Is there a non-alcohol martini?

Well, kind of, but it is less than 0.5 abv, but it could be so confusing you might not even go there. Is there a non-alcoholic Martini? Yes, and it is in that famous bottle and branding.

Martini is the favourite aperitif of many and is up there with Cinzano. Well, in its alcoholic form anyway.

But yes, Martini, the brand, has ventured into the alcohol-free world.

It, of course, was made famous by the Cinzano ad in the 1970s with Joan Collins and Leonard Rossiter.

The ad was responsible for a massive increase in sales of Martini.

The ad was brilliant, but no one knew if it was advertising Cinzano or Martini.

So everyone bought martinis. Everyone was happy apart from Cinzano; I mean, you would be irritated after all that ad spend, right?

So here we are again, although this time, the confusing nature is the alcohol-free Martini. Don’t expect to see this in bars and restaurants Soon, but online, well, it is out there.

The alcohol content could put a few people off. But fear not for many, it will be fine.

There are 7 reasons to try an Alcohol-Free Martini.

It seems to be going up against the new kids in town, like Lyres and Caleno.

My loyalty would mostly be with both great brands as they stuck their neck out early for alcohol-free spirits. But, that said, we do like a real martini even if it is alcohol-free, right?

This is a non-alcoholic drink that if you have good tonic water in your fridge, you will come out smiling.

Or does that go without saying?

Of course, with an alcohol-free spirit, you need good tonic water. Otherwise, you will blame the alcohol-free spirit.

Bizarrely though, your corner shop may do a great one, but if not, opt for a Fever-Tree and if you are going skinny, then make sure you go for the light version.

Top Tip: Alcohol-Free Gin and Tonic is a good diet drink!

Easy Peasy – Lemon Squeezy

This non-alcoholic martini drink can be made with ice, half Martini, and half tonic water.

It also contains all-natural ingredients!

Alcohol-Free Martini


No problem!

I’m talking about the nosey alcohol-free hating neighbours who drop by to see if you’re alcohol-free.

So you can make them an aperitif before they get to slag off the alcohol-free wine.

Italy here we come

In terms of alcohol-free choices, Italy is underrated.

It is an Italian tradition to meet friends for drinks and conversation in the early evening for aperitivo.

I suppose I did this in Rome but got my wallet nicked and mobile, so it did not feel that way.

And yes, it could happen anywhere.

But alcohol-free Italian drinks are underrated in my book, and I write about that here.

I mean snacks. We love snacks and drinks.

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  • Non-alcoholic Aperitivos complement delicious small plates and salty snacks for the traditional Italian Aperitivo hour.
  • Non-Alcoholic Martini fits the bill perfectly.

The Alcohol is taken out ( mostly)

Okay, so there are positives and negatives to this.

I love the fact technology can now take Alcohol out. So non-alcoholic Martini’s start the same way as the primary alcoholic offering.

I am talking bottle Martini here, by the way.

  • The brand is keen to emphasise that their so-called “Master Herbalists” make this.
  • So they select the exact quality botanicals and herbs to de-alcoholised and blend de-alcoholised products.

And I expect you are looking at over 150 years of experience.

But there is a slight warning that it is 0.5 and less in terms of its abv. Not enough to get you drunk in the finest and less than some burger rolls or orange juice.

ABV stands for Alcohol by volume.

But if you are going completely alcohol-free, it is worth flagging.

The reality is that there is probably more Alcohol in your banana.

Read how much Alcohol is in your banana.

More choice and great branding

Alcohol-free is not taken seriously or even low Alcohol, to be fair, so having a brand like Martini in the mix does bring some kudos.

Plus, the bottle is clear, and to be fair, so it is the abv. Friendly and bright and full of colour. It is a pleasure to see it stand out.

I suppose it is like in the alcohol-free beer market.

It is great having a new brand but creating an alcohol-free Peroni, and it adds to the alcohol-free movement’s cred.

Just a bit anyway.

Alcohol-Free Martini Mocktail or Cocktail

Martini gets a lot of back-slapping for the branding.

Any Spritz fans out there?

If you like Aperol spritz, you’ll love this.

There is no doubt about the master crafting that goes on with this drink. However, the flavour does punch through.

While this product is alcohol-free, it is packed with flavour and mixes very well with tonic water.

It also works well with alcohol-free sparkling wine to create a Kir-like drink.

So you could get some alcohol-free non-secco or Rose and Co, and voila, you are sorted.

Recipe Card ( it is the little things)

Don’t know how to make an alcohol-free Martini? No worries, they seem to send it out with a recipe card.

You may not be that thick when it comes to making alcohol-free drinks.

But, I mean, you have a higher level of intelligence even under the alcohol-free influence, right?

But a recipe card idea I’d kind of cute. Do they plan on keeping it up for long?

The Mocktail Maker

Mocktails have become the bread and butter of the alcohol-free drink industry, so this is another way to make one that has flavour bursting out of your sparkler.

  • Lime soda
  • Non-Alcoholic Wine 
  • Alcohol-free sangria.
  • I mean, with a mocktail, you can chuck anything in, right?

It is another option to impress your friends with.

Plus, you have the branding to back it up.

Mocktail Shaker

It is as if you’re having a fancy cocktail when you mix it with tonic water.

But then you might be easily pleased.

The drink tastes good, is reasonably priced, and is more exciting than an ordinary soft drink.

It is a good replica.

There is a distinct alcoholic taste to these Martini bottles, which is more convincing than most.

If alcohol-free is a problem and makes you want to go back to Alcohol or try the real stuff, then stay away.

If not, you might be pleasantly surprised that the brand tastes like you thought it should.

You might want an alcohol-free drink to taste just like its cousin, making you a very disappointed alcohol-free drinker.

People seem to report a distinct aftertaste of the herb thyme, but decent tonic water should mask this.

What are the differences between the two Martin types? Indeed. Why complicate it?

Always check your alcohol intake via the drinkaware website.

Why Non-Alcoholic Martini will last longer (cause you can’t get into it).

It seriously takes forever to get to the product.

I mean, it looks fantastic, but it is like a pre-non-alcoholic gym workout.

They might have to review the packaging, which is very frustrating.

While the packaging is sturdy, it’s hard to remove the bottles from the box and to get the box folded down so that it can be disposed of is a huge pain.

Martini’s marketing department has to be very proud of its packaging design, and yes, it is beautiful.

However, it needs a bit of a rethink in terms of function.

Push-pull, well, you get the idea.

Overall it is impressive.

Yes, the alcohol content could be a bit confusing for some.

This Non-Alcoholic option from Martini may impress you more than you think. But, if anything, I believe they have underplayed it.

Enjoy taste without compromising on an alcohol-free option if you are cutting back, and more and more people are for an excellent reason: our health.

Read Stop Drinking Alcohol Now to understand why social drinking can be dangerous. True story. I kid you not!

Yes, the Alcohol is taken out of the quality wines they use, and you also have the botanicals and herbs they used in the so-called “normal” martini aperitivo range.

Martini slowly removes the Alcohol using vacuum distillation.

Vibrant and Floreale are complementary, yet, to be honest, you might not be able to tell them apart.

Serve half and half with tonic or over ice. Also great as an ingredient in non-alcoholic cocktails ( or is that a mocktail)

Is there a non-alcoholic martini? Yes, and it might be better than you think once you can get into it!

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