Is Tea Better Than Alcohol? ( 5 Reasons Why the Answer is Yes)

Are you laughing? Is tea better than alcohol? But, of course, we need some reassurance if you are cutting back on the booze or giving up altogether.

But there may be some good reasons why it is a better option.

I mean, despite what you may read about the growth in alcohol-free options, go to your local bar or restaurant, and it is zero.

As in, no options whatsoever.

Yes, tea is healthier, cheaper, more relaxing, and I even try to tell myself more excellent than alcohol.

Indeed, when I first started drinking it at 16, I spat out my first pint of beer big time.

All these years on and alcohol could kill me, so I am back to square one!

And that is a good thing. If you don’t drink alcohol, you need options. And tea is big business.

So if you are looking for why tea is better than alcohol, then step right up!

1. It’s not healthy to drink alcohol, but it’s much more beneficial to drink tea

I mean, yes, it has caffeine, but it isn’t going to send you for the nearest bucket after a night out and giving you a hangover the following day.

Unless, of course, caffeine disagrees with you.

And yes, too much caffeine is not good at all. But in reality, people talk more about too many coffees than too many glasses of wine.

Most experts agree tea is acceptable to drink, but NHS in the UK say it might make your pee more. But the reality is it is liquid and ain’t going to kill you.

Plus, with all those antioxidants, it has to be a good bet. I mean, it is flavoured water at the end of the day but a perfect one.

So health-wise, it is a big tick.

2. How expensive is alcohol-free gin?

I mean, add to that beer, wine, fizz, spirits all without alcohol, and you would need an actual alcoholic brandy to get over the shock of the cost.

It is because alcohol-free drinks aren’t cheap to make.

Is Alcohol-Free Gin Expensive?

Many of them need the alcohol taken out, and they are a quality product at the end of the day.

But that does not come cheap.

You save money by not getting drunk, losing your money and not buying five pizzas on the way home.

Remember doing that?

Tea is just cheaper. Yes, it is a leaf, and you add boiling water, so you would expect it to be.

But, even if you went for the highest price tea, it would probably still be cheaper than an alcoholic free gin.

Suppose the bar had any in stock or even heard of it. Great. But it is hard to get an alcohol-free drink when you are out.

And I don’t mean fizzy cola or water!

3. Get as high as your Granny on steroids with tea

OK, I lied. But there is a point to how tea makes you feel.

The effects of alcohol are different, of course, but you have to be honest tea is a relaxing drink.

Grandma Love Tea

Or maybe try a ginger tea and see how that makes you feel.

Or even ginger and chilli. Now that does have a kick like big time. It will blow your socks off!

OK, I am kidding. But some of the effects of getting tea intoxicated are similar to those of getting drunk on alcohol, except without the adverse effects. 

For example, when you get tea intoxicated:

Imaginative, enthusiastic, rational and satisfied

Which is a very different experience to alcohol which makes you feel:

Out of control, have a migraine, have a bellyache, and you are unreasonable.

You see the difference. And when you look at that two lists of words, you might wonder why you did not go for more tea in the first place!

In other words, you won’t get drunk on tea and regret it the following day. And wait for the amazon online shopping bill to arrive on your banking app.

4. When the Buddha drinks tea, he stares at it for a moment before consuming it

Whether religious or otherwise, you notice certain practices where you think, wow, that looks relaxing and thoughtful.

What did the monks or those abbey’s know that we didn’t?

OK, they were probably making wine as well but let’s forget that bit.

Although there is now alcohol-free wine like Torres, which tastes rather good.

Does Buddha Drink Tea?


But monks knew what they were doing when it came down to tea making. For them, tea was about balance.

And it started years and years ago in places like Holy Island in the North East of England.

Due to the early history of tea, monks grew tea and consumed it all day long to promote reflection.

A balanced level of caffeine in tea keeps the mind slightly awake, alert, and sharp, without giving us the jittery feeling that coffee gives us.

And, of course, there is a strong link between Buddhism and tea.

It is probably the main difference between tea and coffee. And I am sure you love your coffee as well.

With tea, it is less about the quantity as with coffee. However, do keep an eye on your caffeine intake. 

Tea is often drunk slowly, so your intake of caffeine is less.

5. You can get tea for everything (well, almost everything)

Night tea, well-being tea, calming tea, energising tea.

Crikey Twinnings, the tea maker, knew what they were doing when they rebranded all their tea.

Mint tea, ginger tea, chamomile tea.

The list seems to get bigger.

Do you secretly spend time looking at herbal teas in the local supermarket? I see a lot of people doing it.

Weirdos. But actually, they are not. They have an issue and are looking to see if tea will comfort them in some way.

I mean, it is natural, after all.


Is Your Wine Fridge Evil ?

The wine fridge has become the go-to solution for a de-stress after work. The one small glass has become immense in that it becomes a large glass which becomes a bottle.

The one bottle becomes two.

You can see how easy it can happen.

If you are consuming tea after a difficult day, you can drink it slowly and say thanks to the essential things you have in your life.

Sure, alcohol can give you that warm feeling, but so can ginger tea.

Tea brings to our attention matters we do not wish to consider, while alcohol diverts our attention. As someone once commented on the blog, I drink to forget, so this makes perfect sense?

I mean when people are stressed at work. They have a cup of tea.

Emotional problem with a friend. What do you do?

I know you put the kettle on.

Tea seems to be that all drinkable and emotional restorative mechanism we often forget about.

Is tea better than alcohol?

Of course, it is if you consider the damage alcohol can do. If you are a big drinker rather than a few drinks at the weekend kind of person, it is worth considering.

Tea gets a bad reputation when it comes to an alternative to alcohol.

Is Tea Now Sexy?

But tea is now sexy, and it can help us feel more natural, and calm which is something alcohol certainly does not do.

Look at the science, and you see alcohol is not a good move when it comes to stress. I mean, look at that wine fridge.

So go and try some different teas out and be different. Twinnings has some great alternatives, and who knows, it might become more of a habit?.

I know you will be a realist and realise not every bar will have the best alcohol options, if any.

But they will have tea. Hopefully.

Is tea better than alcohol? In some circumstances, one hundred per cent yes.

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