Krombacher non-alcoholic beer – review

I am always excited about finding restaurants that serve alcohol free beer choices which are very rare. I am lucky in that the restaurant had been primed by some friends of mine that I would be going.

Very often you are just stuck with a range of soda options such as cola, lemonade or even fizzy water. Here was just a different story!

Just a quick shout out to the restaurant and a great team at Eighteen The Cross, fantastic service and good food. You made an alcohol free consumer very happy!

18 The Cross

So a big thank you to Lymm in Cheshire UK for providing this great alternative Pilsner beer which really hit the mark on taste. In fact, I would say it goes to my top three choices.

Shame it not out there more.

Overall Rank for Krombacher Non Alcoholic Beer Rating 10/10

Krombacher non-alcoholic beer is in my top five 0.0 choices for alcohol free beer with great aromas and a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is probably one of the better new entrants to the British alcohol free market so would now be in the top two for me the more I remember it.

It is really well branded and gaining a reputation with consumers in terms of big but not so well-known brands, certainly of the less well-known brewers.

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Product Description

This is a fantastic Pilsner and great news it has a zero alcohol by volume, so abv of 0.0%.

The beer was poured gently into a small glass for me and the bottle left on the table, I am probably a bit over cautious as I always ask for the bottle to be brought to the table so I know what I am getting.

It came out of the bottle with a fantastic head on it and a great shining golden look.

I would say it’s crisp refreshing with a slightly sweet aftertaste driving it that then allowed the malt flavor to shine through.


Per 100ml 330ml
Energy 27 cal 89 cal
116 kjs 383 kjs
Fat 0 g 0 g
of which saturates 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrate 6.4 g 21.1 g
of which sugars 3.1 g 10.2 g
Protein 0 g 0 g
Sodium 0 g 0 g



Water, Barley Malt, Carbon Dioxide, Hops, Hop Extract.

So remember there are many brewing methods in making alcohol free beer and then the drink is either made by taking out the alcohol or having a process where none is created. You get the same ingredients as you would an alcoholic beer.

So with this product it goes through a process of de-alcoholisation, so the beer gets to keep its taste that is acquired when being made.

I have German colleagues who say this is quickly becoming the product to get if you like alcohol free pilsners. Actually that is why the beer is cheaper in Germany as there is plenty of choices but it has not stopped the quality.

Thank Goodness!


  • Pilsner in style so light and refreshing
  • Clear branding with 0.0 well-placed on the front label
  • Good price
  • Decent in calories count so only 89 calories
  • Fits well in a small glass
  • Great head when poured
  • Light golden color
  • Slightly sweet with the malt quickly coming through
  • Not gassy at all when compared to other alcohol free beer which can play havoc with my stomach.
  • Very smooth in taste
  • The drink is free from any animal products or derivatives.
  • Label and glue is also free from animal products
  • Produced with fresh Felsquellwasser® (so local mountain spring water)


To be honest the only downside is the fact is comes in a relatively small bottle compared to some brands but overall this worked with the dining experience.


Krombacher Non Alcoholic Beer comes in at around £17.49 for 24 bottles. You can buy from my preferred affiliate here and the price you pay is the same. ( online purchase).

In the restaurant I was in the price was very reasonable but this will vary depending on where you are. I was more pleased they had it as an option to be honest! The amount of times you are offered low alcohol instead is amazing!

Enjoy With

If I had not had it with food I would probably say don’t but I am having to eat my words here.

My food was spicy chicken bites full of chilli as a starter and then steak frites so I will take back my point about food. It went down really well, I think because of the fact it’s a Pilsner and very bright. It actually goes well with the chilli kick!

This may sound a bit odd but given the measure and the glass it’s served with but I would not rule it out as a complement to a tapas meal.




An excellent Pilsner and alcoholic free choice if only if it was available more widely. I have given this in one of my highest ratings based on both the taste but also the branding.

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Is the Brewery Good?

It has a great history dating back to the 1800’s and comes as many of these breweries do from a family tradition using global spring water which may account for the great fresh taste of the Pilsner.

It also has a very impressive export list as documented in its company profile and the UK is not by any means at the top.

  • 9,2% to Italy
  • 16,4% to Spain ( I have seen it in Spain more than the UK)
  • 7,4% to Russia
  • 3,0% to The Netherlands
  • 3,0% to the United Kingdom (UK)
  • 2,8% to Greece
  • 2,7% to France
  • and 15,5% to Others

It is located in Krombach which is a suburb of Kreuztal near Siegen. This is a city in Germany called Siegerland and it’s part of what they call the North Rhine-Westphalia.

Krombach is located at the foot of the Rothaargebirge range. It is a brilliant and beautiful part of the world.


I would love to know if you have tried Krombacher non-alcoholic beer or any of their branded beers. How was the taste for you and would you try it? Do you find the choice of non-alcoholic options restrictive when you go out?

I always respond to your views. If you have also been to visit that area well that is also cool !

Leave your message below.

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