Is there a good alcohol-free white wine?

In the alcohol-free podcast this week, you could see the trepidation on my co-presenters face. I mean, alcohol-free is awful.

So is there an excellent alcohol-free white wine?

We are getting there!

When I gave up drinking alcohol, it was the choice I avoided the most.

I did not go and seek out alcohol-free wine. So why would I want to drink an overrated glass of grape juice masquerading as wine, albeit alcohol-free?

Could I see my co-presenters face in the studio? That look that says this is just awful!

That polite look that says what you’re thinking!  Is there any good alcohol-free white wine in 2021, or am I just playing along for the sake of it?

So does it pass the taste test?

So what are our options when it comes to alcohol-free white wine, and does it pass the podcast taste test?

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Are there any lovely alcohol-free white wines?

Yes, but please avoid supermarket cheap stuff that is just a token gesture.

Here is an example of a conversation I had in the British Superstore. Excuse me could you tell me where the alcohol-free wine is, please?

“Yes ( laughs out loud), we have some hidden away on the bottom shelf as the manager doesn’t understand it.”

It was the cheap stuff, although you can get some excellent sparkling alcohol-free wine like Nonsecco or Belle and Co that I would pay more for.

I recommend these brands as they are cheap fizz. I would be happy to serve them at a wedding, and your taste buds will think it is pretty extraordinary for the price.

The thing is, and I am not quite sure of the science on this, but some free alcohol-free fizz stole a march on the traditional wine sales quite early on.

Alcohol-Free Fizz

Yes, they played on the prosecco, champagne, and cava wings but cared if it tasted good.

There is even some excellent alcohol-free English sparkling wine-based around Kombucha.

Even gin stole a march with the likes of Seedlip, and it has now been followed by the traditional brands of Gordons and Tanqueray.

So with alcohol-free wine, you need to be selective.

On the alcohol-free drinks podcast this episode, we talked a lot about Spain and the range of alternative drinking options.

For example, the likes of the Torres brand has surpassed itself in my view, and I’ll admit it’s one of my favourites.

When the big wineries get involved, you know we can all sigh a significant relief regarding non-alcoholic wine.

After all, taste matters as it already has a bad reputation.

How does the Spanish Alcohol-Free White Wine Espora Do?

This was the taste test in Episode 9 of the Alcohol-Free Drink Podcast, and we felt we would continue with the Spanish theme.

We purchased wine from Guiltless Wines after our original supplier let us down. Although I have to say to be fair to them, they went the extra mile.

I rate their service and website.

Spanish Alcohol-Free White Wine


This bottle comes with a cork, so not only is it ages since I drank any wine, but alcohol-free wine choice for 2021 has been slightly limited.

So the good news is that it’s alcohol-free, and it’s nice to see winemaking such a bold statement about it.

I can’t tell you how often I have picked up a bottle of de-alcoholised wine to see 0.5% abv on the label.

ABV stands for alcohol by volume, and if you are serious about no alcohol or your driving, then it’s your own to keep a check on.

What is ABV?

People will pass anything to you as an alcohol-free drinker if it looks like what you’re after.

It happens a lot when I am given a bottle of Peroni when I want the alcohol-free version called Libera by Peroni.

I tell you, it would be different if I had a nut allergy.

So Espora Alcohol-Free White Wine – The Verdict

In the previous podcast, we had reviewed one of their Red wines, and I have to say I was a fan big time.

The success with the alcohol-free red wines meant we had high expectations of the alcohol-free white wine.

Now I am not a fan of the chardonnay grape, but straight away, when I had worked out the corkscrew, I could tell this was not your cheap supermarket wine left on the bottom shelf for those “weirdos” to find.


Espora Alcohol-Free White Wine

The floral aromas could be smelled as the wine was poured into the glass. 

We sensed the fruit of mango and melon, and it was a smooth wine. I had chilled it carefully in the podcast studio fridge, which I think helped.

In my view, this was wine without the alcohol, and the fact I am not a fan of the chardonnay grape needs to be put to one side.

There was a fruity flavour, and overall it was on the dry side and very fresh.

Can you feel drunk on alcohol-free white wine?

I can see that some alcohol-free wine could trigger some people as it was a warm day, and it did go to my head.

The placebo effect can kick in if you are not used to drinking alcohol-free wine. However, I don’t drink, and neither do I feel tested to do so.

