “very craft” and “very Belgium”.

I love the country of Belgium and Brussels so I was very happy to write a Leffe Alcohol Free Review.

When I used to drink alcohol there was nothing better than sitting in the Grand Place in the center of Brussels with some frites watching the world go by.

After all what is not to like if you are after great food and good beer. Well maybe like me you live an alcohol free lifestyle?

Well now I have an alternative.

I just hope it is on offer more often as it is hard enough to get it even online sometimes in the UK marketplace right now.

But there is good news!

After all, here was an alcoholic version of a beer that is over 6 percent abv.

In fact, it varies but on some bottles it says 6.6% abv so the fact they had managed to produce a 0.0% beer impressed me even more.

Always be aware of your alcohol drinking limits through the drink aware website

If you are wondering about abv by the way it means alcohol by volume and effectively it is how much alcohol is in your drink.

The bigger the abv the quicker it will go to your head.

I normally look at it the other way. While some people seek out a higher abv for the thrill I am looking for a 0.0% abv to protect my health.

Many reasonable abv beers produce alcohol free ones but this was a big jump from an alcohol brand that prides itself on its strength.

Would they crack it? Yes 100 per cent and not just on the taste either.

What is it?

And as far as I am aware this is the first and only alcohol free brand from Leffe.

It Belgium through and through and not just in the taste either everything from the size of the bottle to the look and feel.

So the branding really cuts through and its clear if similar to the alcohol brand!

So make sure you know what you are getting.

Alcohol Free Leffe Beer

I often say on the blog that you should not expect an alcohol free drink like beer to taste like an alcohol free one.

It makes sense right?

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However, with Leffe Alcohol Free 0.0% they do a pretty amazing job of getting close.

Like really close!

Even one of my close friends who has lived in Belgium and who brought me the drinks agrees.

That was a pretty mean feat if you ask me!

Maybe it’s because it was the early Belgium monks that created it and made it. Alas not anymore!

But they have kept the brewing methods and you can tell that straight away.

Why did I like Leffe Alcohol Free Beer?

Well it seems to be the first Leffe alcohol-free beer unless you can tell me otherwise?

And I really like brands that push themselves into an alcohol free world. It’s often snubbed.

But the potential increase in profits is there right now and I am realistic it is a business so it’s just not about my needs!

This would not normally be the brand I would go for but it’s an amazing tasting beer.

I sipped three bottles no problem and they are “cute small bottles” that adds to the experience. Very craft beer in style.

As you pour it you can smell the quality and it has a very well-balanced body and head.

Yes it has slightly fruity notes and a bitter undertone and it seems to mix well with hints of vanilla, smoky flavors and aromas.

Not something I would normally go for as my preference would be a San Miguel or Free Star alcohol free beer.

There is something homely and welcoming about this alcohol free version which sits well with their original brand.

Of course the so-called “Abbey of Leffe ” built its brand around hospitality, so as you arrived at the monastery it was your welcome drink

.Alcohol Free Beer from Belgium


Well so legend has it anyway. I take some of these stories with a pinch of salt.

I would say this is a very darkish Blonde Belgian Abbey Alcohol free Beer and whereas some of their alcohol beer range from 4.4% to 6.6% abv this is definitely 0.0%.

I know some beer brands are attempting to lower their abv but in reality this is never good enough for an alcohol free drinker.

Importing wise it comes from Belgium.

And even though the beer brands of Leffe have moved into the corporate stable it has kept its original ethics.

The bottle is small and cute so just as you would have in a Brussels bar.

Bizarrely for me I actually emptied it into glass rather than drink it out the bottle. It seemed the right thing to do

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What did I really think of Leffe Alcohol Free?

I had this beer with a takeaway curry and although I did feel slightly guilty at neglecting Cobra Zero one of my favorites that guilt soon went away.

Even though this is a great drink on its own and actually good as a moment or “occasion” beer it goes remarkably well with food.

So I would recommend it with:

  • Red meat
  • Chicken
  • Curry
  • Sunday Dinner
  • Roast Dinner
  • Cheese platters
  • Camembert

And yes I would drink it with Belgian Waffles! Its a great treat!

Leffe Alcohol Free and Food

In fact with Camembert I could just see myself with the bread and melted cheese having a good old dip while drinking this alcohol free beer.

In fact if you have a selection of any starter nibble type food it would work well.

