Kopparberg alcohol-free cider (five reasons to try it)

You have exhausted alcohol-free beer, wine or non-alcoholic spirits, and then you see Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Cider behind the bar, with not another choice insight.

The big questions.

  • Any good?
  • Does it have alcohol or not?
  • Does it taste like the real thing?

Well, the good news is cider is often overlooked as an alcohol-free option because, well, it just is.

I mean, I think I like you. I am well versed in alcohol-free choices, but cider does not often come into the equation.

But recently, I was at a funeral. I know depressing, and the usual concern came across peoples’ faces when they found out I don’t drink alcohol.

I have often seen that you are either labelled a sad former alcoholic or some boring freak of nature.

I mean, you can’t win either way.

It would be more acceptable if I downed 5 bottles of alcohol-laden prosecco down my throat in 5 minutes.

At least I would be considered normal.

I mean, forget I might be driving or the first male pregnant man.

Instead, let’s find 5 reasons that Kopparbeg alcohol-free cider is worth a go.

It’s zero alcohol

Well, as far as it goes, yes, it is.

The thing about these brands is that they might constrain a trace.

The thing is, so do many bread rolls and bananas, but because they come under different legislation, it’s never flagged.

Read about how much alcohol is in orange juice here.

Alcohol In My Orange Juice ?

The beneficial alcohol industry-funded site in the UK is very clear about what is alcohol and what is not.

It is called Drinkaware.

They sum it up as the following.

  • Alcohol-free beer is no more than 0.05% ABV
  • De-alcoholised beer is no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low-alcohol beer is no more than 1.2% ABV
  • Alcoholic beer contains more than 1.2% ABV.

I mean, even fruit left out in the sun will have some natural fermentation, so we are talking about a trace of alcohol here.

It’s also what Heineken claims could be in their alcohol-free zero beer offering.

Although some breweries are making sure that there is not even a chance of any alcohol whatsoever.

Take one look at the label of this alcohol-free cider, and you can see the ingredients are pretty plain, and it does what it says on the tin.

But after all, it’s cider but without the alcohol, right?

  • Carbonated Water,
  • Fermented Apples,
  • Juice (Apple, Blackcurrant, Elderberry, Raspberry),
  • Sugar, Acidifier (Citric Acid),
  • Flavouring,
  • Preservative (Potassium Sorbate)

So if anything, you might need to keep an eye out on the sugar content, 38 calories per 100 ml.

So not significant but one to watch as this can be more sugary than other alcohol-free options, basically something like Seedlip gin.

Seedlip can be a good diet alternative, and you can read about that here.

The Kopparberg Brand is good, isn’t it?

Well, it is undoubtedly one of those brands that appear to know what it’s doing.

And while all the beers brands get lauded for being alcohol-free, Kopparberg just gets left on the sidelines.

People in the UK get angry about ordering it online because they have to present age verification.

The Kopparberg Brand is good, isn't it?

Trust me; it just comes under the alcohol licencing banner, so don’t take it personally. It’s very often a stocking and merchandise issue, and it’s not Kopparberg fault.

This brewery has been going since 1882; what a history, and as far as I can tell, it’s independent.

It seems extraordinary in this day and time that it still runs itself with no big brewer overseeing it.

It was also one of the extensive fruit cider brands to lets people taste in the UK.

Plus, it comes from Sweden, which is proving a hotbed of alcohol-free options.

They keep making the alcohol-free cider friendly and straightforward with the fermentation of pears or apples, and here is the bit I love.

They use locally sourced Swedish soft water.

Try out some alcohol-free cider with my affiliate link below:

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With Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Cider, the favours jump!

I mean, the fruit flavours cut through from the limes and the strawberries, and of course, they have a range of tastes.

It is a mix of sharp and sweet, so yes, you know there is no alcohol in the combination, but because it tastes like proper fruit cider, the alcohol equation is just irrelevant.

Some taste of alcohol-free beer can make you feel a bit wanting, but there is no connection of no alcohol with no flavour with this brand.

People won’t know you are drinking it.

When it comes to alcohol-free options, the choice is minimal and, in some cases, non-existent.

However, this is a most significant issue where alcohol-free cider can come into play.

Social pressure to drink is just crazy.

Plus, the University of Bristol and Newcastle in the UK research that once people choose, they are more likely to go alcohol-free if the option is good.


Alcohol-Free Cider

Now the choice is excellent, but after a while, the chatter around being alcohol-free can get on your nerves.

You run out of excuses or defending your stance even if alcohol can harm your health.

This was when alcohol-free cider poured in a pint glass can make the issue go away.

People take one look at it with a glance, then presume it’s alcohol.

Well, this may be a cop-out, but who cares!

There is one caveat, though.

The Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Cider branding looks just like the alcohol one. So you have to cross-check to make sure you have the right one.

But otherwise, voila, you are an alcohol drinker just like the rest of them. Or at least it looks like it.

It’s a thirst quencher.

The one thing about alcohol is that people forget that it does not dehydrate us. It’s up there with being thirsty, mistaken for hunger.

It’s one of the reasons that just because cider is made from apples, it can still give us that brain bashing headache in the morning.

It's a thirst quencher this alcohol-free cider

It’s one of the reasons I find in the blog that you tell me that you are cutting back on alcohol.


That you are trying to lose weight.

Now Kopparburg is not a diet drink with its alcohol-free credentials, but it is a thirst quencher.

That long drink that takes the edge off your thirst instead of water or alcohol-based beer after work or a long hot summer’s day when you are at a barbecue.

As long as you can cross-check the bottle, there is nothing better than piling up a pint glass with ice and slowly pouring in the Kopparberg alcohol-free cider for a thirst-quenching moment.

You can even smell the fruit.

Kopparberg Alcohol-Free Cider is not one to dismiss.

I mean, it may not always be offered as an alcoholic alternative. However, this funeral ( sorry to be morbid ) is the first time I have been offered it.

So will the fruity flavour and alcohol-free be the perfect thirst-quenching answer? It might be that the alcohol alternative might be under your nose.

With brands like Kopparberg alcohol-free cider, you can be assured of some good quality stuff. Just don’t expect a diet drink!

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