Can You Feel Drunk On Alcohol-Free Wine ?

Always check with a medical professional. You can also check your limit through the drinkaware website.

Even swapping one alcoholic glass of wine with an alcohol-free white wine after work can make a difference.

Of course, this was not the alcohol but the flavour cutting through and dopamine being launched in my brain.

Halfway through the podcast, I double-checked it was alcohol-free, but I need not have worried.

It was the taste of the full-bodied wine cutting through. Thank Goodness.

It is another reason why the labels need to be precise.

You need to be sure that it is alcohol-free, even if a banana might even knock it out of the water on the alcohol front.

Read how much alcohol is in a banana here?

What are the key points about this alcohol-free white wine?

  • Grape -100% Chardonnay
  • Appearance- Bright and clean with an ashen yellow colour.
  • Aroma – floral and fruit aromas with maybe mango or melon were jumping out—slightly smokey, which you often get with the chardonnay grape.

I probably would not drink it on its own, which I would have done with the red bizarrely. But I can see it being a hit with Sunday lunch as an alternative to red. Great with Thai food, Chinese and of course salad and fish.

Can I say a prawn cocktail? It came into my head when I was drinking it.

I know it’s bizarre!

And yes, I can see myself with a glass of it over a tapas lunch. After all, it’s Spanish.

Ingredients of Espora Alcohol-Free White Wine

This is good news overall. No baddies in here!

  • Per  125ml you are looking at:
  • Alcohol content – 0.0%
  • Calories              – 9 Kcal
  • Total Fat             –  0 g
  • Added Sugar      – 0 g
  • Natural Sugar     – 2.1 g
  • Protein                 – 0 g
  • Calcium               – 15mg
  • Iron                      – 1.0 mg

Pretty good, right, and I do celebrate the 0.0% alcohol.

This is alcohol-free wine 2021 moving on at a pace if they can create these flavours.

No alcohol-free wines are not diet drinks, sorry, but they are not.

But check on the ingredients and look at the added sugar, alcohol, for example. Some alcohol-free wines will add in sugar to attempt to make up for the lack of alcohol.

The Alcohol-Free Wine Drinks Taste Test

With a good produced alcohol-free wine, you don’t need to add sugar as the technology is there, so methods such as the spinning cone and vacuum methods remove the alcohol and keep the taste of the wine.,

Just do not expect alcoholic wine! It’s meant to mimic it, not, be it!

There is no alcohol, so 1 gram of alcohol is seven calories, so effectively, you are taking that out of the mix.

Undoubtedly, carefully choosing some of the better non-alcoholic white wines could make a difference if you were on a diet.

I repeat, though; alcohol-free does not equate to a diet drink.

Catch up with the alcohol-free drinks podcast, and it’s available on most directories for the full review.

Is Alcohol-Free Wine Wine Really Alcohol-Free?

Yes and no. Just check the abv, so alcohol by volume. Some wines are low alcohol. Some have a trace.

Just bear in mind that I make sure that only a natural trace often happens as part of the production process at maximum.

Certain kinds of bread, orange juice and banana can all contain alcohol. So even if the fruit was left out in the sunshine, there is a chance that it will ferment.

The thing is to be sure that you know your reason for drinking alcohol-free and choose your wine accordingly. For me, it’s got to be 0.0 abv in terms of a percentage.

Here are some guideless in the UK, but it’s rigorous and will vary from country to country.

  • Alcohol-free: no more than 0.05% ABV ( so a trace if any)
  • De-alcoholised: no more than 0.5% ABV
  • Low alcohol: no more than 1.2% ABV

Is Spain good for alcohol-free white wine?

Yes, and for most alcohol-free drinks. They seem to have a non-judgmental attitude to an alcohol-free lifestyle in 2021, and this dates back a long way from when they were known for Amber Sin, an alcohol-free beer.

Now it is the time of the excellent Spanish Winery to get in on the act. And so far from Torres to Espora, it’s proving a perfect offering.

I would encourage you to read more about Spanish drinks without alcohol, and you never know you might be impressed.

Is there a good alcohol-free white wine? Yes, that is the answer, and they are getting bigger and bolder.

Have you tried an alcohol-free white wine? What would you say if you were asked if there is an excellent alcohol-free white wine?

Leave your comment below, and I always respond.


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