Is that non-alcoholic sparkling wine?

In this episode of the alcohol-free drinks podcast from, Ian and Phil took a taste test of non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

After all, Ian would never drink alcohol-free sparkling wine; it’s much too sweet.

Find out how Ian gets on doing a blind taste test of Non-Secco, or is it Nonseco?

Anyway, the label looks good, and his reaction surprises Phil.

As for the cost, why is this alcohol-free fizz so good on price?

It’s all part of what alcohol-free drinks would you serve at weddings? What if your budget was tight?

Is this alcohol-free prosecco style drink an option?

Non-Alcoholic Drinks for a wedding reception? Now there is a thought!

It’s undoubtedly not alcohol-free champagne. But alcohol-free drinks for weddings? Is that a step too far?

Plus alcohol-free wine for cats surely not, but Ian has some news that shocks Phil, plus the alcohol-free drinks podcast news headlines worldwide.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast

In what have you been drinking, Ian and Phil talk about Heineken Zero as it seems that it is the only non-alcoholic beer going in some bars after lockdown.

Should there be more choice for alcohol-free beer?

Now back to that alcohol-free drinks taste test.

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The Alcohol-Free drinks podcast from is produced and presented by Ian James the drinker and Phil Roberts, the Non-Drinker.



Non-alcoholic sparkling drinks

Yes, the subject of this week’s alcohol-free drinks podcast was non-alcoholic sparkling drinks. Or alcohol-free fizz, as I like to call it.

Here is an abridged version of this week’s podcast number five.

The Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast with Ian James and Phil Roberts Episode 5

This week I told Ian off talking alcohol-free again.

Ian, I said, stop it. It’s an alcohol-free podcast. But if you have listened to the podcast, you will know that Ian is a big fan of Stella.

We began talking about what to give alcohol-free guests at wedding receptions. It’s my view that we are not very well catered for.

You know that feeling of a glass of fizz coming toward you, but your choice is alcohol or not!

We also talked about if your budget was tight on hosting a wedding reception and can afford the extra cost.

Actually, on our test this week, I asked even to taste some Non-Seco to see what he thought of it.

You can read my previous review of Non-Secco here.

What have you been drinking

This week we both noticed there seems to be a lack of alcohol-free drink options in the pubs. At the time of recording the podcast, it was during a slight opening up of the bar so you could go inside.

Heineken Zero was my only choice, and bizarrely Ian dumped his Stella and decided to go alcohol-free.

Stella has reduced its abv, so he was keen to go alcohol-free in protest, I think!

Heineken Zero seems to be the common touch everywhere where they have a limited choice of alcohol-free options. And to be fair, we both say it does what it says on the taste.

But regardless, it was great to be out and enjoying a bottle of alcohol-free, albeit in the distant company of others.

I will love to know if you find Heineken Zero an option for you. I know some readers of the blog went to Mexico, and that was the only option.

I do wonder if it’s the default position of brewers to have that as the only option. And this is now a slight on Heineken Zero at all.

I applaud them for getting the brand out there!

A wine for cats!

My co-presenter Ian likes to push these things at me in the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast, and I do find them very weird and wonderful.

His take this week was to be stuck for a bottle of non-alcoholic wine for a friend’s dinner party, go to a shop and ask for the wine for cats.

I was like, seriously, Ian, but it turns out it’s true!


Alcohol-Free Wine for Cats

It’s an American company called Apollo peak. They’ve created a bottle of wine for cats.

Now it’s a delicious concoction of beetroot juice, organic catnip, and fish oil that is alcohol-free, and they say it’s safe and tasty for both pets and humans alike.

So let’s be clear: the pets have got it better than us.

So the question is, though, I mean, okay, if I presented you with a bottle of this cat wine even though it is 0.0 alcohol by volume.  Would you? 

More on the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast this episode 5

Are you brave enough

The Alcohol-Free Taste Test

I won’t give away too much; it’s got an Italian feel to it, but it’s made in France. It’s non-secco secco. And it’s an excellent option for fizz that is not too expensive.

I have grown to like it, but given that my co-presenter thinks all alcohol-free wine is apple juice or sour grape juice, I wanted to make a point.


The Alcohol-Free Drinks Taste Test

We are going to be testing some alcohol-free wine in the not too distant future.

Without giving too much away, I was delighted with his response.

It seems alcohol-free wine has an even more giant hill to climb than alcohol-free beer. And I get that.

The alcohol-free headlines from

So what’s happening around the world this week? Have you ever heard of a spritz? 

And you know what a spritz, I guess. It’s like wine and soda.

Well, I wrote about it on the blog recently, and it’s turning into a big summer drink. It’s that Italian Alcohol-Free Drink option that is taking the world by storm even though it’s been around in its alcohol form for ages.

Apart from sparkling water, you could also add some sparkling white wine to it or even a quick shout for zero alcohol gin.

Plus, it goes well with fruit.

More on Episode 5 of the Podcast

Ian and I are also very excited to take the podcast on the road!

And we would love to go to the Virgin Mary bar in Dublin.

According to news reports in this week’s podcast, they are opening a bar in Abu Dhabi. Good heavens. That’s in the headlines this week. And it made me think about a lot of Arab countries.

If you live in Abu Dhabi, we would love to know what you think

And then we like one little story from the USA because we’ve got some listeners over there.

So hello to you in Austin, because people have been drinking too much of late, and a local bar has just introduced a zero-proof cocktail range, which they’re now serving, which is proving attractive.

Read more about Sans bar here, which is based in Austin, Texas. We would love to talk to you, so get in touch!

All these alcohol-free options are attractive.

There was some research done by the Bristol and university research department that did a test where an alcohol-free drinks menu was put on the table.

Read more here

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In the last podcast, we briefly talked about everyday foods such as bananas, even bread having tiny amounts of alcohol content, which surprised me.

But something that you might not think has a trace of alcohol is a soft drink or soda. And Ian just noticed that Lucozade, which is available in the UK, contains 0.01% alcohol.

We never knew that, so we love to find out new things via the podcast and your comments.

Well, Lucozade says that they don’t put alcohol in the ingredients there. But that some of the alcohol content is naturally occurring due to the way the ingredients melt together.

Of course, we should always be aware of sugar.

Are Mocktails Good For You?

I’ve just written about mocktails.

Are they suitable for us or not? And actually, they are, if you’re drinking tonnes of alcohol, and as a treat, it’s a great option.

But you’ve got to be wary about how much sugar you’re having. Because if you’re dumping on alcohol for tonnes and tonnes of sugar, that can’t be good for our bodies at any level.

Read more on Are Mocktails good for us?

Your Comments

Hi Susan. She emailed podcast@00ABV  to say, could you do something on desserts?

So my question of the week, is it okay? If you are avoiding alcohol to have a dessert in restaurants?

And we’re going to do a whole podcast on it, and we’ll get our food experts.

  • And we are not just talking about Christmas pudding here either.
  • Do you know what the chef is doing? If you’re a chef, tell us?
  • Do you know what, how much alcohol you’re putting in?
  • How much alcohol is burned off?
  • So technically, it is burned off?
  • Then what about all these Italian desserts that we eat?

I know I once went to an Italian restaurant and all I could eat was ice cream!

Let us know your thoughts on Episode 5 of the Alcohol-Free Drinks Podcast.

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