And without upsetting my Spanish readers it would be fantastic with tapas or certainly a range of nibble or starters like Spanish meatballs, cheeses or patatas bravas.

I do really love the fact that the history of this brand has been kept.

I am taken that this brand in its alcohol form was founded by the Fathers of the Abbey in 1240.

Beer and Monks


The alcohol free version does not lose this craft and actually the likeness to the alcohol version is really incredible so full credit to them.

It’s a well-balanced as a beer with rounded flavor that can sometimes be amiss in an alcohol free one.

There can be something missing with alcohol free drink sometimes but certainly not in this beer.

If you really love the alcohol based Belgian beers but are cutting back on alcohol it could be lots of fun.

Remember cutting back on alcohol can have its knockers! I get more hassle for not drinking that when I did drink alcohol.

However, in terms of social pressure having a good decent alcohol free brand in your hand that your colleagues or friends can’t really knock does help.

As does having a choice when you are out and about and not just at home.

Read more tips to cut back on alcohol

And that brings me to the only downside of the Leffe Alcohol Free Beer Review.

It’s really hard to find and almost impossible to buy in an ordinary bar or restaurant without specializing it having specialty beers.

In fact at the time of writing this it was out of stock in many online retailers.

Ironic then that I can get to taste it but only from a local supermarket by chance.

Sometimes you just cannot second guess distribution methods and this often makes no sense, especially when there is a real need and they are leaving money on the table.

What do you think?

Are you a fan of Belgium Beer and maybe even the Leffe Brand.

Have you tried alcohol free beer and what did you think?

Have you managed to try the Leffe Alcohol Free 0.0% abv brand. I would love to know what you think of the brand and taste.

Especially if you drink the alcohol version. How did they compare?

Leave your message or comment below on Leffe Alcohol Free Review and I always get back to you.

4 thoughts on “Leffe Alcohol Free Review”

  1. Hi Phil, the Leffe alcohol-free sounds like a great option for those not drinking alcoholic beverages. I am someone who doesn’t drink alcohol on a regular basis but likes to have a cider or glass of wine or even a Baileys or Sheridan. Well, these are my favorite drinks. 

    However.. as someone who is not addicted to alcohol but likes the taste of those drinks, I have been researching whether there are some drinks that can be replacements for the ones I mentioned above. I heard for Leffe alcohol-free and am wondering whether tastes like my favorite cider? Would you be able to say? 


    • Hey Sunny, 

      Many thanks for a great comment. In my experience you are better to do a “like for like”. 

      So if you like cider these might be good options as in my experience it has been that even though the alcohol free options are improving they are still not alcohol. 

      So if you like craft beer you are more likely to enjoy Leffe Alcohol Free for example. If you like prosecco go for alcohol free sparkling wine

      I hope that makes sense and its a great question to ask. It made me think. 

      I have also just written about an alcohol free coffee alternative to a baileys.

      I could go on lol ! I hope you find some great solutions. I generally find in my search I find ones I really like and keep to them while expanding options. 

      Leffe is very much like the alcohol version. I wish you all the best and your time here is much appreciated, Phil

  2. Hello Phil, I found this article about the quality of Alcohol Free Leffe fascinating.  I will certainly keep an eye open for this brand as you say it is “very close” in taste to an alcohol tasting version.  I have recently been fully vaccinated against C19 and the advice I was given, was to avoid alcohol for a few days.  We went to an open-air restaurant a few weeks ago after our first vaccine and as I could not drink then (or I was being extra good!) I tried an alcohol-free Heineken and I thought it was pretty good.   But somehow it was not quite as good as the “real thing”.  Next time, I will ask for a Leffe.  Have a great day and thank you for this interesting niche site.  I have bookmarked it.

    • Hey Trevor, I loved this comment because you highlight another reason that people might want to avoid alcohol which is such a good one. I love it.

      Sometimes people just don’t get why you would.

      Yes I tried the Leffe Alcohol Free Beer on someone who has lived in Belgium and even they said it was very close. I guess that is the challenge of alcohol free.

      The industry is getting better all the time at the flavours and aromas. Heineken Alcohol Free is ok but not top of my list in any way. 

      My best alcohol free beer brands might be interesting.

      I really found your comment fascinating so thanks so much for stopping by. 

      I am pleased you enjoyed reading Leffe Alcohol Free Review. All the very best, Phil


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